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1. "[Otto von Bismarck] only considered the interests of his own country - always the worst offense that a statesman can commit in the eyes of foreigners."
Author: A.J.P. Taylor
2. "And always, everywhere, there would be the yelling or quietly authoritative hypnotists; and in the train of the ruling suggestion givers, always everywhere, the tribes of buffoons and hucksters, the professional liars, the purveyors of entertaining irrelevances. Conditioned from the cradle, unceasingly distracted, mesmerized systematically, their uniformed victims would go on obediently marching and countermarching, go on, always and everywhere, killing and dying with the perfect docility of trained poodles. And yet in spite of the entirely justified refusal to take yes for an answer, the fact remained and would remain always, remain everywhere — the fact that there was this capacity even in a paranoiac for intelligence, even in a devil worshipper for love; the fact that the ground of all being could be totally manifest in a flowering shrub, a human face; the fact that there was a light and that this light was also compassion"
Author: Aldous Huxley
3. "Okay, first thing tomorrow we hit the streets around Taccone's place. Somebody saw something.''I got it covered.''The DiMarcos might be in town.''Actually, they're in jail.''All seven of them?'Hale shrugged. 'It was an interesting October."
Author: Ally Carter
4. "He just wanted to look at her and know her life was marching along under the same arch of time and space as he is."
Author: Ann Brashares
5. "But figuring out Saddam Hussein was one our greatest mysteries. He marched to his own drummer and frequently as this unfolded he made decisions which were sometimes inexplicable to us and sometimes didn't look very smart."
Author: Brent Scowcroft
6. "Le destin attend toujours au coin de la rue. Comme un voyou, une pute ou un vendeur de loterie : ses trois incarnations favorites. Mais il ne vient pas vous démarcher à domicile. Il faut aller à sa rencontre."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
7. "Le parole che hanno avvelenato il cuore di un figlio, pronunciate per meschinità o per ignoranza, si sedimentano nella memoria e lasciano un marchio indelebile."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
8. "We've got to recognize that when we march into Iraq, we're setting up the card tables in front of every university in the Arab world, the Islamic world, to recruit for al-Qaida."
Author: Chris Matthews
9. "Kilmartin wrote a highly amusing and illuminating account of his experience as a Proust revisionist, which appeared in the first issue of Ben Sonnenberg's quarterly Grand Street in the autumn of 1981. The essay opened with a kind of encouragement: 'There used to be a story that discerning Frenchmen preferred to read Marcel Proust in English on the grounds that the prose of A la recherche du temps perdu was deeply un-French and heavily influenced by English writers such as Ruskin.' I cling to this even though Kilmartin thought it to be ridiculous Parisian snobbery; I shall never be able to read Proust in French, and one's opportunities for outfacing Gallic self-regard are relatively scarce."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
10. "You don't need my kind of strength. A simple look from you alone cripples ,e. I am at your mercy." -Marcus"
Author: Courtney Allison Moulton
11. "Observé el salpicadero de Misery. Estar con ella me reconfortaba un poco, pero notanto como mi sofá. Y en ese momento me di cuenta. Me di cuenta de una atrocidad quehabía pasado por alto durante años. Nunca le había puesto nombre a mi sofá. ¿Cómo habíasido capaz de hacerle eso? ¿Cómo había sido tan insensible? ¿Tan fría y egoísta?¿Y qué nombre le pondría? Era un asunto importante. Muy importante. El muebleno podía ir por la vida con un nombre que no encajara con su personalidad.Abrumada por la extraña sensación de alivio que me proporcionaba tener un nuevoobjetivo en la vida, volví a poner a Misery en marcha. Ya me preocuparía más tarde por lode ser una gallina clueca. Ahora debía encontrar un nombre para mi sofá."
Author: Darynda Jones
12. "Letting out a deep breath, he pressed his forehead down to mine. With his eyes closed, he whispered, "That's what love is … It's scary not knowing what's expected, but I know it'll be the best frightening love we've ever had." - Marcus (Disastrous)"
Author: E.L. Montes
13. "For Jared Lyman(March 28, 1975-February 3, 2012)A man who knew how to love people. For his son's twenty-fifth birthday (sixteen years from now) he wrote:No UnlessesI love you and I'm proud of youYou might be watching this from prisonIf so - I love you and I'm proud of youIf you're watching this from backstage at Carnegie Hall - I love you and I'm proud of you.It doesn't really matter where you are or what you're doing...I will always be proud of you and I will always love you.I think that's what I'd say.I almost said "Unless..."But I couldn't think of an "Unless"NopeNo "unlesses"
Author: E.M. Tippetts
14. "Harry tucked her arm through his and marched her to the door."Stop!""What?"Men could be so obtuse. "Do I look like I've just been tumbled?"Harry's lips twitched. "You look like the most beautiful woman in the world." He kissed her soundly again. He hadn't exactly answered her question, but it was too late now."
Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
15. "Gradually I became aware of details: a company of French soldiers was marching through the streets of the town. They broke formation, and went in single file along the communication trench leading to the front line. Another group followed them."
