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1. "I am sitting far from youA thousand miles away from youI sit and write for youA thousand lines I write for youA thousand times I write for you.If love could reach youThousand miles awayI would say it thenI love you – a thousand times.I will come againMuch closer than beforeBut I won't say it thenFor I will fall in loveA thousand times more.It's better to restrainUntil its time for the planeI will say it thenI love you a thousand timesA thousand miles away.With every mile I go awayI love you even moreSo please stay awayA thousand miles more"
Author: Amit Abraham
2. "Ögreniyorsun iste ögrenmeyi aklina bile getirmedigin seyleri. Baba ile ogul arasinda neler olup bittigini, mesafeleri, kalkanlari, kaçislari."
Author: Baris Biçakçi
3. "Awesomesauce!"
Author: Becca Ann
4. "November comesAnd November goes,With the last red berriesAnd the first white snows.With night coming early,And dawn coming late,And ice in the bucketAnd frost by the gate.The fires burnAnd the kettles sing,And earth sinks to restUntil next spring."
Author: Clyde Watson
5. "Sparse on the mesa the dry weeds lashed in the wind like the earth's long echo of lance and spear in old encounters forever unrecorded."
Author: Cormac McCarthy
6. "Https://"
Author: Dina Sarakinou
7. "A silence fell at the mention of Gavard. They all looked at each other cautiously. As they were all rather short of breath by this time, it was the camembert they could smell. This cheese, with its gamy odour, had overpowered the milder smells of the marolles and the limbourg; its power was remarkable. Every now and then, however, a slight whiff, a flute-like note, came from the parmesan, while the bries came into play with their soft, musty smell, the gentle sound, so to speak, of a damp tambourine. The livarot launched into an overwhelming reprise, and the géromé kept up the symphony with a sustained high note."
Author: Émile Zola
8. "We loved being in Russia and would love to go back again, especially to visit my namesake."
Author: Eric Roberts
9. "10 minutos para o café da manhã se encerrar e as mesas se lotam."
Author: Filipe Russo
10. "Ambos iniciamos el impulso para levantarnos de la mesa y echarnos al medio de la calle, cuando la voz impasible de Germán Vargas nos frenó en seco con una lección para siempre: —El que se levante primero ya perdió."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
11. "Tengo que cumplir mi promesa. La promesa de dejarla ir. De realmente dejarla ir. Para que podamos seguir los dos.-Adam"
Author: Gayle Forman
12. "Ahora lo sé. Me gustaría hacer esa promesa mil veces y perderme mil veces de haberla escuchado tocar ayer por la noche o para verla en el sol de la mañana. O incluso sin eso. Sólo para saber que ella está en algún lugar. Viva."
Author: Gayle Forman
13. "I made lemon spaghetti in an early season of 'Everyday Italian,' and to this day people still come up to me and say they love it. It's very, very simple. Basically, you cook the pasta and mix together Parmesan cheese, olive oil, lemon juice and zest and pour it over the pasta."
Author: Giada De Laurentiis
14. "¿Es ésta la nueva doctrina desconocida? Todo el mundo sabe eso: todo el mundo lo ha escuchado antes. Los cínicos han recomendado la pobreza y la restricción de las necesidades; Sócrates ha prescrito la virtud como una cosa antigua buena; el primer estoico a quien uno encuentra, si bien sea el propio Séneca -que tiene quinientas mesas de madera de limonero-, ensalza la continencia, recomienda la verdad, la paciencia en la adversidades, la fortaleza en el infortunio; y todo eso es como el trigo viejo, que se comen los ratones, pero que la gente rechaza porque huele mal."
Author: Henryk Sienkiewicz
15. "Life is a ride that we take, sometimes with a passenger, other timesall alone. How you bounce back from life tells a lot about you as aperson. Some people fight to the death, others are more a part of deathand never truly understand why this is so……"
Author: Holly Hood
16. "I love the Autumn,And yet I cannot sayAll the thoughts and thingsThat make me feel this way.I love walking on the angry shore,To watch the angry sea;Where summer people were before,But now there's only me.I love wood fires at nightThat have a ruddy glow.I stare at the flamesAnd think of long ago.I love the feeling down inside meThat says to run awayTo come and be a gypsyAnd laugh the gypsy way.The tangy taste of apples,The snowy mist at morn,The wanderlust inside youWhen you hear the huntsman's horn.Nostalgia - that's the Autumn, Dreaming through SeptemberJust a million lovely thingsI always will remember."
Author: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
17. "Miltons were, on the whole, the most enthusiastic poet followers. A flick through the London telephone directory would yield about four thousand John Miltons, two thousand William Blakes, a thousand or so Samuel Colleridges, five hundred Percy Shelleys, the same of Wordsworth and Keats, and a handful of Drydens. Such mass name-changing could have problems in law enforcement. Following an incident in a pub where the assailant, victim, witness, landlord, arresting officer and judge had all been called Alfred Tennyson, a law had been passed compelling each namesake to carry a registration number tattooed behind the ear. It hadn't been well received--few really practical law-enforcement measures ever are."
