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1. "The age of Lincoln and Jefferson memorials is over. It will be presidential libraries from now on."
Author: Ada Louise Huxtable
2. "In Germany, you have a huge official memorial to the murdered Jews and then you have this artist who's been putting these stumbling blocks, these brass cobblestones, outside the houses Jews were taken away from. It's somewhat controversial and has met some resistance."
Author: Amy Waldman
3. "Every walk carves out a new city. And each of these tiny cities has its main square, a downtown area all its own, its own memorial statue, its own landmarks, laundromats, bus terminal—in short, its own focal point (from the Latin word focus, meaning fireplace, hearth, foyer, home), warm spot, sweet spot, soft spot, hot spot."
Author: André Aciman
4. "« Es que para recordar es necesario tener memoria,gixajo.»"
Author: Ángeles Ibirika
5. "Time is ungovernable, but grief presents us with a choice: what do we do with the savage energies of bereavement? What do we do with the memory - or in the memory - of the beloved? Some commemorate love with statuary, but behavior, too, is a memorial, as is a well-lived life. In death, there is always the promise of hope. The key is opening, rather than numbing, ourselves to pain. Above all, we must show our children how to celebrate existence in all its beauty, and how to get up after life has knocked us down, time and again. Half-dead, we stand. And together, we salute love. Because in the end, that's all that matters. How hard we loved, and how hard we tried."
Author: Antonella Gambotto Burke
6. "...I is another. If the brass wakes the trumpet, it's not its fault. That's obvious to me: I witness the unfolding of my own thought: I watch it, I hear it: I make a stroke with the bow: the symphony begins in the depths, or springs with a bound onto the stage.If the old imbeciles hadn't discovered only the false significance of Self, we wouldn't have to now sweep away those millions of skeletons which have been piling up the products of their one-eyed intellect since time immemorial, and claiming themselves to be their authors!"
Author: Arthur Rimbaud
7. "All the practical principles behind the Innovator's case for posterity, or society, or the species, are there from time immemorial in the Tao. But they are nowhere else. Unless you accept these without question as being to the world of action what axioms are to the world of theory, you can have no practical principles whatsoever. You cannot reach them as conclusions: they are premises. (...) If nothing is self-evident, nothing can be proved. Similarly, if nothing is obligatory for its own sake, nothing is obligatory at all."
Author: C.S. Lewis
8. "Me sentí rodeado de millones de páginas abandonadas, de universos y almas sin dueño, que se hundían en un océano de oscuridad mientras el mundo que palpitaba fuera de aquellos muros perdía la memoria sin darse cuenta día tras día, sintiéndose más sabio cuanto más olvidaba."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
9. "Esos desechos de celuloide, esos sobrantes en la película del recuerdo de mi vida son los que hoy intento proyectar en la pantalla de la memoria, los que hoy me parecen, aun en su confusión, tan vívidos y tan cercanos."
Author: Carmen Laforet
10. "I figure if Doc is right about the time I have left,I should wrap up my adolescence in the next few days, get into my early productive stages about the third week of school, go through my midlife crisis during Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, redouble my efforts at productivity and think about my legacy, say, Easter, and start cashing in my 401(k)s a couple weeks before Memorial Day."
Author: Chris Crutcher
11. "It's like a memorial to Atlantis or Lyonesse: these are the stone buoys that mark a drowned world."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
12. "Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore"
Author: Cicero
13. "And there's the Victoria Memorial, built as a memorial to Victoria."
Author: David Dimbleby
14. "Every spring, this country will be reminded of the Lady from Texas. As trees bloom and flowers carpet our nation's capital, Lady Bird Johnson will be remembered. Only Lady Bird Johnson could, with her vision of a beautiful America, lay claim to spring as her memorial."
Author: David Mixner
15. "C' è una foto che Irene ha scattato con gli occhi, un frammento, una di quelle istantanee dov'è condensata tutta la tenerezza per qualcuno che abbiamo amato o amiamo ancora, e che si acquattano nella memoria per la vita."
