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1. "To the followers of the murdered Caesar:Do you march against Decimus Brutus Albinus in Gaul, or against the son of Caesar in Rome? Ask Marcus Antonius.Are you mobilized to destroy the enemies of your dead leader, or to protect his assassins? Ask Marcus Antonius.Where is the will of the dead Caesar which bequeathed to every citizen of Rome three hundred pieces of silver coin? Ask Marcus Antonius.The murderers and conspirators against Caesar are free by an act of the Senate sanctioned by Marcus Antonius.The murderer Gaius Cassius Longinus has been given the governorship of Syria by Marcus Antonius.The murderer Marcus Junius Brutus has been given the governorship of Crete by Marcus Antonius.Where are the friends of the murdered Caesar among his enemies?The son of Caesar calls to you."
Author: Caesar

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