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101. "One of the main characteristics that differentiates Dubai from other commercial centres is its openness to innovation and the freedoms it grants people and institutions to operate."
Author: Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair
102. "I also like the whole idea of fairy tales and folk tales being a woman's domain, considered a lesser domain at the time they were told."
Author: Alice Hoffman
103. "The Pali term for "feeling" is vedana, derived from the verb vedeti, which means both "to feel" and "to know". In its usage in the discourses, vedana comprises both bodily and mental feelings. Vedana does not include "emotion" in its range of meaning. Although emotions arise depending on the initial input provided by feeling, they are more complex mental phenomena than bare feeling itself and are therefore rather the domain of the next [third] satipa??hana, contemplation of states of mind."
Author: Analayo
104. "Un luogo non è mai solo "quel" luogo: quel luogo siamo un po' anche noi. In qualche modo, senza saperlo, ce lo portavamo dentro e un giorno, per caso, ci siamo arrivati."
Author: Antonio Tabucchi
105. "Congress has a legitimate interest in making sure that a practice that appears to reduce disease and healthcare costs remains available to parents. And, nothing in my bill prohibits statewide law ensuring that male circumcision occurs in a hygienic manner."
Author: Brad Sherman
106. "Hope knows that if great trials are avoided great deeds remain undone and the possibility of growth into greatness of soul is aborted."
Author: Brennan Manning
107. "The words with which a child's heart is poisoned, whether through malice or through ignorance, remain branded in his memory, and sooner or later they burn his soul."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
108. "I took the sleeper out of Glasgow, and as the smelly old train bumped out of Central Station and across the Jamaica Street Bridge, I stared out at the orange halogen streetlamps reflected in the black water of the river Clyde. I gazed at the crumbling Victorian buildings that would soon be sandblasted and renovated into yuppie hutches. I watched the revelers and rascals traverse the shiny wet streets. I thought of the thrill and danger of my youth and the fear and frustration of my adult life thus far. I thought of the failure of my marriage and my failures as a man. I saw all this through my reflection in the nighttime window. Down the tracks I went, hardly aware that I was going further south with every passing second."
Author: Craig Ferguson
109. "Many of these policies were proposed by wonks who are comfortable only with traits and correlations that can be measured and quantified. They were passed through legislative committees that are as capable of speaking about the deep wellsprings of human action as they are of speaking in ancient Aramaic. They were executed by officials that have only the most superficial grasp of what is immovable and bent about human beings. So of course they failed. And they will continue to fail unless the new knowledge about our true makeup is integrated more fully into the world of public policy, unless the enchanted story is told along with the prosaic one."
Author: David Brooks
110. "The price is certainly high for people who don't know Christ and who live in a world where Christians shrink back from self-denying faith and settle into self-indulging faith. While Christians choose to spend their lives fulfilling the American dream instead of giving their lives to proclaiming the kingdom of God, literally billions in need of the Gospel remain in the dark"
Author: David Platt
111. "I had remained hopeful that, among the millions on this Earth, there might be a few who could summon the courage to know me for what I am and have the self-confidence to still walk part of this life with me."
Author: Dean Koontz
112. "All physical activity begins with the body's core. I maintain the strength in my core so that I can jump, run, start, stop, and accelerate at the highest levels."
Author: Derrick Rose
113. "The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth"
Author: Desiderius Erasmus
114. "Now that young girls like my twelve-year-old friend Mai are being exposed to modern Western women like me through crowds of tourists, they're experiencing those first critical moments of cultural hesitation. I call this the "Wait-a-Minute Moment" - that pivotal instant when girls from traditional cultures start pondering what's in it for them, exactly, to be getting married at the age of thirteen and starting to have babies not long after. They start wondering if they might prefer to make different choices for themselves, or any choices, for that matter. Once girls from closed societies start thinking such thoughts, all hell breaks loose."
Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
115. "Borges spune cu destula dreptate ca Pascal se intereseaza mai putin de Dumnezeu, cît de combaterea celor care-l tagaduiesc. In fond, Pascal avea temperament de polemist. Toata opera lui e un atac mai mult sau mai putin deghizat. (Este si motivul pentru care-mi place atît de mult.)"
Author: Emil Cioran
116. "Când ajungem stapâni pe boala, devenim mai mult decât suntem, ne cream pe noi însine."
