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1. "I don't have black lace underwear and a matching garter belt," I told Lee.Eddie leaned back and chuckled again. Lee's face didn't change."I have red lace underwear and a matching garter belt," I said.This was true, I did.Eddie quit chuckling."And black satin underwear and a garter belt. And then there's my purple teddy thing with attached garters." I paused. "I'll model them all and you can choose."I looked at Eddie out of the corner of my eye and the smile was gone.Then I sat back.My work was done.Lee granted me A Smile. It was small but it was meaningful."You've always been a lucky fuck," Eddie murmured to Lee."
Author: Kristen Ashley
2. "Dating meant nightclubs, heels, and black. It meant, "No, thank you. Really, I'm full." It meant matching bras and underwear. Clothes with the word MICRO used to describe them."
Author: Stephanie Klein

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Quotes About Matching Underwear

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