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1. "We must acknowledge that all we have are, at times very differing, interpretations of what Jesus was all about-and these interpretations, as they are collected in the New Testament, have been written in particular situations by men, none of whom questioned the existing patriarchal structure of their societies or of their communities. While some Christ-believing women did challenge certain male-dominated aspects of their church gatherings (see 1 Cor 14:33b-36) it is quite unlikely that they questioned the patriarchal structure of their society, community, and church on a fundamental level. ~ Werner Kahl in Reading Other-Wise, p. 151"
Author: Gerald O. West
2. "Please, Jonas. Men got brute strength and size. Women got hot bodies and steel-trap minds. It's our leg up in your little male-dominated society."
Author: Jackson Pearce
3. "Wait. Like an art museum, or are we talking a history museum? I could tolerate the dinosaur bones and war relics, but modern art will just give me a headache. A red dot on a white canvas isn't ‘a representation of a woman's struggle in a male dominated society;' it's a red freakin' circle!" Michael and Ryan nodded their heads in agreement with Jack's artistic tirade."
Author: Victoria Michaels

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Quotes About Male Dominated Society
Quotes About Male Dominated Society

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