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1. "We have 26,000 genes. But a blind, millimetre-long roundworm with only 959 cells in total already has over 19,000."
Author: Iain McGilchrist
2. "Once you can write an alphabet, you can write a book of 100 million pages. It's just a matter of believing it as possible, and taking the cross millimetre by millimetre."
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
3. "His eyes are huge and black. I think about desire. There are flickerings that occur, and we know very little about them. Millimetres of dilation are words in a language."
Author: Luke Davies
4. "Colonisation is violence, and there are many ways to carry out that violence. In addition to military and administrative chiefs and a veritable army of churchmen, the Belgians dispatched scientists to Rwanda. The scientists brought scales and measuring tapes and callipers, and they went about weighing Rwandans, measuring Rwandan cranial capacities, and conducting comparative analyses of the relative protuberance of Rwandan noses. Sure enough, the scientists found what they had believed all along. Tutsis had a ‘nobler', more ‘naturally' aristocratic dimensions than the ‘coarse' and ‘bestial' Hutus. On the ‘nasal index' for instance, the median Tutsi nose was found to be about two and a half millimetres longer and nearly five millimetres narrower than the median Hutu nose."
Author: Philip Gourevitch

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