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201. "Je dis seulement qu'il y a sur cette terre des fle´aux et des victimes et qu'il faut, autant qu'il est possible, refuser d'e^tre avec le fle´au. Cela vous parai^tra peut-e^tre un peu simple, et je ne sais si cela est simple, mais je sais que cela est vrai."
Author: Albert Camus
202. "Ce n'est pas qu'on soit mauvais homme, mais on perd la lumière."
Author: Albert Camus
203. "Actually, I was the very lowest ranked member of the crew. I would only be "in command" if I were the only remaining person."What do you know? I'm in command"
Author: Andy Weir
204. "But the man I met--he is the love I had wanted to reach long before I knew that he existed, and I think he will remain beyond my reach, but that I love him will be enough to keep me living."
Author: Ayn Rand
205. "Un romanzo non è un'allegoria" dissi verso la fine della lezione "È l'esperienza sensoriale di un altro mondo. Se non entrate in quel mondo, se non trattenete il respiro insieme ai personaggi, se non vi lasciate coinvolgere nel loro destino, non arriverete mai a indentificarvi con loro, non arriverete mai al cuore del libro. È così che si legge un romanzo: come se fosse qualcosa da inalare, da tenere nei polmoni. Dunque, cominciate a respirare. Ricordate solo questo. È tutto; potete andare."
Author: Azar Nafisi
206. "When are you gonna wake up and strengthened the things that remain."
Author: Bob Dylan
207. "We get a ton of email; everybody does now. It gives us a kind of a pulse that you can feel.We hear people saying, thank you for being fair, for being balanced."
Author: Brit Hume
208. "Do what they will, then, we remain conscious of a desire which no natural happiness will satisfy. But is there any reason to suppose that reality offers any satisfaction to it? "Nor does the being hungry prove that we have bread." But I think it may be urged that this misses the point. A man's physical hunger does not prove that that man will get any bread; he may die of starvation on a raft in the Atlantic. But surely a man's hunger does prove that he comes of a race which repairs its body by eating and inhabits a world where eatable substances exist. In the same way, though I do not believe (I wish I did) that my desire for Paradise proves that I shall enjoy it, I think it a pretty good indication that such a thing exists and that some men will."
Author: C.S. Lewis
209. "WARNINGThis is a bawdy tale. Herein you will find gratuitous shagging, murder, spanking, maiming, treason, and heretofore unexplored heights of vulgarity and profanity, as well as non-traditional grammar, split infinitives, and the odd wank. If that sort of thing bothers you, then gentle reader pass by, for we endeavor only to entertain, not to offend. That said, if that's the sort of thing you think you might enjoy, then you have happened upon the perfect story!"
Author: Christopher Moore
210. "Art is the most beautiful deception of all. And although people try to incorporate the everyday events of life in it, we must hope that it will remain a deception lest it become a utilitarian thing, sad as a factory."
Author: Claude Debussy
211. "It was your mind. The way you were wired. That was the only thing all the theories had in common. You were manic. You were depressive. You were schizophrenic. You were on drugs. You were on the wrong medication. You needed medication. You heard voices. You'd lost the will to speak. Anxiety. Disorder. Nobody knew for sure, at least nobody who was saying anything. After you left, all the remained were guesses. I would go over everything. Every detail. Every panic. Every sigh. But they never added up to anything but you. I only saw the person. I couldn't see the wiring. I couldn't fix the wiring. I tried I tried I"
Author: David Levithan
212. "The singing wasn't the hopscotch-jumprope-happy kind. This was the kind of singing that, if you tracked it to its source, you might find a little girl in a moldy old burial dress, her skin pitted & green, with lots of coffin splinters & dirt between her a mermaid luring idiot sailors...Winny wasn't a sailor, & he wasn't old enough to get all sexed up by some hot siren."