Author: Ernst Toller
16. "Les hommes doivent être dressés en vue des besoins de notre temps, afin qu'ils soient en mesure de mettre la main à la pâte ; qu'ils doivent travailler à la grande usine des "utilités" communes avant d'être mûrs, et même afin qu'ils ne deviennent jamais mûrs, — car ce serait là un luxe qui soustrairait au "marché du travail" une quantité de force. On aveugle certains oiseaux pour qu'ils chantent mieux : je ne crois pas que les hommes d'aujourd'hui chantent mieux que leurs grands-parents, mais ce que je sais, c'est qu'on les aveugle tout jeunes. Et le moyen, le moyen scélérat qu'on emploie pour les aveugler, c'est une lumière trop intense, trop soudaine et trop variable. Le jeune homme est promené, à grands coups de fouet, à travers les siècles : des adolescents qui n'entendent rien à la guerre, aux négociations diplomatiques, à la politique commerciale, sont jugés dignes d'être initiés à l'Histoire politique.Deuxième Considération intempestive, ch. 7"
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
17. "I offer neither pay, nor quarters, nor food; I offer only hunger, thirst, forced marches, battles and death. Let him who loves his country with his heart, and not merely with his lips, follow me."
Author: Giuseppe Garibaldi
18. "Our people have proven their desire for continuing with reforms. We complete the march today with those who have an honest patriotic desire for more progress and reform."
Author: Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa
19. "No dia de sua morte, minha avó entregou ao meu pai o relógio de bolso do senhor arcebispo, de ouro maciço, marca Ferrocarril de Antioquia, mas fabricado na Suíça, que conservo até hoje e que passará ao meu filho, como um testemunho e um estandarte (embora eu não saiba do quê), no dia em que eu morrer [60]."
Author: Héctor Abad Faciolince
20. "Este es mi gran obstáculo, la más grande de todas las limitaciones marcando mi camino. En mi mente soy elocuente; puedo escalar intrincados peldaños de palabras para llegar al más alto techo de la catedral y pintar mis pensamientos. Pero cuando abro mi boca, todo se viene abajo"
Author: Isaac Marion
21. "Kublai [Kan] pregunta a Marco:-Cuando regreses al Poniente, ¿repetiras a tu gente los relatos que me hacer a mi?-Yo hablo, hablo -dice Marco- pero el que me escucha solo retiene las palabras que espera. Una es la descripcion del mundo a la que prestas oidos benevolos, otra la que recorrera los corrillos de descargadores y gondoleros del canal de mi casa el dia de mi regreso, otra la que podria dictar a avanzada edad, si cayera prisionero de piratas genoveses y me pusieran el cepo en la misma celda que a un escritor de novelas de aventuras. Lo que dirige el relato no es la voz: es el oido"
Author: Italo Calvino
22. "You might just be the craziest person I've ever know, but you're also the bravest. - Marcus"
Author: J. Scott Savage
23. "An inferior sense of smell," Marcus said, as if absolutely nothing of significance had happened, "is distinct from being told that one smells unpleasant."
Author: Jim Butcher
24. "Best before: 19 March 2007"
Author: Jojo Moyes
25. "Hay gente que se enamora de los pájaros. Te enamoras de su canto, de sus alas, de su forma de volar o de cazar. Entonces te lo quedas y lo encierras en una jaula de madera. Lo miras cada mañana, le sonríes, pero el pájaro deja de volar, de cazar, de cantar. Sus alas se marchitan, y un día, sin saber por qué, despiertas y dejas de mirarlo. Ya no te importa si es feliz, si le brillas los ojos; te limitas a alimentarlo, toleras su presencia y te acostumbras a el, pero el pájaro ha perdido sus encantos. cansado del pájaro te enamorarás de otro lobo, con otros encantos..."
Author: Jordi Balaguer
26. "I remember the woman who marched up to the front of a church where I was doing a meeting, put her hands on her hips, and she said, "I want my money back." I said, "What are you talking about?" She said, "I've been doing this two weeks, and it doesn't work. I want my money back!" It was actually all that I could keep from doing to keep from laughing in her face, but she was serious. She actually was, like, giving almost to buy some kind of a new lifestyle that she wanted. Didn't understand a thing about commitment and dedication and discipline. Two weeks! How many of you know you're not going to throw a little money in the bucket and get your life that's been a mess for 50 years turned around in two weeks!?!?"
Author: Joyce Meyer
27. "Depois de duas horas de marcha, o guia parou o elefante e lhe deu uma hora de repouso. O animal devorou ramos e arbustos, depois de ter matado a sede num charco próximo. Sir Francis Cromarty não se queixou desta parada. Estava quebrado. Mr. Fogg parecia sentir-se tão bem disposto como se tivesse acabado de sair de seu leito.Mas ele é de ferro! disse o general de brigada contemplando-o com admiração.De ferro forjado! respondeu Passepartout, entretido no preparo de um almoço sumário."
