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1. "O álcool e as mulheres me proporcionaram, devo confessar, o único consolo de que era digno. Confio-lhe este segredo, caro amigo, e não tenha receio de valer-se dele. Compreenderá, então, que a verdadeira libertinagem é libertadora, porque não impõe qualquer obrigação. Na libertinagem, só se possui a si próprio; ela permaneceu, pois, a ocupação preferida dos grandes apaixonados por sua própria pessoa. É uma selva, sem futuro nem passado, e, sobretudo, sem promessas nem sanção imediata. Os lugares nos quais ela se exercita são separados do mundo. Deixam-se, ao entrar, tanto o medo quanto a esperança. A conversa não é obrigatória; o que se vem procurar pode ser obtido sem palavras e, muitas vezes, até sem dinheiro. Ah! Eu lhe peço, deixe-me prestar uma especial homenagem às mulheres desconhecidas e esquecidas que então me ajudaram. Ainda hoje, mistura-se à lembrança que guardei delas algo semelhante a respeito."
Author: Albert Camus
2. "The problem with growing up in a cafe was the cafe never closed, my parents worked every day of the year from morning to night. So it was a big menagerie of kids, business and cooking!"
Author: Anthony Minghella
3. "I'd like to one day play Amanda, the mother, in The Glass Menagerie."
Author: Bernadette Peters
4. "With his buzz-cut black hair, muscles and menagerie of tattoos, the man looked like he lived in a cave and sanded timber with his head and flung innocent young women down on beds and had his wicked way with them."
Author: Cari Silverwood
5. "Mr. Jamrach led me through the lobby and into the menagerie. The first was a parrot room, a fearsome screaming place of mad round eyes, crimson breasts that beat against bars, wings that flapped against their neighbours, blood red, royal blue, gypsy yellow, grass green. The birds were crammed along perches. Macaws hung upside down here and there, batting their white eyes, and small green parrots flittered above our heads in drifts. A hot of cockatoos looked down from on high over the shrill madness, high crested, creamy breasted. The screeching was like laughter in hell."
Author: Carol Birch
6. "Snorkel through our vibrant menagerie of fish and marine life, each one of which has been clearly tagged and labeled for your convenience. Do you think the jokers at Sandals would do that for you? We've stocked our ivory reef with disparate creatures from all over the world, creating a lavishly unbalanced ecosystem that you have to see to believe. Often the things that nature never intended are the most fun to look at."
Author: Colin Nissan
7. "Ned: I figured it was time for a picnic by the menagerie.Jenny: And you brought me? Why not take the woman you're marrying?Ned: She's grown up with the Duke of Ware. Lions seem less ferocious."
Author: Courtney Milan
8. "In 20 years I want to look back and see a collection of crazy characters that I made - a menagerie."
Author: Dan Fogler
9. "What! your wisdom thinks I must love the man I'm going to marry? The most unpleasant thing in the world. I should quarrel with him; I should be jealous of him; our menage would be conducted in a very ill-bred manner. A little quiet contempt contributes greatly to the elegance of life. ("The Lifted Veil")"
Author: George Eliot
10. "As far as history goes I am dead. If there is something beyond I shall have to bounce back. I have found God, but he is insufficient. I am only spiritually dead. Physically I am alive. Morally I am free. The world which I have departed is a menagerie. The dawn is breaking on a new world, a jungle world in which lean spirits roam with sharp claws. If a am a hyena I am a lean and hungry one: I go forth to fatten myself."
Author: Henry Miller
11. "As if Riley and Amelia were lions, and we were a menage a trois of lively, prancing deer."
Author: Jaclyn Moriarty
12. "'The Glass Menagerie' by Tennessee Williams is a great play. I had to read it for school when I was younger, but I started writing scripts after that. That's what got me into writing."