Author: Dean Koontz
213. "The mother gazes at the baby in her arms, and the baby gazes at his mother's face and finds himself therein...provided that the mother is really looking at the unique, small, helpless being and not projecting her own expectations, fears, and plans for the child. In that case, the child would find not himself in his mother's face, but rather the mother's own projections. This child would remain without a mirror, and for the rest of his life would be seeking this mirror in vain."
Author: Donald Woods Winnicott
214. "If I target for example an email address, for example under FAA 702, and that email address sent something to you, Joe America, the analyst gets it. All of it. IPs, raw data, content, headers, attachments, everything. And it gets saved for a very long time - and can be extended further with waivers rather than warrants."
Author: Edward Snowden
215. "L'orientaliste regarde l'Orient de haut, avec l'intention de saisir dans sa totalité le panorama qui s'étale sous ses yeux : culture, religion, esprit, histoire, société. Pour cela, il doit voir chaque détail à travers le dispositif d'un ensemble de catégories réductrices (les Sémites, l'esprit musulman, l'Orient, etc.). Puisque ces catégories sont avant tout schématiques et visent l'efficacité, et puisque qu'aucun Oriental ne peut se connaître lui-même comme le connaît un orientaliste, toute vision de l'Orient en vient à reposer, en fin de compte, pour sa cohérence, et sa force, sur la personne, l'institution ou le discours dont elle est la propriété. Toute vision globale est fondamentalement conservatrice, et nous avons noté de quelle manière, dans l'histoire des idées de l'Occident sur le Proche-Orient, ces idées se sont maintenues sans tenir compte des témoignages qui les contredisaient."
Author: Edward W. Said
216. "Meditate but one hour upon the self's nonexistence and you will feel yourself to be another man," said a priest of the Japanese Kusha sect to a Western visitor. Without having frequented the Buddhist monasteries, how many times have I not lingered over the world's unreality, and hence my own? I have not become another man for that, no, but there certainly has remained with me the feeling that my identity is entirely illusory, and that by losing it I have lost nothing, except something, except everything."
Author: Emil Cioran
217. "Cu cât e cineva mai daruit, cu atât înainteaza mai greu în plan spiritual. Talentul e un obstacol pentru viata interioara."
Author: Emil Cioran
218. "And why am I lying down? You must stand 'as an example and a reproach,' she says. Mais, entre nous soit dit, what else can a man destined to be a standing 'reproach' do but lie down--doesn't she see that?"
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
219. "Dormiu sem o saber, mas sabendo que continuava viva no sono, que lhe sobrava metade da cama e que estava deitada de costas do lado esquerdo, como sempre, mas que lhe fazia falta o contrapeso do outro corpo no outro lado. Pensando em sonhos, pensou que nunca mais poderia dormir assim e, em sonhos, começou a soluçar sem mudar de posição no seu lado, até muito depois de terem acabado de cantar os galos, e acordou-a o sol indesejável da manhã sem ele."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
220. "The main obstacle to further progress on the resource curse is China, and to a lesser extent India."
Author: George Soros
221. "It will always be a battle a day between those who want maximum change and those who want to maintain the status quo."
Author: Gerry Adams
222. "Into each of our lives come golden moments of adversity. This painful friend breaks our hearts, drops us to our knees, and makes us realize we are nothing without our Lord and Savior. This friend makes us plead all the night long for reassurance and into the next day and sometimes for weeks and months. But, ultimately, just as surely as the day follows the night, as we remain true and faithful, this strange friend, adversity, leads us straight into the outstretched arms of the Savior."
Author: Glenn L. Pace
223. "I'm often criticised for what I wear. That's my main label in the press now: disastrous dresser!"
Author: Helena Bonham Carter
224. "No food, you die in weeks. No water, you die in days. -- Corporal Cranther in GLORY MAIN"
Author: Henry V. O'Neil
225. "China pays a great deal of attention to the Korean nuclear issue. We stand for achieving denuclearization of the peninsula in a peaceful way through dialogue and consultation to maintain peace and stability of the peninsula and Northeast Asia."
