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1. "The need for frequent chemical vacations from intolerable selfhood and repulsive surroundings will undoubtedly remain. What is needed is a new drug which will relieve and console our suffering species without doing more harm in the long run than it does good in the short."
Author: Aldous Huxley
2. "Yeah, I'd be happy to go back to Mexico or Japan to make another film."
Author: Alex Cox
3. "All vacations can come down to a few little moments - what do your remember when you're alone, totally relaxed and taken out of yourself to appreciate this other world."
Author: Bill Kurtis
4. "As is natural with contiguous states having like institutions and like aims of advancement and development, the friendship of the United States and Mexico has been constantly maintained."
Author: Chester A. Arthur
5. "There are a few Chinese smuggled in over the borders of British Columbia on the north and Mexico on the south."
Author: Denis Kearney
6. "During the Tertiary period the whole valley of Mexico was one great lake."
Author: Edward Burnett Tylor
7. "The interior of Mexico consists of a mass of volcanic rocks, thrust up to a great height above the sea-level."
Author: Edward Burnett Tylor
8. "I grew up in a highly Hispanic neighborhood. It was very rare to find any race other than Mexicans. I feel very comfortable around Spanish speakers and people from Mexico and people who don't always feel comfortable living in the U.S. because they are in fear of being deported."
Author: Emily Rios
9. "My daughter is a freshman in college and my son is - well, our daughter and our son - is a sophomore in college. So they come home on selected weekends, they come home on vacations and they're home in the summer, although they have jobs."
Author: Erika Slezak
10. "I do hear about these actors who go on vacations to Bali for three months, and their agents are banging their heads against a wall trying to find their clients - but that's not me. I'm working hard every day. Enjoy your vacation."
Author: Erin Cummings
11. "I didn't know I wanted to do films until I started to do them. Very few films are made in Mexico and film-making belonged to a very specific group, a clique."
Author: Gael Garcia Bernal
12. "Hairwoman is torturing us with essays. Do English teachers spend their vacations dreaming up these things?"
Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
13. "In Mexico an air conditioner is called a politician because it makes a lot of noise but doesn't work very well."
Author: Len Deighton
14. "I'm addicted to New York, and I like L.A., as I have kids there. Sometimes I think New Mexico is the one place where I could almost live there. It helps your acting; there's magic in that place."
Author: Mark Margolis
15. "The number of vacations me and my husband have canceled... if you really want a job, book a non-refundable vacation. But obviously we're blessed too."
Author: Melissa Rosenberg
16. "I also had to come tonight to apologize. If you need to go to Mexico to finish this process off, then I understand. I was wrong to criticize you for it or even imply that I had some kind of say in it. One of the greatest things about you is that in the end, you always make smart decisions. Can't always say the same for myself. Whatever you need to do, I'll support you."
Author: Richelle Mead
17. "By encouraging its citizens to violate our border, Mexico is pushing a tremendous welfare burden off of its shoulders and onto ours, while also benefiting from the significant sums of U.S. currency that these workers will eventually send back home to their families."
Author: Spencer Bachus
18. "Part of me doesn't even know if we're together. I mean, we are-she likes me, and I want to run off to Mexico with her. So yeah, that's together, right?I guess I don't need a ring or anything."
Author: Travis Thrasher

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