Author: Emil Cioran
117. "Tu sei tutto ciò che prima non sono mai riuscito a dire, mai riuscito a vedere, fare, capire. Finalmente sei qui... ho aspettato tanto."
Author: Fabio Volo
118. "Spirit, who are you?' Andy demanded.Bobby remained silent, his entire body strained, his lips tightly together, his eyes bulging out. He was taking frantic, short breaths through his nose. His face was crimson.Spirit,' said Andy, 'I command you to tell us who you are in Jesus' name!'Don't you mention that name!' the spirit hissed and then cursed.I will mention that name again and again,' said Hank.You know that name has defeated you."
Author: Frank Peretti
119. "J'ai rêvé d'être un électron libre mais on ne peut pas se couper éternellement de ses racines."
Author: Frédéric Beigbeder
120. "In a way, the world-view of the Party imposed itself most successfully on people incapable of understanding it. They could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality, because they never fully grasped the enormity of what was demanded of them, and were not sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening. By lack of understanding they remained sane. They simply swallowed everything, and what they swallowed did them no harm, because it left no residue behind, just as a grain of corn will pass undigested through the body of a bird."
Author: George Orwell
121. "After the war, I returned to Minnesota, from which I soon moved to Brown University, and a year later, to Columbia University where I remained from 1947 until 1958."
Author: George Stigler
122. "Yet man dies not whilst the world, at once his mother and his monument, remains. His name is lost, indeed, but the breath he breathed still stirs the pine-tops on the mountains, the sound of the words he spoke yet echoes on through space; the thoughts his brain gave birth to we have inherited to-day; his passions are our cause of life; the joys and sorrows that he knew are our familiar friends--the end from which he fled aghast will surely overtake us also!Truly the universe is full of ghosts, not sheeted churchyard spectres, but the inextinguishable elements of individual life, which having once been, can never die, though they blend and change, and change again for ever."
Author: H. Rider Haggard
123. "Schubert vagy Mozart, meg bizonyos költok és rockénekesek módjára rövid ido alatt, félelmetes lendülettel elhasználni az áradó tehetséget, drámai körülmények között, fiatalon meghalni, majd legendává válni életútnak talán vonzó, de nagy többségünk számára valószínuleg nem szolgál útmutatással." (77. old.)"
Author: Haruki Murakami
124. "It was one of the secret opinions, such as we all have, of Peter Brench, that his main success in life would have consisted in his never having committed himself about the work, as it was called, of his friend Morgan Mallow. This was a subject on which it was, to the best of his belief, impossible with veracity to quote him, and it was nowhere on record that he had, in the connexion, on any occasion and in any embarrassment, either lied or spoken the truth. Such a triumph had its honour even for a man of other triumphs--a man who had reached fifty, who had escaped marriage, who had lived within his means, who had been in love with Mrs Mallow for years without breathing it, and who, last but not least, had judged himself once for all."
Author: Henry James
125. "Faithfulness in Christian marriage entails that: great mortification. For a Christian man there is no escape. Marriage may help to sanctify and direct to its proper object his sexual desires; its grace may help him in the struggle; but the struggle remains. It will not satisfy him–as hunger may be kept off by regular meals. It will offer as many difficulties to the purity proper to that state, as it provides easements. No man, however truly he loved his betrothed and bride as a young man, has lived faithful to her as a wife in mind and body without deliberate conscious exercise of the will, without self-denial."
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
126. "Now to what higher object, to what greater character, can any mortal aspire than to be possessed of all this knowledge, well digested and ready at command, to assist the feeble and friendless, to discountenance the haughty and lawless, to procure redress to wrongs, the advancement of rights, to assert and maintain liberty and virtue to discourage and abolish tyranny and vice."
Author: John Adams
127. "Há certos movimentos que apenas são possíveis depois do início da primavera. Durante a invernia, o corpo esquece-os, mingua, endurece como as árvores. Em maio, o corpo recorda esses movimentos, julga reaprendê-los e, ao fazê-lo, redescobre a sua verdadeira natureza."