Author: Diego De Silva
16. "Deslumbrado y alterado por esa luz, pero también por ser únicamente el doctor Pasavento, quise creer que todo lo que me pasaba era, simple y llanamente, producto de una fuerte resaca. Porque si uno lo pensaba bien, ¿era verosímil que durante toda la noche un médico, sin duda monstruoso, probablemente un neuroquímico del cerebro, me hubiera implantado la memoria de doctor Pasavento?"Doctor Pasavento. Enrique Vila-Matas (Satán Vivo). p. 172."
Author: Enrique Vila Matas
17. "No pretendo que consientas mis palabras, de ser así, las escribiría de manera que pudieras comprenderlas.Sólo espero que las conserves, y las mantengas a la mano, o frescas en tu memoria, para que el día en que seas capaz de aceptarlas, te sean útiles."
Author: Erick Cano
18. "On our plane knowledge and ignorance are the immemorial adversaries."
Author: Frederick Soddy
19. "Lack of originality, everywhere, all over the world, from time immemorial, has always been considered the foremost quality and the recommendation of the active, efficient and practical man."
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
20. "Si fa questo per soldi... – iniziò nel dire – non per tutte è così... io ho iniziato per mia figlia... non avevo i soldi per crescerla... – gemeva dal piacere e piangeva mentre parlava – avevo paura... e gli uomini mi proponevano di andare con loro... per soldi... avevo paura... ero sola... non avevo nessuno se non mia figlia... così un giorno accettai la proposta di unuomo... ho capito da allora che... ci sono momenti in cui bisogna prendere decisioni importanti... decisioni che lasceranno un segno nella nostra vita... scolpiranno la memoria in modo profondo, con un segno indelebile..."
Author: Gianluca Frangella
21. "I am going to take something I learned over in Israel. Their Independence Day is preceded the 24 hours before with Memorial Day, so it gives them a chance to serve and reflect and then celebrate. I am going to try to start that tradition here in America."
Author: Glenn Beck
22. "The Thing cannot be described - there is no language for such abysms of shrieking and immemorial lunacy, such eldritch contradictions of all matter, force, and cosmic order. A mountain walked or stumbled.If I say that my somewhat extravagant imagination yielded simultaneous pictures of an octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature, I shall not be unfaithful to the spirit of the thing. A pulpy, tentacled head surmounted a grotesque and scaly body with rudimentary wings; but it was the general outline of the whole which made it most shockingly frightful."
Author: H.P. Lovecraft
23. "The Jews became a victim of their own success. The more they restored the land and made it fertile, the more Muslims were attracted from nearby Muslim countries and flocked to Jewish-settled areas for jobs. These same poor Muslims who benefited from Jewish-created jobs later charged that the Jews had stolen land that had been in their families since time immemorial. This remains one of the most colossal lies of history. Yet the West has swallowed the lie hook, line, and sinker. This lie will eventually lead to Armageddon."
Author: Hal Lindsey
24. "I begin to realize that my memory is a great catacomb, and that below my actual standing-ground there is layer after layer of historical ashes. Is the life of mind something like that of great trees of immemorial growth? Is the living layer of consciousness super-imposed upon hundreds of dead layers? Dead? No doubt this is too much to say, but still, when memory is slack the past becomes almost as though it had never been. To remember that we did know once is not a sign of possession but a sign of loss; it is like the number of an engraving which is no longer on its nail, the title of a volume no longer to be found on its shelf. My mind is the empty frame of a thousand vanished images."
Author: Henri Frédéric Amiel
25. "La memoria imprime en blanco y negro, los grises se pierden por el camino."
Author: Isabel Allende
26. "Memorial bracelets memorializing prisoners of war, missing in action, killed in action, and those who died of wounds or injuries sustained in a combat theater are authorized."
Author: James F. Amos
27. "Memoria - fie memoria individuala, fie memoria colectiva care este cultura - are o dubla func?ie. Una, într-adevar, e sa conserve anumite date, cealalta sa cufunde în uitare informa?iile ce nu ne folosesc ?i care ne-ar putea încarca inutil min?ile."
Author: Jean Claude Carrière
28. "I needed to get a grip. Or a camera to memorialize this moment, because I bet I could make a money from a video of him. I could make a fortune... As long as he didn't open his mouth."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
29. "Ceremonies are important. But our gratitude has to be more than visits to the troops, and once-a-year Memorial Day ceremonies. We honor the dead best by treating the living well."
