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1. "Justus tried to make an objective assessment of Miguel. What was the big deal with him, anyway? So he was easy on the eyes. Actually that was an understatement; he was for female eyes, a virtual feast. He was a perfect physical specimen, and very sensual. He seemed to positively ooze sex and eroticism with his every move, look, and touch. Justus turned her head toward him to steal a glance at his profile, but he caught her looking at him.His eyes were so arresting, they were a dark, fierce green, like beautiful shining emeralds. She also noticed flecks of gold laced through them, reminiscent of cat's eyes. Not any ordinary house cat, these were the eyes of a wild predator.He was a panther; with his black hair and green eyes and the way he moved, so gracefully, yet with definite strength and agility. She sighed to herself, so much for her objectivity."
Author: Amanda Bretz
2. "One of my dream collaborations is to work with Sade. I would love to work with Andre 3000, Miguel."
Author: Elle Varner
3. "Por ella, en recuerdo de sus cuentos de brujas que tan feliz me hicieron, puse a mi perra bruja. ... Me la regalo un amigo, Miguel Ángel, y me jodió la vida porque lo que tenía que ser para siempre resultó efímero. Buda ya lo dijo: el que tiene tres amores, tendrá tres dolores; el que tiene dos, dos; y el que tiene uno, uno. Mejor no tener ninguno."
Author: Fernando Vallejo
4. "Yo, Miguel Littín, hijo de Hernán y Cristina, director de cine y uno de los cinco mil chilenos con prohibición absoluta de regresar, estaba de nuevo en mi país después de doce años de exilio, aunque todavía exiliado dentro de mí mismo: llevaba una identidad falsa, un pasaporte falso, y hasta una esposa falsa. Mi cara y mi apariencia estaban tan cambiadas por la ropa y el maquillaje que ni mi propia madre había de reconocerme a plena luz unos días después."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
5. "He who reads much and walks much, goes far and knows much," Miguel de Cervantes"
Author: Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
6. "Cuanto por parte de vos, Miguel de Cervantes, nos fue fecha relación que habíades compuesto un libro intitulado El ingenioso hidalgo de la Mancha, el cual os había costado mucho trabajo y era muy útil y provechoso,"
Author: Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
7. "You may even tell me, "Miguel, what you are saying is hurting me." But it is not what I am saying that is hurting you; it is that you have wounds that I touch by what I have said."
Author: Miguel Ruiz
8. "Michael still thought of Havana as home, because he was born there. And he had been Miguel Arroya there. Here, he was Michael."
Author: Mike Lupica
9. "Okay, time to get serious. I let my smile fade slowly and lowered my pitch, as no human woman could have. "I'm not joking this time. If I see it, it's mine, and you won't get it back at the end of the school year." I growled, deep and long, savoring the feel of the vibrations in my throat, as if the sound alone could save me. It wasn't quite a cat's growl but it was damn close. And it was his last warning.Miguel dismissed my threat with an easy smile, and my stomach clenched. Oh, yeah, Faythe. You have Puss shaking in his boots, all right."
Author: Rachel Vincent
10. "Right now, it's very difficult to single out one fighter, pound-for-pound, who is the best. Right now, it's very complex. Miguel Cotto, Mayweather and Zab Judah's a good fighter as well."
Author: Roberto Duran
11. "...once we were loaded, Jeff asked us how it went. Ryan cleared his throat. "Well, I got to use my first public bathroom. That was interesting.""I made out with the Aussie," Rylee stated matter-of-factly."I made up with the ginger," Miguel said and grinned back at her. Jeff stared at us."I got slapped in the face," Billings offered."By me," I supplied."And we got to talk to Cain at the station on the big screen," Merrick said happily. Jeff still stared while Marissa giggled into her hand."So it went good then," he stated. "Great."
Author: Shelly Crane
12. "And you, trying to look all innocent walking in here. You're a real conch at this, aren't ya?" "Did you just insult me, Miguel?" Sherry asked, putting her hands on her hips but she looked on the verge of laughing. "No, love, it means smart." He grinned at her."
Author: Shelly Crane
13. "Miguel: Merle? What kind of hick name is that? I wouldn't name my dog Merle."
Author: The Walking Dead
14. "A stranger could drive through Miguel Street and just say "Sum!" because he could see no more. But we who lived there saw our street as a world, where everybody was quite different from everybody else. Mam-man was mad; George was stupid; Big Foot was a bully; hat was an adventurer; Popo was a philosopher; and Morgan was our comedian."
Author: V.S. Naipaul

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