Author: Jasper Fforde
18. "I checked out your blog.'Oh. Dear. Baby. Jesus. How did he find it? Wait. More importantly was the fact he HAD found it. Was my blog now googleable? That was awesomesauce with an extra heaping of sauce."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
19. "Deborah'in, insan maddesi tasisa bile, kendisiyle insan irkinin öteki üyeleri arasindaki mesafenin ne denli büyük geldigini bu insanlara anlatmasi olanaksizdi."
Author: Joanne Greenberg
20. "Dona Laura, ao ver a casa encher-se de bocas - e pressentido que isso de golpes de Estado era coisa para levar o seu tempo -, apressou-se, de faca e alguidar, em direcção às capoeiras, donde regressou com as duas primeiras vítimas da revolução. E ainda não tinha soado as duas da tarde quando, num exercício ostensivo de poder, como se quisesse deixar bem claro o que quer que estivesse a acontecer no País, ali em casa tudo permanecia na mesma, desligou o rádio e a televisão, abriu as portadas que davam para o jardim e anunciou que a canja estava na mesa."
Author: João Ricardo Pedro
21. "What's your name again?""Peter. Peter Granford."Lewis opened up his mouth to speak, but then just shook his head."What?" The boy ducked his head. "You just, uh, looked like you were going to say somethingimportant."Lewis looked at this namesake, at the way he stood with his shoulders rounded, as if he did notdeserve so much space in this world. He felt that familiar pain that fell like a hammer on hisbreastbone whenever he thought of Peter, of a life that would be lost to prison. He wished he'dtaken more time to look at Peter when Peter was right in front of his eyes, because now he would beforced to compensate with imperfect memories or-even worse-to find his son in the faces ofstrangers.Lewis reached deep inside and unraveled the smile that he saved for moments like this, when therewas absolutely nothing to be happy about. "It was important," he said. "You remind me of someoneI used to know."
Author: Jodi Picoult
22. "Sobre a mesa ainda se viam a poncheira e as taças, espalhadas na desordem costumeira após a debandada dos ébrios."
Author: John Cleland
23. "Na hora de pôr a mesa, éramos cinco:o meu pai, a minha mãe, as minhas irmãse eu. depois, a minha irmã mais velhacasou-se. depois, a minha irmã mais novacasou-se. depois, o meu pai morreu. hoje,na hora de pôr a mesa, somos cinco,menos a minha irmã mais velha que estána casa dela, menos a minha irmã maisnova que está na casa dela, menos o meupai, menos a minha mãe viúva. cada umdeles é um lugar vazio nesta mesa ondecomo sozinho. mas irão estar sempre hora de pôr a mesa, seremos sempre cinco.enquanto um de nós estiver vivo, seremossempre cinco"
Author: José Luís Peixoto
24. "Tengo un pensamiento que no me deja, Qué pensamiento, preguntó Abraham, Pienso que había inocentes en Sodoma y en las otras ciudades que fueron quemadas, Si los hubiera, el señor habría cumplido su promesa que me hizo de salvarles la vida, Los niños, los niños eran inocentes, Dios mío, murmuró Abraham, y su voz fue como un gemido, Sí, será tu dios, pero no fue el de ellos."
Author: José Saramago
25. "Xav sprinkled olive oil on his lettuce. 'Lola was very particular that it all had to fit properly.' 'Lola?' squeaked Diamond. I wanted to warn her not to rise to the bait Xav was dangling in front of her but it was too late. Xav added some Parmesan and pepper. 'Suspicious, Diamond? You should be. This is a bachelor party I'm organizing, not a school outing, and it is going to tick all of Trace's boxes. Lola is either a very efficient water sports instructor or an exotic dancing girl; I'll leave it your imagination.' I rolled my eyes at Diamond. 'Myabe she's both. I mean the guys will really go for that, I guess. Don't worry,Di, Luigi and his crew will not disappoint us girls.' Luigi was in fact Contessa Nicoletta's little bespectacled chef with whom I had been consulting about the menu for Friday, but the Benedicts weren't to know that. 'He has promised to provide something suitably spicy for our tastes."
Author: Joss Stirling
26. "Prometí que encontraría una forma de que estuviéramos juntos. Tengo la intención de mantener esa promesa."
Author: Julie Kagawa
27. "In many ways, I feel like having the opportunity to play Gogol in 'The Namesake' really was my dream role in many ways."
Author: Kal Penn
28. "But I'd far rather live without souls or morals than Parmesan."