Author: Jennifer M. Granholm
30. "De los diversos instrumentos inventados por el hombre, el más asombroso es el libro; todos los demás son extensiones de su cuerpo… Sólo el libro es una extensión de la imaginación y la memoria"."
Author: Jorge Luis Borges
31. "Las palabras son símbolos que postulan una memoria compartida. La que ahora quiero historiar es mía solamente; quienes la compartieron han muerto. Los místicos invocan una rosa, un beso, un pájaro que es todos los pájaros, un sol que es todas las estrellas y el sol, un cántaro de vino, un jardín o el acto sexual. De esas metáforas ninguna me sirve para esa larga noche de júbilo, que nos dejó, cansados y felices, en los linderos de la aurora. Casi no hablamos, mientras las ruedas y los cascos retumbaban sobre las piedras. (...)"
Author: Jorge Luis Borges
32. "Te cansarás primero que yo. Llegaré a donde quieres llegar antes que tú estés allí -dijo el que iba detrás de él-. Me sé de memoria tus intenciones, quién eres y de dónde eres y adónde vas. Llegaré antes que tú llegues."
Author: Juan Rulfo
33. "Escribir esta historia se me ha convertido en una carrera perdida de antemano contra el tiempo y la desmemoria, que son dos hermanos gemelos de dedos largos que todo lo tocan."
Author: Laura Restrepo
34. "Why is it that we want so badly to memorialise ourselves? Even while we're still alive. we wish to assert our existence, like dogs peeing on fire hydrants. we put on display our framed photographs, our parchment diplomas, our silver-plated cups; we monogram our linen, we carve our names on trees, we scrawl them on washroom walls. It's all the same impulse. what do we hope from it? Applause, envy, respect? Or simply attention, of any kind we can get? At the very least we want a witness. we can't stand the idea of our own voices falling silent finally, like a radio turning down."
Author: Margaret Atwood
35. "[Pechblende] einer eigenthümlichen, selbstständigen metallischen Substanz bestehe. Es fallen folglich auch deren bisherige Benennungen, als: ???hblende Eisenpecherz, hinweg, welche nun durch einen neuen ausschliessend bezeichnenden Namen zu ersetzen sind. Ich habe dazu den Namen: Uranerz (Uranium) erwählt; zu einigem Andenken, dass die chemische Ausfindung dieses neuen Metallkörpers in die Epoche der astronomischen. Entdeckung des Planeten Uranus gefallen sei.[Pitchblende] consists of a peculiar, distinct, metallic substance. Therefore its former denominations, pitch-blende, pitch-iron-ore, &c. are no longer applicable, and must be supplied by another more appropriate name.—I have chosen that of uranite, (Uranium), as a kind of memorial, that the chemical discovery of this new metal happened in the period of the astronomical discovery of the new planet Uranus."
Author: Martin Heinrich Klaproth
36. "El gigante me dijo que los libros eran instrumentos para luchar contra la noche""Un sueño roto bien pegado puede volverse aún más bello y sólido""Porque aunque la muerte te quite el tacto y el aparato digestivo entre otras cosas, la memoria permanece intacta. Los muertos se acuerdan muy bien de lo que podían sentir cuando vivían"
Author: Mathias Malzieu
37. "Moriamo.Moriamo ricchi di amanti e di tribu`, di gusti che abbiamo inghiottito, di corpi che abbiamo penetrato risalendoli come fiumi, di paure in cui ci siamo nascosti come in questa caverna stregata senza memoria.Voglio che tutto cio` resti inciso sul mio corpo. Siamo noi i veri paesi,non le frontiere tracciate sulle mappe con i nomi di uomini potenti.Lo so che tornerai e mi porterai fuori di qui, nel palazzo dei venti.Non ho mai voluto altro che camminare in un luogo simile con te. Una terra senza mappe.La lampada si e` spenta, e sto scrivendo nell'oscurita`."
