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1. "My were insolent to a dragon? Please tell me that I misheard you just now."
Author: Aida Jacobs
2. "Thus, from admiration of one wise and innocent child, and from a misheard remark, the process that not even Aristotle could codify was triggered. Where do you get your ideas? I purposely mishear things."
Author: Harlan Ellison
3. "Laurel wondered whether perhaps a person reached an age when so much was kept from them, so many details of life discussed and decided elsewhere,misheard or misunderstood, that to be surprised was no longer disconcerting."
Author: Kate Morton
4. "How can a person expect to escape their destiny, Merry? That is the question."A silence, then a small, practical voice. "There's always the train, I guess."Juniper thought at first she'd misheard; she glanced at Meredith and realized that the child was completely serious."I mean, there are buses, too, but I think the train would be faster. A smoother ride, as well."
Author: Kate Morton
5. "Where's your dog?" Peter's voice came from within the gushing stream of water. Justin thought he must have misheard."Pardon?""Your dog.""Yes?""Isn't he with you today?" Justin looked at Peter."Ha bloody ha." Peter stuck his head out of the stream of water, features dripping. He smiled shyly. "I love greyhounds." Justin stared."My dog is imaginary.""Oh." Peter looked interested. "That's unusual." Justin put his head under the water. When he emerged, Peter was still looking at him."Less work," Peter offered, cheerily. "If the dog's imaginary, I mean. Not so much grooming, feeding, et cetera."
Author: Meg Rosoff
6. "Just got to fnafflebrump caddwallame, all right?" Edie says, and no one pays attention. She learned at Lady Gravely's that nonsense which can be misheard is a very good way to lie without getting caught. People just insert whatever they think you must be doing, and - having lied to themselves on your behalf - are disinclined to check up on you."
Author: Nick Harkaway
7. "If history starts as a guest list, it has a tendency to end like the memory of a drunken party: misheard, blurred, fragmentary."
Author: Sarah Churchwell

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