Author: José Luís Peixoto
128. "— Quando a gente vai se encontrar outra vez?Ela olha fixamente para o asfalto antes de erguer os olhos e me fitar. Suas pupilas dançam, inquietas, tenho a impressão de que seus lábios estão trêmulos. Então ela me apresenta um enigma com o qual ainda hei de quebrar muito a cabeça. Pergunta:— Quanto tempo você consegue esperar?Que diabo de resposta eu podia dar, Georg? Talvez fosse uma armadilha. Se dissesse "dois ou três dias", eu me mostraria impaciente demais. E se respondesse "a vida inteira" ela poderia pensar que eu não a amava tanto assim ou talvez que não fosse sincero. De modo que era preciso encontrar uma resposta intermediária. Eu disse:— Agüento esperar até que o meu coração comece a sangrar de aflição.Ela sorriu, insegura. Então roçou o dedo em meus lábios. E perguntou:— E quanto tempo demora?Desesperado sacudi a cabeça e resolvi dizer a verdade.— Cinco minutos, talvez.(A Garota das Laranjas)"
Author: Jostein Gaarder
129. "Some admit the damage, and try to mitigate it; some spend their lives trying to help others who are damaged; and then there are those whose main concern is to avoid further damage to themselves, at whatever cost. And those are the ones who are ruthless, and the ones to be careful of."
Author: Julian Barnes
130. "Goals begin behaviors, consequences maintain them."
Author: Kenneth H. Blanchard
131. "Come ci dice Bokonon: "Non si sbaglia mai dicendo addio"."
Author: Kurt Vonnegut
132. "Whaddaya mean 'old maids,' ha? The term is 'unclaimed treasure,' buddy, 'unclaimed treasure!"
Author: Laurie Notaro
133. "Smoke was a person with a sense of history. Do you know what I mean?" truth, I DID know what she meant. Da Vinci, Martin Luther King, Jr., Genghis Kahn, Abraham Lincoln, Bette Davis - if you read their definitive biographies, you learned even when they were a month old, cooing in some wobbly crib in the middle of nowhere, they already had something historic about them. The way other kids had baseball, long division, Hot Wheels, and hula hoops, these kids had History and thus tended to be prone to colds, unpopular, sometimes plagued with a physical deformity (Lord Byron's clubfoot, Maugham's severe stutter, for example), which pushed them into exile in their heads. It was there they began to dream of human anatomy, civil rights, conquering Asia, a lost speech and being (within a span of four years) a jezebel, a marked woman, a little fox and an old maid."
Author: Marisha Pessl
134. "Heavy misfortunes have befallen us, but let us only cling closer to what remains, and transfer our love for those whom we have lost to those who yet live. Our circle will be small, but bound close by the ties of affection and mutual misfortune. And when time shall have softened your despair, new and dear objects of care will be born to replace those of whom we have been so cruelly deprived."
Author: Mary Shelley
135. "Toate fericirile se sprijina pe iluzii. Adevarul nu face altceva decît sa sfîsie valul cu care se acopera ochii ce nu vor sa vada realitatea. Daca prin absurd cineva ar inventa ghicirea gîndurilor dupa vointa, oamenii, deveniti goi pe dinauntru, n-ar mai putea sa traiasca, s-ar macelari unul pe altul, barbat pe femeie, copil pe tata, fiica pe mama. S-ar declansa un carnagiu universal."
Author: Mihail Drumeş
136. "Giving tells the Universe that you believe you are provided for. For even as you empty your purse, you fear not. The act alone is a demonstration of faith that you will remain whole, that your coffers will be replenished, and that love is what matters most. And for whomsoever believes these things to be true, it shall become their reality, and abundance shall be showered upon them unceasingly, as if the heavens had opened up."
Author: Mike Dooley
137. "En travaux pratiques de physique, n'importe quel collégien peut faire des expériences pour vérifier l'exactitude d'une hypothèse scientifique. Mais l'homme, parce qu'il n'a qu'une seule vie, n'a aucune possibilité de vérifier l'hypothèse par l'expérience de sorte qu'il ne saura jamais s'il a eu tort ou raison d'obéir à son sentiment. (partie I, ch. 16)"
Author: Milan Kundera
138. "My Heart May Change Over Time (Boyhood->Manhood->Old) But The Love It Carries, Will Remain The Same...."
Author: Muhammad Imran Hasan
139. "Reading a book about something can be an obstacle to doing it because it gives you the impression that you are doing what you are only thinking about doing. It is tempting to remain in the comfortable theater of our imagination instead of the real world, to fall in love with the idea of becoming a saint and loving God and neighbor instead of doing the actual work, because the idea makes no demands on you. It is like a book on a shelf. But, as Dostoyevsky says, 'love in action is a harsh and dreadful thing compared to love in dreams' (The Brothers Karamazov)."