Author: Kate Quinn
29. "Tita bajó la cabeza y con la misma fuerza con que sus lágrimas cayeron sobre la mesa, así cayó sobre ella su destino. Y desde ese momento supieron ella y la mesa que no podían modificar ni tantito la dirección de esas fuerzas desconocidas que la obligaban, a la una, a compartir con Tita su sino, recibiendo sus amargas lágrimas desde el momento en que nació, y a la otra a asumir esa absurda determinación"
Author: Laura Esquivel
30. "Para a mesa e para a cama, uma só vez se chama."
Author: Laura Esquivel
31. "Aún. La tentadora promesa incrustada en esa palabra le cortó el aliento."
Author: Lisa Kleypas
32. "The last day i was home i took the rental car up old 14 behind the Sandia Mountains. as i drove north toward Santa Fe past Madrid I rolled the window down halfway and let the cold, brisk, February air come into the car. I smelled the pinon trees and the damp earth. The Gray came over me. My life flashed through my heart in one deep rush of feeling. When I made the turn around the mountain to the west, the mesas and valleys spread out before me under the orange and gold horizon. The sun hit me like a wave that flooded out the past and dissolved any idea of the future, and I felt okay and whole for about twenty minutes."
Author: Marc Maron
33. "As palavras pousaram na mesa e se posicionaram no meio. As três pessoas ficaram a olhá-las. As tênues esperanças não ousaram elevar-se mais do que isso. Ele ainda não morreu. Ele ainda não morreu."
Author: Markus Zusak
34. "Las pasiones humanas son un misterio, a los niños le pasa lo mismo que a los mayores. Los que se dejan llevar por ellas no puede explicárselas, y los que no las han vivido, no pueden comprenderlas. Hay hombres que se juegan la vida para subir a una montaña. Nadie, ni siquiera ellos, puede explicar realmente por qué. Otros se arruinan para conquistar el corazón de una persona que no quiere saber nada de ellos. Otros se destruyen a sí mismos por no saber resistir los placeres de la mesa... o de la botella. Algunos pierden cuanto tienen para ganar en un juego de azar, o lo sacrifican todo a una idea fija que jamás podrá realizarse. Unos cuantos creen que solo serán felices en un lugar distinto, y recorren el mundo durante toda su vida. Y unos pocos no descansan hasta que consiguen ser poderosos. En resumen: hay tantas pasiones distintas como hombres distintos hay."
Author: Michael Ende
35. "A fi artist, în ochii lui însemna înainte de toate sa fii supus. Supus unor mesaje misterioase, imprevizibile, care, în lipsa de ceva mai bun ?i în absen?a oricarei credin?e religioase, se cuveneau calificate drept intui?ii; ni?te mesaje poruncitoare, care se afirmau într-o maniera imperioasa, categorica, fara a-?i lasa nici cea mai mica posibilitate de a te sustrage - sau doar cu riscul de a-?i pierde orice no?iune de integritate ?i de respect fa?a de tine însu?i."
Author: Michel Houellebecq
36. "Aku ora bakal nangis mergo ledhekmuAku ora bakal tiba mergo jegalmuAku ora sudi mengo mergo matamu menthelengi akuAku ora muntir mergo tenagamu gedheSing marai aku nyiut ya mung perintah utekku dheweAku ora adigung Aku wis wareg olehe andhab asor marang kadonyan ikiDadi aku arep menehi kowe dalan ringkes ben bisa nemoni jangkahkuNanging yen kowe hambesengut marang akuAku dadi saya mesake marang koweMugo-mugo kowe ora gemblung mergo aku"
Author: Neo Wasiman
37. "Señoras señores:Por lo común los discursos de sobremesaSon buenos pero largosEl mío será malo pero cortoCosaQue no debiera sorprender a nadie."
Author: Nicanor Parra
38. "Brian closed the condition book, pressed his fingers to his tired eyes. Like Paddy, he wasn't quite sure he trusted the computer, but he was willing to fiddle with it a bit. Three times a week he spent an hour trying to figure the damn thing out ith the notion that eventually he could use it to generate his charts. Graphics, they called it, he thought, shifting to give the machine a suspicious glare.Timesaving and efficient, if you believed all the hype. Well,tonight he was to damn tired to spend an hour trying to be timesaving and efficient.He hadn't had a decent night's sleep in a week. Which had nothing to do with his job, he admitted. And everything to do with his boss's daughter."
Author: Nora Roberts
39. "Al escribir "historia" me refiero a la general o universal. No hay otra: lo que se llama "historia patria" es espejo del hombre -y entonces es también universal- o es una anécdota de sobremesa."