Author: Hu Jintao
226. "Ms. D. through the front door and up to the main office, where the interview"
Author: James Patterson
227. "Obiectele n-ar trebui sa înduioseze, pentru ca ele n-au viata. Te servesti de ele, le pui la loc, traiesti în mijlocul lor: sunt utile, nimic mai mult. Dar pe mine ma înduioseaza, e insuportabil. Mi-e frica sa intru în contact cu ele, ca si cum ar fi niste animale vii. Acum înteleg: îmi amintesc mai bine ce-am simtit zilele trecute, pe malul marii, cînd tineam în mîna piatra aceea. Era un fel de scîrba dulceaga. Ce neplacut era! Venea de la piatra, sunt sigur, trecea din piatra în mîinile mele. Da, asta e, chiar asta: un fel de greata în mîini."
Author: Jean Paul Sartre
228. "I can't deal with high maintenance chicks."
Author: Jeremy London
229. "The fire of my tribulations had not simply been pain to be endured. It had been an agent of transformation. After all that I'd been through, I'd changed. Not for the worse, I was pretty sure--at least not yet. But only a moron or a freaking lunatic could have faced the things I had and remained unfazed by them."
Author: Jim Butcher
230. "The 3-hour Diet is absolutely safe - in fact it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle! Once you reach your goal weight, you just adjust the portion sizes slightly to maintain that optimal weight."
Author: Jorge Cruise
231. "Don't let anybody tell you different, man: The main goal in life careerwise should always be to try to get paid to simply be yourself."
Author: Kevin Smith
232. "From that moment on I knew my profession in life was and has remained until today an actor's life."
Author: Leon Askin
233. "Il ragazzo è cattivo perché sua mamma è una ubriacona o un rottame. Gli lascia fare quello che vuole. Non gli insegna la differenza tra ciò che è giusto e ciò che è sbagliato. Non è a casa quando torna da scuola. Nessuno dice mai che suo padre è un ubriacone, o che non è a casa quando lui torna da scuola. E nessuno dice che alcuni di questi ragazzi sono solo maledettamente cattivi."
Author: Lionel Shriver
234. "Même si aujourd'hui je vis sans elle, je ne suis plus jamais seul, puisqu'elle existe quelque part.(Even if I do't have her now, I'll never be alone again, because she exists somewhere)"
Author: Marc Levy
235. "L'amour commence, on voudrait rester pour celle qu'on aime l'inconnu qu'elle peut aimer mais on a besoin d'elle, on a besoin de toucher moins son corps que son attention, son coeur."
Author: Marcel Proust
236. "I avoid Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and if I need to communicate with someone, I email direct."
Author: Martin Parr
237. "Aveam nevoie de aer, de libertate, de zgomot, de muzica, de orice, pentru ca îmi era groaza sa ramîn numai cu mine."
Author: Mihail Drumeş
238. "Cea mai mare ciudatenie a lui Victor era ca tinea ascuns sub perna un dictionar vechi din care taia zilnic un cuvânt. Cuvintele taiate nu le mai folosea. Când vorbea, frazele lui erau eliptice. Nu supara pe nimeni, statea lipit de tacerea lui ca lichenii de stânci si de abia azi înteleg ca, neavând curaj sa se sinucida, Victor alesese o forma mai suportabila de a se obisnui cu moartea, treptat, învatând sa devina mut."
Author: Octavian Paler
239. "I admit to a feeling of pride that my father had saved the day yet again, although I also thought that nothing would have been better for me personally than for the mullah to force my father's departure within the hour. Either way, I know now that nothing would have stopped my father from his Jihad. If he could not remain in Afghanistan, he would go to Pakistan. If Pakistan pulled the welcome mat, he would go to Yemen. If Yemen threw him out, he would journey to the middle of the most hostile desert where he would plot against the West. Violent Jihad was my father's life; nothing else really mattered. Nothing."
