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1. "I was inspired more by early Bette Midler. I do wear a fancy dress and very high heels - and extra high hair. My goal is to obliterate all earnestness."
Author: Ana Gasteyer
2. "They always threw their arms around and hugged me while crying our Yiddish endearments. Yet none of them believed in God. They believed in social justice, good works, Israel, and Bette Midler. I was nearly thirty before I met a religious Jew."
Author: Anne Lamott
3. "Any of Bette Midler's concerts should be required viewing for every actor/performer. She has the audience in the palm of her hands at all times and can switch emotions on a dime: Great singer, great actress, great comedian - fearless."
Author: Bryan Batt
4. "Hør, ved De hvordan en dyretæmmerfår lært sin bjørn, hvad den aldrig glemmer?I en bryggerkedel han binder dyret; -så blir der tæt under kedlen fyret. Imidlertid han på positivetspiller for bamsen: "Fryd dig ved livet!"Af smerte knapt kan den lodne sanse; han kan ikke stå, og så må han danse. Og spilles siden den melodi ham, -fluks farer en dansende djævel i ham. -"
Author: Henrik Ibsen
5. "Amelie said, "I won't be your servant in Morganville. Nor should you be mine. Equals." She offered her hand to him, and he looked down at it, clearly taken aback. But he took it. "Now defend what is ours, my partner."He grinned … grinned! … and whirled to meet Myrnin in midleap as Myrnin attacked."
Author: Rachel Caine
6. "There was an inquiry just last week about the new Bette Midler show, and I just didn't want to do that."
Author: Robert Urich
7. "Instead of fixing the econamy, U.S. "Presedent" (recount pls) Bary Obame is back in the Ovel Office. Hes sitting on the sofa in the midle of pretty inappropriete gmail G-chat with actres Scarlet Johansen."OK Scarlat, thank you for emailing me so many nude photos. They were very provocetive LOL. And thank you for offer me sex intercorse :)" Obame type, and because its gmail G-chat, the :) make a 90-degree clock wise turn and anamate into a smile emoji. "Good nite."
Author: Seinfeld 2000
8. "Brent waited for a moment, to see if he could hear anything on the other side of the door, but only silence greeted him. He felt a hand on his shoulder, but he shrugged it off. Couldn't focus on anything but getting through to her. "What do I need to do, baby? Do you want me to sing ‘Wind Beneath My Wings'? I'll do it. I'll deafen everyone in this building if that's what you want." When the silence remained, Brent's head dropped against the door with a curse. "You're really going to make me do this, aren't you?" Then he gave Bette Midler a run for her money."
Author: Tessa Bailey
9. "Sitting in this small pub with its cool flagged floor, listening to the murmuring voices of the haymakers and the click of dominoes falling, drinking beer here in the midle of summer in England in 1914, he suddenly felt a stillness creep up on him as if he were suffering from a form of mental palsy -- as if time had stopped and the world's turning, also. It was a strange sensation -- that he would be for ever stuck in this late June day in 1914 like a fly in amber -- the past as irrelevant to him as the future. A perfect statis; the most alluring inertia."
Author: William Boyd

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