Author: Octavio Paz
40. "Aradan onca yil geçti ama hala içini okuyabiliyorum. Eskiden, böyle yaptigimda, yüzünde hep sevinçle dehset karisimi bir saskinlik belirirdi. Bu dehset, aramizda bir mesafe yaratabilir, sinir koymak istedigine isaret edebilirdi. Ama sen kendi duydugun dehsetin farkinda degil gibiydin, ya da ayiran bir sey oldugu için kabul etmek istemiyordun. Ve ilk firsatta, senin de benim içimi okuyabildigini göstermeye çalisirdin. Çogu kez bunu basarirdin da. Ama bazen ve gitgide siklasan bir tempoda, benim içimi degil, bendeki senin içini okuyordun."
Author: Pascal Mercier
41. "Road trips can either suck monkey balls or, with the right person, they can be awesomesauce with cheesy fries."
Author: Penny Reid
42. "Çok yanilmiyordu. Hedefine vasil olan hiçbir temayül yasamaz. Arzu ile gaye arasinda ümid verici bir mesafe olmadikça arzunun yasamasi imkansizdir.Ihtiraslar da böyledir. Ask da hedefinden az çok uzak bulunursa canlidir. Firari ve sayyal bir hedef karsisinda her ihtiras kudurur. Bunun için iki taraftan biri kaçar ve öteki tarafin ihtirasini tahrik eder. Ihtiras kovalayan tarafta vardir. Kaçan lakayttir. Bunun için sevismek yoktur. Iki insan, muhtelif anlarda, birbirlerini sevebilirler; fakat bu an birlesir ve iki taraf, birbirlerini ayni zaman içinde sever ve sevdiklerini hissederlerse, ikisinde de ihtiras derhal mahvolur ve ask hadisesi biter. Her sevdanin sonu böyledir. Garip netice: Sevismek askin ziddidir."
Author: Peyami Safa
43. "Kim estaba sentada a la mesa de al lado con otras dos chicas tan pijas como ella.—Mírala —repitió Cal—. Es un Bollicao.—Por favor —dijo Park—. Pareces idiota.—¿Qué? La gente lo dice.—Lo has sacado de la revista Thrasher o algo así, ¿no?—Así es como se aprenden palabras nuevas, Park —Cal dio unos golpecitos en un libro de poesía—. Leyendo."
Author: Rainbow Rowell
44. "El bosque es hermoso, oscuro y profundo. Pero tengo promesas que cumplir, y millas que recorrer antes de dormir. Y millas que recorrer antes de dormir."
Author: Robert Frost
45. "Claro que não sabes (...) E nem sequer queres ver o que está posto na mesa à tua frente. Homens. Se estivesse a chover sopa, estarias lá fora com um garfo."
Author: Robin Hobb
46. "El dolor del pasado nunca se va, tú acabas encontrando una manera de lidiar con él. Y el futuro... toda la promesa que contiene... eso es lo que te mantiene en movimiento hacia adelante, y fuera de la oscuridad."
Author: Samantha Towle
47. "I can reveal to you that I wished to die -For with much weeping she left meSaying: "Sappho - what suffering is ours!For it is against my will that I leave you."In answer, I said: "Go, happily remembering meFor you know what we shared and pursued -If not, I wish you to see again our [ former joys ] .....The many braids of rose and violet you [ wreathed ]Around yourself at my sideAnd the many garlands of flowersWith which you adorned your soft neck:With royal oils from [ fresh flowers ]You anointed [ yourself ]And on soft beds fulfilled your longing[ For me ] ...."
Author: Sappho
48. "Peeta y yo volvemos a unirnos. Aún hay momentos donde él aprieta la partetrasera de la silla y se sostiene hasta que los recuerdos se han terminado. Yodespierto gritando de pesadillas sobre mutos y niños perdidos. Pero sus brazosestán ahí para confortarme. Y finalmente sus labios. En la noche en que siento esa cosa de nuevo, el hambre que me controló en la playa, sé que esto habría pasado de todas formas. Que lo que necesito para sobrevivir no es el fuego de Gale, encendido por la rabia y el odio. Tengo bastante fuego en mí misma. Lo que necesito es el diente de león en la primavera. El amarillo brillante que significa renacer en vez de destrucción. La promesa de que la vida puede continuar, sin importar lo malo de nuestras pérdidas. Que puede ser buena de nuevo. Y sólo Peeta puede darme eso.Así que después, cuando él susurra:?Tú me amas. ¿Real o no real?Le digo:?Real."
Author: Suzanne Collins
49. "Now it seems obvious, of course, that even a strong person has weak spots and that I had hit Cassie's full force, with all the precision of a jeweler fragmenting a stone along a flaw. She must have thought, sometimes, of her namesake, the votary branded with her god's most inventive and sadistic curse: to tell the truth, and never to be believed."
Author: Tana French
50. "In the middle of life it happens that death comesand takes your measurements. This visitis forgotten and life goes on. But the suit issewn in the silence."
Author: Tomas Transtromer

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