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1. "I locate a great deal of the power of Occupy Wall Street in the name itself, 'Occupy Wall Street,' or '#OccupyWallStreet.' It works because the name contains everything you need to know: the tactic and the target. The name is also modular. You can create your own offshoot in your own city."
Author: Dana Spiotta
2. "The idea of living there, of not having to go back ever again to asphalt and shopping malls and modular furniture; of living there with Charles and Camilla and Henry and Francis and maybe even Bunny; of no one marrying or going home or getting a job in a town a thousand miles away or doing any of the traitorous things friends do after college; of everything remaining exactly as it was, that instant - the idea was so truly heavenly that I'm not sure I thought, even then, it could ever really happen, but I like to believe I did."
Author: Donna Tartt
3. "Ketika kamu mempelajari sesuatu dalam konteks big map, dan berusaha memahaminya secara modular-modular, kemudian dalam proses memahami itu kamu menemukan bug demi bug, dan kamu semakin bersemangat untuk memperbaikinya, ya, saat itu kamu sudah menjadi pemenang."
Author: Franheit Sangapta
4. "The ego wants to rule, but the heart will quietly prevail." -Jennifer Ritchie Payette, co-author, "Modular Career Design"
Author: Jennifer Ritchie Payette
5. "By making offers Modular, the business can create and improve each offer in isolation, then mix and match offers as necessary to better serve their customers. It's like playing with LEGOS: once you have a set of pieces to work with, you can put them together in all sorts of interesting ways."
Author: Josh Kaufman

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