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1. "Immer wenn ich mich von einem Ort, der mir gefällt, verabschieden muss, habe ich das Gefühl, etwas von mir zurückzulassen. Wahrscheinlich besteht das Leben ganz unabhängig davon, ob man ein Vielreisender wie Marco Polo ist oder niemals in die Ferne zieht, aus einer Abfolge von Geburten und Toden. Ein Moment entsteht, ein Moment vergeht. Damit neue Erfahrungen an den Tag kommen können, müssen alte verblühen."
Author: Elif Shafak
2. "Then, I will be a real Italian girl, instead of a total American who still can't hear someone across the street to his friend Marco without wanting instinctively to yell back "Polo!"
Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
3. "Trapped in silence, Marco traces apologies and adorations across Celia's body with his tongue. Mutely expressing all the things he cannot speak aloud.He finds other ways to tell her, his fingers leaving faint trails of ink in their wake. He savors every sound he elicits from her.The entire room trembles as they come together.And though there are a great many fragile objects contained within it, nothing breaks."
Author: Erin Morgenstern
4. "I'm a little like Marco Polo, going around and mixing cultures."
Author: Gianni Versace
5. "Marco Polo describes a bridge, stone by stone.'But which is the stone that supports the bridge?' Kublai Khan asks.'The bridge is not supported by one stone or another,' Marco answers, 'but by the line of the arch that they form.'Kublai Khan remains silent, reflecting. Then he adds: 'Why do you speak to me of the stones? It is only the arch that matters to me.'Polo answers: 'Without stones there is no arch."
Author: Italo Calvino
6. "There is still one of which you never speak.'Marco Polo bowed his head.'Venice,' the Khan said.Marco smiled. 'What else do you believe I have been talking to you about?'The emperor did not turn a hair. 'And yet I have never heard you mention that name.'And Polo said: 'Every time I describe a city I am saying something about Venice."
Author: Italo Calvino
7. "I'd like to play a game of Marco Polo—in the 13th century."
Author: Jarod Kintz
8. "Marco Polo sabía que lo que imaginan los hombres no es menos real que lo que llaman la realidad."
Author: Jorge Luis Borges
9. "Marco Polo had seen the inhabitants of Zipangu place rose-colored pearls in the mouths of the dead. A sea-monster had been enamoured of the pearl that the diver brought to King Perozes, and had slain the thief, and mourned for seven moons over its loss."
Author: Oscar Wilde
10. "When Marco Polo came at last to Cathay, seven hundred years ago, did he not feel--and did his heart not falter as he realized--that this great and splendid capital of an empire had had its being all the years of his life and far longer, and that he had been ignorant of it? That it was in need of nothing from him, from Venice, from Europe? That it was full of wonders beyond his understanding? That his arrival was a matter of no importance whatever? We know that he felt these things, and so has many a traveler in foreign parts who did not know what he was going to find. There is nothing that cuts you down to size like coming to some strange and marvelous place where no one even stops to notice that you stare about you."
Author: Richard Adams
11. "There were no mail-order catalogues in 1492. Marco Polo's journal was the wish book of Renaissance Europe. Then, Columbus sailed the ocean blue and landed in Sears' basement. Despite all the Indians on the escalator, Columbus' visit came to be known as a "discovery."
Author: Tom Robbins

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