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1. "Except I'm aware that as a writer you can't get away with as much writing for children as you can with adults. Children have much more finely tuned senses of justice, morals, and ethics. They are much more Platonic: children are symmetrical, before we begin to fragment them with our own nonsensical ideas and squelch their natural joy in knowledge."
Author: Alan Bradley
2. "The novel is a penetrating study of morals and ethics."
Author: Bille August
3. "Good, capable individuals unconsciously and consciously guard and nurture themselves and their spirits every day in all sorts of choices, large and small. Just as their lives are never static, they are rarely if ever fractured. Their morals and ethics are never cut off from the whole of their evolving beings."
Author: Donald Van De Mark
4. "I stared at her in amazement. "How do you even live with yourself?"..."You're willing to sell children to a foreign government so they can be used as weapons, possibly against other Americans. I don't get it. Were you hiding behind a door on morals and ethics day?...You couldn't mother someone if they shot five gallons of estrogen into your veins."
Author: James Patterson
5. "Accepting evolution does not force us to jettison our morals and ethics, and rejecting evolution does not ensure their constancy."
Author: Michael Shermer

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Quotes About Morals And Ethics
Quotes About Morals And Ethics
Quotes About Morals And Ethics

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