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1. "There is a history of mental breakdowns in my family. It will never happen to me but it has happened to others in the family."
Author: Brian Cox
2. "Archer, Jenna, and I weren't exactly clutching each other and sobbing, but we were pretty shaken as we formed a little huddle. "Okay," I finally said. "Can we all agree that this is maybe the most screwed-up situation we've ever found ourselves in?""Agreed," they said in unison."Awesome." I gave a little nod. "And do either of you have any idea what we should do about it?""Well, we can't use magic," Archer said."And if we try to leave, we get eaten by Monster Fog," Jenna added."Right. So no plans at all, then?"Jenna frowned. "Other than rocking in the fetal position for a while?""Yeah, I was thinking about taking one of those showers where you huddle in the corner fully clothed and cry," Archer offered.I couldn't help but snort with laughter. "Great. So we'll all go have our mental breakdowns, and then we'll somehow get ourselves out of this mess."
Author: Rachel Hawkins

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Quotes About Mental Breakdowns
Quotes About Mental Breakdowns

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