Author: Omar Bin Laden
240. "My short-term factual memory can be like water; events are a brief disturbance on the surface and then it closes back up again, as if nothing ever touched it. But it's a strange fact that my long-term memory remains strong, perhaps because it recorded events when my mind was unaffected. My emotional memory is intact too, perhaps because feelings are recorded and stored in a different place than facts. The things that happened deeper in the past, and deeper in the breast, are still there for me, under the water. I won 1,098 games, and eight national championships, and coached in four different decades. But what I see are not the numbers. I see their faces. 'Pat should get a tattoo!' The kids laughed. 'What kind should she get?' 'A heart. She should get a heart.' Little did they know. They are the tattoos."
Author: Pat Summitt
241. "My mother answers all my fan mail."
Author: Patti Smith
242. "Every love story,every commercial trade, every secret, every matter in which trust is involved, is a gentle transaction of hostages. Everything is, to a degree, in the custody of every other thing. Blackmail, kidnapping, then, are among the extreme violations of the deal. Anyway, I seem to be about to have Jim's child; at least, I think I will, and the thing is I haven't mentioned it to Jim."
Author: Renata Adler
243. "That was ridiculous," I told Dorian, once she'd left. "She's not the kind of person to fall for your flirting.""On the contrary," said Dorian. "She's exactly the kind of person to fall for it. I understand these warrior maids, you know. They live such harsh, cold lives, always trying to keep up with the men... when really, they just need someone to make them feel like a woman. And that, of course, is an area in which I excel. Why, if I'd had ten minutes alone with her—"
Author: Richelle Mead
244. "Oh land of farms and green hills mildOnce formed by giants rough and wildWith massive paws they gripped and toreWith one great rip they formed the shoreWhere heavy boots left prints so deepBlue lakes remain 'tween summits steepThe giants fought beneath our skiesAnd from their bones our mountains rise"
Author: Shannon Hale
245. "Sala yra puikus išradimas. Kad ir kur butum, kokia nors pakrante visuomet surasi. O ten butinai bus baras su gerimais."
Author: Sigitas Parulskis
246. "In 1858 I received the degree of D. S. from the Lawrence Scientific School, and thereafter remained on the rolls of the university as a resident graduate."
Author: Simon Newcomb
247. "Sa te temi de moarte, cetateni, nu este nimic altceva decât sa-ti închipui ca esti întelept fara sa fii, înseamna sa crezi ca stii ceea ce nu stii. Caci nimeni nu stie ce este moartea si nici daca nu e cumva cel mai mare bine pentru om, dar toti se tem de ea ca si cum ar fi siguri ca e cel mai mare rau. Iar acest fel de a gândi cum sa nu fie tocmai prostia aceea vrednica de dispret - de a crede ca stii ceea ce nu stii? Eu însa, atenieni, poate ca tocmai prin aceasta si în acest punct ma deosebesc de cei mai multi (chiar daca ar însemna sa spun ca într-o privinta sunt mai întelept decât altul), si anume ca, daca nu stiu mare lucru despre cele din Hades, îmi si dau seama ca nu stiu."
Author: Socrates
248. "On principle' a man can do anything, take part in anything and himself remain inhuman and indeterminate. 'On principle' a man may interest himself in the founding of a brothel, and the same man can 'on principle' assist in the publication of a new Hymn book because it is supposed to be the great need of the times. But it would be as unjustifiable to conclude from the first fact that he was debauched as it would, perhaps, be to conclude from the second that he read or sang hymns."
Author: Søren Kierkegaard
249. "Some things remain fragments, just the lyrics and melodies or a line or two or a verse."
Author: Tracy Chapman
250. "You see - the moulded whimsy of a friezeon a portico keeps us from recognizing,sometimes, the symmetry of the whole...You will leave; we'll forget one another;but now and then the name of a street,or a street organ weeping in the twilight,will remind us in a more vivid and moretruthful way than thought could resurrector words convey, of that main thingwhich was between us, the main thing whichwe do not know ... And in that hour, the soulwill miraculously sense the charmof past trifles, and we will understandthat in eternity all is eternal"
Author: Vladimir Nabokov

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