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1. "Obligingly, visions of sports cars dancing in his head, Theo plopped down on the couch. "Can welook at convertibles? It'd be so cool to tool around with the top down. Chicks really dig on that.""Jeez, Theo." Maddy turned herself around until she was kneeling, her hands resting on David'sknees. "You don't score a convertible by telling him you're going to use it to pick up girls. Anyway,shut up so Dad can tell us how he wants to ask Ms. Giambelli to marry him."David's grin at the first half of her statement faded. "How the hell do you do that?" he demanded."It's spooky.""It's just following logic. That's what you wanted to tell us, right?""I wanted to talk to you about it. Any point in doing that now?""Dad." Theo gave him a manly pat. "It's cool.""Thank you, Theo. Maddy?""When you have a family, you're supposed to stay with them. Sometimes people don't—""Maddy—""Uh-uh." She shook her head. "She'll stay because she wants to. Maybe sometimes that's better."
Author: Nora Roberts

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