Author: Jules Verne
28. "If you do not apologize to Lady Honoria," Marcus said, his voice so mild as to be terrifying, "I will kill you."There was a collective gasp, and Daisy faked a swoon, sliding elegantly into Iris, who promptly stepped aside and let her hit the floor."Oh, come now," Mr. Grimston said. "Surely it won't come to pistols at dawn.""I'm not talking about a duel," Marcus said. "I mean I will kill you right here."
Author: Julia Quinn
29. "I don't take success and failure seriously. The only thing I do seriously is march forward. If I fall, I get up and march again."
Author: Kareena Kapoor Khan
30. "She blends into the dove grayof a quiet march sky brooding over her cache of soft blue treasures in a nest of dry grass, threads from yesterday's laundryand the down of her own breast feathersmother-love braves on when spring is but a memory"
Author: Kate Mullane Robertson
31. "So, there we were. The five of us - Marco, Tobias, Rachel, Cassie, and me. Five normal mallrats heading home.Sometimes I think about that one, last moment when we were still just normal kids. It's like it was a million years ago, like it was some totally different group of kids. You know what I was afraid of right then? I was afraid of admitting to Tom that I hadn't made the team. That was as scary as life got back then.Five minutes later, life got a lot scarier."
Author: Katherine Applegate
32. "March is the perfect month for a wedding. Just make sure it's after the NCAA tournament. I think we'll go far this year. Go Big Blue!"
Author: Kathleen Brooks
33. "You're a disgusting, shallow, womanizing jackass, and I hope that soda stains your preppy little shirt." Just before I marched away, i looked over my shoulder and added, "And my name isn't Duffy. it's Bianca. we've been in the same homeroom since middle school, you selfabsorbed son of a bitch."
Author: Kody Keplinger
34. "According to Marcie's mom, only people with no class actually use the word class. If you have it, then you never talk about it.""Oh". Johnny nodded slowly. "Just like herpes."
Author: Kristin Walker
35. "If you wish to draw off the people from a bad or wicked custom, you must beat up for a march; you must make an excitement, do something that everybody will notice."
Author: Lewis Tappan
36. "Armies march, but diamonds conquer all."
Author: Lynn Sheene
37. "They knew of the Vth, my legion, of their skill in battle, of how they had won Antium for Octavian, and then fought against Parthia for Tiberius; they were glad the Vth was not yet on their borders, although concerned that it was camped so close in Moesia. I may have loathed the Vth on principle when I was forced to march in its company, but here it was my legion; the men were my brothers. I caught myself smiling broadly once, or rather, Pantera caught me, and threw me a look that ensured I didn't smile again for the rest of the meal."
Author: M.C. Scott
38. "Marcela amou-me durante quinze meses e onze contos de réis"
Author: Machado De Assis
39. "Because your own strength is unequal to the task, do not assume that it is beyond the powers of man; but if anything is within the powers and province of man, believe that it is within your own compass also. Marcus Aurelius"
Author: Marcus Aurelius
40. "My main mistake was to have made an ancient people advance by forced marches toward independence, health, culture, affluence, comfort."
Author: Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
41. "Pawns were always underestimated - until they marched across the board and changed into queens."
Author: Natalie Herzer
42. "También es cierto que se dejó encandilar, como tantos otros, por la engañosa armonía de la derrota, por el encanto y el olor de esas flores que se marchitan hermosas en la imaginación pero que se pudren siniestras en las manos"
Author: Ray Loriga
43. "And of course coming from Massachusetts, Rocky Marciano was my favorite."
Author: Robert Goulet
44. "And what will they do to you when you have told them this story?' Esca said very simply, 'They will kill me.' 'I am sorry, but I do not think much of that plan.' Marcus said."
Author: Rosemary Sutcliff
45. "Even if Shaheed had been able to hear me, I could not then have told him what I later became convinced was the truth: that the purpose of that entire war had been to reunite me with an old life, to bring me back together with my old friends. Sam Manekshaw was marching on Dacca, to meet his old friend the Tiger; and the modes of connection lingered on, because on the field of leaking bone-marrow I heard about the exploits of knees, and was greeted by a dying pyramid of heads; and in Dacca I was to meet Parvati-the-witch."
Author: Salman Rushdie
46. "If there be any among us who would wish to dissolve this Union, or to change its republican form, let them stand undisturbed as monuments of the safety with which error of opinion may be tolerated, where reason is left free to combat it."[First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1801]"
Author: Thomas Jefferson
47. "Where's Marcus, Destroyer of Lives, going to meet us?"
Author: Veronica Roth
48. "With horror he saw that her hair was already afire as the tarred stake burned about her head. He held her agonized gaze with his fierce black eyes. "I'll love you forever, and beyond," he vowed as he raised both arms and plunged his sword into her heart.~Marcus Magnus"
Author: Virginia Henley
49. "I need some shut-eye," Marcus said. "All these last-minute heroics make a man sleepy."
Author: William L. Lavell
50. "The victory march will continue until the Palestinian flag flies in Jerusalem and in all of Palestine."
Author: Yasser Arafat

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