Author: Michael Ondaatje
38. "Nunca nos cansaremos de criticar a quienes deforman el pasado, lo reescriben, lo falsifican, exageran la importancia de un acontecimiento o callan otro; esas críticas están justificadas (no pueden no estarlo), pero carecen de importancia si no van precedidas de una crítica más elemental: porque la crítica de la memoria humana como tal. Porque, la pobre, ¿qué puede hacer ella realmente? Del pasado sólo es capaz de retener una miserable parcela, sin que nadie sepa por qué exactamente ésa y no otra, pues esa elección se formula misteriosamente en cada uno de nosotros ajena a nuestra voluntad y nuestros intereses. No comprendemos nada en la vida humana si persistimos en escamotear la primera de todas las evidencias: una realidad, tal cual era, ya no es; su restitución es imposible."
Author: Milan Kundera
39. "Non so scrivere su Damasco senza che si intrecci il gelsomino sulle mie dita. Non so pronunciare il suo nome senza che sulla mia bocca si addensi il nettare dell'albicocca, del melograno, della mora e del cotogno. Non so ricordarla senza che si posino su un muretto della memoria mille colombe… e mille colombe volano."
Author: Nizar Qabbani
40. "Cuando el jardín de la memoria comienza a secarse -le había dicho Celâl una de aquellas noches-, uno tiembla con amor por los últimos árboles y rosales que le quedan. Los riego y los acaricio de la mañana a la noche para que no se sequen: ¡recuerdo, recuerdo que no quiero olvidar!"
Author: Orhan Pamuk
41. "Cuántas veces, amor, te amé sin verte y tal vez sin recuerdo, sin reconocer tu mirada, sin mirarte, centaura, en regiones contrarias, en un mediodía quemante: eras sólo el aroma de los cereales que amo.Tal vez te vi, te supuse al pasar levantando una copa en Angol, a la luz de la luna de Junio, o eras tú la cintura de aquella guitarra que toqué en las tinieblas y sonó como el mar desmedido.Te amé sin que yo lo supiera, y busqué tu memoria. En las casas vacías entré con linterna a robar tu retrato. Pero yo ya sabía cómo era. De prontomientras ibas conmigo te toqué y se detuvo mi vida: frente a mis ojos estabas, reinándome, y reinas. Como hoguera en los bosques el fuego es tu reino."
Author: Pablo Neruda
42. "From time immemorial artistic insights have been revealed to artists in their sleep and in dreams, so that at all times they ardently desired them."
Author: Paracelsus
43. "La mia memoriaOscurata è ancora d'averti vista giungereE sparire. Ha parole il tempo, come l'amore."
Author: Paul Éluard
44. "Un recuerdo evocado demasiado a menudo y expresado en forma de historia tiende a convertirse en un estereotipo... cristalizado, perfeccionado, adornado, instalándose en sí mismo en lugar de la memoria pura y dura, y creciendo a sus expensas."
Author: Primo Levi
45. "Never wish a veteran "Happy" Memorial Day."
Author: Rick DeStefanis
46. "When one's life has been shattered into a million pieces, most set out to pick up the pieces & rebuild. Others look at those broken pieces & decide this is their opportunity to start anew, the bigger picture comes into view. They see more, & want better so they leave those pieces scattered as a memorial to who they used to be!"
Author: Sanjo Jendayi
47. "I'm still in The Syd Barrett Memorial Rehabilitation Centre, Cambridge, UK When and if I'm let out, I'll move on to Saucerful of Secrets. Prognosis: Uncertain."
Author: Sienna McQuillen
48. "Quien de verdad quiera conservar en la memoria lo sucedido, no debe entregarse a los recuerdos. El recuerdo humano es un proceso demasiado agradable como para retener el pasado; es lo contrario de lo que pretende ser. Porque el recuerdo puede más, mucho más: realiza con tenacidad el milagro de concertar la paz con el tiempo ido, en la que se volatiliza cualquier asomo de rencor y el blando velo de la nostalgia se deposita sobre todo lo que se percibió como duro y acerado.Las personas felices tienen mala memoria y hermosos recuerdos."
Author: Thomas Brussig
49. "Here is also to be noted, that the cause of the institution was to be a memorial, to testify that Christ's body was given, and his blood shed for us."
Author: William Tyndale
50. "Secondo l'esperienza di Archie, qualunque cosa dotata di memoria lunga mantiene i rancori, e non va per niente bene tenere animaletti domestici con ragioni di rancore (quella volta mi hai dato il cibo sbagliato, quell'altra mi hai fatto il bagno)."
Author: Zadie Smith

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