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1. "Ik zei vlug: 'Ze eten niet, drinken niet, ze pikken je kleren niet en ze kunnen niet op vakantie gaan, niet slapen, geen scheten laten of dubbel spel spelen of brutale antwoorden geven of je in de steek laten als je ze nodig hebt. En ze willen niet betaald worden en ze hebben geen lange tenen en ze hoeven niet geschilderd te worden en ze lijden niet aan de Kwelders en ze hebben geen menopauze en ze moorden en martelen niet en ze vechten geen oorlogen uit...' 'Ze kunnen ze wel veroorzaken,' wist Tess er nog gauw tussen te krijgen. '... en ze doen niets anders dan er fraai uitzien, terwijl ze staan te wachten tot je met ze doet wat je maar wilt, zoals ze bijvoorbeeld lézen. Goed... is dt genoeg voor vandaag, kunnen we nu doorgaan?"
Author: Aidan Chambers
2. "Tu figlio di puttana, disse lei, sto cercando di costruire una relazione che abbia senso.non puoi costruirla con un martello, disse lui"
Author: Charles Bukowski
3. "Quentyn Martell almost laughed aloud. The gods are mad."
Author: George R.R. Martin
Author: George R.R. Martin
5. "Ser Arys was pleasant company abed, but wit and he were strangers. (Arianne Martell)"
Author: George R.R. Martin
6. "Do you think I do not know that? Oberyn is with me every time I close my eyes." Doran Martell"
Author: George R.R. Martin
7. "An old septon once claimed I was living proof of the goodness of the gods. (...) Why, if the gods were cruel, they would have made me my mother's firstborn, and Doran her third. I am a bloodthirsty man, you see. And it is me you must contend with now, not my patient, prudent, and gouty brother. -- Oberyn Martell"
Author: George R.R. Martin
8. "And now comes Pete Martell in Twin Peaks and he's just a nice guy."
Author: Jack Nance
9. "Eros colpisce come il fabbro con il martellosprizzando scintille dalla sfida.Hai spento il mio cuore tra lacrime e lamenti,come si spegne un fuoco incandescente del ruscello."
Author: Karen Blixen
10. "A sabedoria recomenda que falemos menos, que batamos menos o martelo e que sejamos menos enfáticos, pois todos estão certos e todos estão errados em algum aspecto da análise. É o triunfo da dúvida."
Author: Martha Medeiros
11. "Se ci fosse un cacciavite per togliere le idee sbagliate e un martello per fissare le buone intenzioni, una chiave inglese per stringere per sempre l'amore e una sega per tagliare col passato! Ma questa attrezzeria non ce l'hanno data e, dopo aver tentennato e scricchiolato, prima o poi ci romperemo."
Author: Stefano Benni
12. "When people pose the question, are you "coxom", Tom Conrad? I like to pose a question back at them: Is J.K. Rowling actually a witch? Is Thomas Harris the no. 1 serial killer in the the US, did Yann Martell really spend a lifetime eating pie?Of course, as far as I know J.K. Rowling is not a witch, but instead is a rather lovely and talented writer. As for that Thomas Harris (equally talented), I very much suspect he isn't actually a serial killer at all, or if he is, he's involved in the biggest case of double bluff… ever! As for Yann Martell, well, as everyone with half a brain knows his book is actually concerned with a mathematical constant, so ignore the dumb pie joke. Hm :/"
Author: Tom Conrad
13. "Repetition is important in the training not only of animals but also of humans." Yann Martel in Life of Pi, Page 25"
Author: Yann Martel

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