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1. "Magdalena doesn't ask what Rebecka is doing at the hospital. That's how Rebecka realizes that Magdalena knows. It's the things you don't say. That's what always gives a person away."
Author: Åsa Larsson
2. "The mayor informed General Petronio San Roman of the episode, down to the last literal phrase, in an alarming telegram. General San Roman must have followed his son's wishes to the letter, because he didn't come for him, but sent his wife with their daughters and two other older women who seemed to be her sisters. They came on a cargo boat, locked in mourning up to their necks because of Bayardo San Roman's misfortunes, and with their hair hanging loose in grief. Before stepping onto land, they took off their shoes and went barefoot through the streets up to the hilltop in the burning dust of noon, pulling out strands of hair by the roots and wailing loudly with such high-pitched shrieks that they seemed to be shouts of joy. I watched them pass from Magdalena Oliver's balcony, and I remember thinking that distress like theirs could only be put on in order to hide other, greater shames."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
3. "Not today! No, never again would she sit by the window, her back turned so she would not see him walk down the flagstone path with Dr Danzer, the limp volume of her favourite Bach spread open to the first page of the text, the black notes swarming before her eyes, her fingers arching in elaborate dumb-show as they practised the first trill, her mind on the beats, the leaning upon the upper note, the precise apperception of the stopping point - not a moment to soon, not a moment too late - and in her ears once more the sound, the slow dignity, of Anna Magdalena's sarabande, a delicate ornament for her melancholy."
Author: John Franklin Bardin
4. "When God is truly angry, He will not send vengeful angels.He will send Magdalena.Then take her away."
Author: Josh Bazell
5. "Magdalena pulls me away by the arm. "I am the stronger one of Titus and I," she says over the marketplace din. "Woman are always the stronger sex." She smiles to herself. "The trick is not appearing to be so."
Author: Lynn Cullen
6. "When I hear girls I know longing to be what they call liberated, and when I hear others rejoicing in what they think of as liberation, I feel a fool, because I simply do not know where I stand. (Maria Magdalena Theotoky)"
Author: Robertson Davies

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