Author: Jake T. Austin
13. "One encounters in the streets, late at night on the evenings of fetes, the most strange and bizarre passers-by. Do these nights of popular celebration cause ancient and forgotten avatars to stir in the depths of the human soul? This evening, in the movement of the sweaty and excited crowd, I am certain that I passed between the masks of the liberated Bythinians and encountered the courtesans of the Roman decadence.There emerged, this evening, from that swarming esplanade of Des Invalides - amid the crackle of fireworks, the shooting stars, the stink of frying, the hiccuping of drunkards and the reeking atmosphere of menageries - the wild effusions of one of Nero's festivals.It was like the odour of a May evening on the Basso-Porto of Naples. It was easy to believe that the faces in that crowd were Sicilian."
Author: Jean Lorrain
14. "Profit is the sole criterion used by the establishment to evaluate economic activity. From the rat race to lame ducks. The vocabulary in vogue is a give-away. It's more reminiscent of a human menagerie than human society."
Author: Jimmy Reid
15. "We assured Phelan that we were more than happy to let him have you and your menagerie," Leo retorted."After that, he said he needed to think.""About what?" Beatrix demanded. "What is there to think about? Why is it taking him so long to make a decision?""He's a man, dear," Amelia explained kindly. "Sustained thinking is very difficult for them."
Author: Lisa Kleypas
16. "A frightening menagerie, my emotions areToo many and varied to numberLike creatures they crawl and they fly aboveTearing my body asunder."
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
17. "Watching Temar, I wondered how the animals of the King's menagerie felt, able to kill any of the puny beings that looked into their cages, yet bound back by bars of iron. I felt a strange darkness at the thought. I had no true cage, save my own thoughts. There was nothing to keep me from lashing out at any of the nobles who walked these halls. It seemed like a very thin barrier all of a sudden."
Author: Moira Katson
18. "Over the years, my church gave me passage into a menagerie of exotic words unknown in the South: "introit," "offertory," "liturgy," "movable feast," "the minor elevation," "the lavabo," "the apparition of Lourdes," and hundreds more. Latin deposited the dark minerals of its rhythms on the shelves of my spoken language. You may find the harmonics of the Common of the Mass in every book I've ever written. Because I was raised Roman Catholic, I never feared taking any unchaperoned walks through the fields of language. Words lifted me up and filled me with pleasure."
Author: Pat Conroy
19. "Winter was usually the slow season at the menagerie, with so many of the animals hibernating, but that year I was busier than a hen with a double set of chicks."
Author: Patricia C. Wrede
20. "Larry King's show got to be an increasingly lonely outpost of humane civility in a mephitic menagerie of hotheads, saber rattlers, cretins and crackpots."
Author: Tom Shales
21. "Sometimes on flat boring afternoons, he'd squatted on the curb of St. Deval Street and daydreamed silent pearly snowclouds into sifting coldly through the boughs of the dry, dirty trees. Snow falling in August and silvering the glassy pavement, the ghostly flakes icing his hair, coating rooftops, changing the grimy old neighborhood into a hushed frozen white wasteland uninhabited except for himself and a menagerie of wonder-beasts: albino antelopes, and ivory-breasted snowbirds; and occasionally there were humans, such fantastic folk as Mr Mystery, the vaudeville hypnotist, and Lucky Rogers, the movie star, and Madame Veronica, who read fortunes in a Vieux Carré tearoom."
Author: Truman Capote
22. "It was piecework, and she was apt to have a family to keep alive; and stern and ruthless economic laws had arranged it that she could only do this by working just as she did, with all her soul upon her work, and with never an instant for a glance at the well-dressed ladies and gentlemen who came to stare at her, as at some wild beast in a menagerie."
Author: Upton Sinclair
23. "...There was a menagerie in which hideous clowns, dressed in rags and come from who knows where, were in 1823 exhibiting to the peasants of Montfermeil one of those hideous Brazilian vultures."
Author: Victor Hugo
24. "Eu sei, eu sei, tu queres os teus "génios" e estás disposto a homenageá-los. No entanto, tu queres génios simpáticos, bem comportados, moderados, sem nada de insensato, não a variedade não domesticada que derruba a todos os obstáculos e limites. Tu queres um génio limitado, aparado e podado, que possas exibir em desfiles pelas ruas das tuas cidades sem constrangimento"
Author: Wilhelm Reich

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