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1. "One of the various theories proposed to explain the negative result of the famous Michelson-Morley experiment with light waves (conceived to measure the absolute space), was based on the ballistic hypothesis, i.e. on postulating that the speed of light predicted by Maxwell's equations was not given as relative to the medium but as relative to the transmitter (firearm). Had that been the case, the experiment negative results would have not caused such perplexity and frustration (as we shall see in forthcoming sections)."
Author: Felix Alba Juez
2. "Please. Don't try and play games with me. It's belittling. I'm not stupid — I can spot a wolf in sheep's clothing when I see one - and your claws are showing." -Enoch Michelson"
Author: S.G. Night
3. "Ah, good day, friend. Nice of you to drop in on my little corner of the world. How might I assist you on this delightfully dreary day?" - Enoch Michelson"
Author: S.G. Night
4. "Forgive me, I have yet to introduce myself." The Human spread his arms expansively and bowed in his chair. He made grand gestures at his stall full of paper, ink, charts, and graphing tools, like they were his subjects, and he their king. "I am Enoch Michelson, adept cartographer, recluse, and the lord and master of a tiny, dark corner of Patrician's Market. I am a knower of many useless things, and a knower of a few things that matter. Finder of lost items. Gossipmonger." His smile grew even slyer. "And an informant for a little band of Majiski assassins."
Author: S.G. Night

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