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1. "I welcome the President and working with him to try to get some of that medical malpractice reform so we can get the cost of health care to come down."
Author: Ben Quayle
2. "God, A Poem 'I didn't exist at Creation, I didn't exist at the Flood, And I won't be around for SalvationTo sort out the sheep from the cud-'Or whatever the phrase is. The fact isIn soteriological termsI'm a crude existential malpracticeAnd you are a diet of worms"
Author: James Fenton
3. "Reform of the medical liability system should be considered as part of a comprehensive response to surging medical malpractice premiums that endanger Americans' access to quality medical care."
Author: Lincoln Chafee
4. "Higher Power makes promises we all know they can't back up, but anybody ever go and slap an old malpractice suit on God? Or the U.S. government? No they don't. Faith might be stupid, but it gets us through."
Author: Louise Erdrich
5. "The high price of health care in this country is a serious issue that demands serious attention. Putting limits on damages have little or no effect on skyrocketing malpractice insurance rates."
Author: Mary Landrieu
6. "The malpractice for advice-giving is like five times as much as a craniotomy."
Author: Nicole Krauss
7. "I thought there should in truth be heavy damages for malpractice on human souls."
Author: Owen Wister
8. "I absolutely reject that idea that the press is liberal and what it does is liberal. In my view, it's like accusing a doctor of malpractice or a lawyer of malfeasance."
Author: Ron Suskind
9. "If planet Earth could get legal aid, then humanity would be facing the biggest malpractice suite in this spiral arm of our universe."
Author: Steve Merrick

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