Author: Peter Kreeft
140. "… e mult mai nobil sa ramai lucid oricat te-ar coplesi viata, esti totdeauna mai putin om cand te imbeti, indiferent cum, si daca fuga de realitate nu-i chiar o decadere, ramane totusi o infrangere."
Author: Radu Tudoran
141. "There remained the sea, which is free to all, and particularly alluring to those who feel themselves at war with humanity."
Author: Rafael Sabatini
142. "Accetta dunque [...] un bacio con tutto il cuore nella solenne ora di Natale, la più pacata dell'anno, la più misteriosa, in cui i desideri ancora ignari si tendono fino all'estremo e vengono per prodigio esauditi: [...] abbandona ogni dubbio e incomprensione: in quest'ora abbiamo un posticino dentro di noi dove siamo semplicemente bambini, che attende e sta là, fiducioso e mai confuso, nel suo diritto a una grande gioia: questo è il Natale."
Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
143. "If I like a book, I tend to read the author's entire collection. But I choose mainly through personal recommendations, general word of mouth and book reviews."
Author: Randa Abdel Fattah
144. "If a professional musician in a symphony orchestra is playing Beethoven. But this particular orchestra have played this particular chestnut so many times, they can play it in their sleep. Does the genius remain present in the music or not?"
Author: Robert Fripp
145. "Précieux ami, j'avoue que mon esclave est insupportable, mais je lui doit d'être devenu meilleur. Il m'a rendu si patient, que je puis maintenant tout supporter de la part de mes semblables."
Author: Saadi
146. "General Apollon Diaz was currently in power and leaned toward the position of the hawks, which was to meet force with force. The proposal had already been made at Parliament (which stood in permanent emergency session) to counterattack: to pull twice the number of teeth from the political prisoners the abductors were demanding and mail them poste restante, as the address of guerrilla headquarters was unknown."
Author: Stanisław Lem
147. "Christmas Eve, 1955, Benny Profane, wearing black levis, suede jacket, sneakers and big cowboy hat, happened to pass through Norfolk, Virginia. Given to sentimental impulses, he thought he'd look in on the Sailor's Grave, his old tin can's tavern on East Main Street."
Author: Thomas Pynchon
148. "The Lover Compareth his State to a Ship in Perilous Storm Tossed on the SeaMy galley chargèd with forgetfulnessThorough sharp seas, in winter nights doth pass'Tween rock and rock; and eke mine enemy, alas,That is my lord, steereth with cruelness;And every oar a thought in readinessAs though that death were light in such a case.An endless wind doth tear the sail apaceOf forcèd sighs and trusty fearfulness.A rain of tears, a cloud of dark disdain,Hath done the wearied cords great hindranceWreathèd with error and eke with ignorance.The stars be hid that led me to this pain.Drownèd is reason that should me consort,And I remain despairing of the port."
Author: Thomas Wyatt
149. "Suffering is the condition on which we live. And when it comes you know it. You know it as the truth. Of course it's right to cure diseases, to prevent hunger and injustice, as the social organism does. But no society can change the nature of its existence. We can't prevent suffering. This pain and that pain, yes, but not Pain. A society can only relieve social suffering - unnecessary suffering. The rest remains. The root, the reality."
Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
150. "De repente do riso fez-se o prantoSilencioso e branco como a brumaE das bocas unidas fez-se a espumaE das mãos espalmadas fez-se o espanto.De repente da calma fez-se o ventoQue dos olhos desfez a última chamaE da paixão fez-se o pressentimentoE do momento imóvel fez-se o drama.De repente, não mais que de repenteFez-se de triste o que se fez amanteE de sozinho o que se fez contente.Fez-se do amigo próximo o distanteFez-se da vida uma aventura erranteDe repente, não mais que de repente."
Author: Vinicius De Moraes

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He paused and let out a little sigh. Then I'm saying it wrong, because it has everything to do with you. I want what Hades and Persephone had, and I can't do it without you. The only time the queen of the Everneath has been overthrown is when an Everliving has found his perfect match. I've spent my whole life - and it's a long one, trust me - looking for my perfect match, and it's you. I knew you were different from the first moment I met you. The first moment you placed your hands on mine. You remember?"
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