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1. "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.' (Leviticus 18:22). That means simply that it is foul to do to other men what men habitually, proudly, manfully do to women: use them as inanimate, empty, concave things; fuck them into submission; subordinate them through sex."
Author: Andrea Dworkin
2. "You speak so feelingly and so manfully, Charles Darnay"
Author: Charles Dickens
3. "Dream manfully and nobly, and thy dreams shall be prophets."
Author: Edward G. Bulwer Lytton
4. "Dean coughed helpfully. Somewhere in the cough was the word "persuasion." He was throwing Mo a lifeline.Mo preferred to go down. "I haven't actually read any Austen. I'm more into mysteries, crime fiction, courtroom stuff." This was disappointing, but not damning. On the other hand it was a failing; on the other, manfully owned up to. If only Mo had stopped there."I don't read much women's stuff. I like a good plot," he said.Prudie finished her drink and set her glass down so hard you could hear it hit. "Austen can plot like a son of a bitch," she said. "Bernadette, I believe you were telling us about your first husband.""I could start with my second. Or the one after that," Bernadette offered. Down with plot! Down with Mo!"
Author: Karen Joy Fowler
5. "It's a miserable story!" said Bruno. "It begins miserably, and it ends miserablier. I think I shall cry. Sylvie, please lend me your handkerchief.""I haven't got it with me," Sylvie whispered."Then I won't cry," said Bruno manfully."
Author: Lewis Carroll
6. "I'd take it manfully, and be respected if I couldn't be loved"
Author: Louisa May Alcott
7. "The highest art is that which awakens our dormant will-force, and nerves us to face the trials of life manfully. All that brings drowsiness and makes us shut our eyes to reality around-on the mastery of which alone life depends?is a message of decay and death."
Author: Muhammad Iqbal
8. "Bet it was some ride." Theo manfully swallowed the prickly lump in his throat. There was ajittering inside his chest that came as much from seeing his father break apart as from anxiety overMaddy. "I'll haul her in, Dad. You're going to wreck your arm"
Author: Nora Roberts
9. "I knew you were a badass," continued Adrian. "But I didn't realize just how much until I saw you dropping guardians out there.""Does that mean you're going to be nicer to me?" I teased."I'm already nice to you," he said loftily. "Do you know how badly I want a cigarette right now? But no. I manfully suffer through nicotine withdrawal—all for you."
Author: Richelle Mead
10. "Courage becomes a worthwhile and meaningful virtue when it is regarded not so much as a willingness to die manfully but as a determination to live decently."
Author: Thomas S. Monson

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