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1. "Yes, I thought it was wonderful," he lied and looked away; the sight of her transfigured face was at once an accusation and an ironical reminder of his own separateness. He was as miserably isolated now as he had been when the service began ? more isolated by reason of his unreplenished emptiness, his dead satiety. Separate and unatoned, while the others were being fused into the Greater Being; alone even in Morgana's embrace ? much more alone, indeed, more hopelessly himself than he had ever been in his life before. He had emerged from that crimson twilight into the common electric glare with a self-consciousness intensified to the pitch of agony. He was utterly miserable, and perhaps (her shining eyes accused him), perhaps it was his own fault. "Quite wonderful," he repeated; but the only thing he could think of was Morgana's eyebrow."
Author: Aldous Huxley
2. "Impian sederhana yang bisa diwujudkan akan lebih baik dari pada sebuah impian yang megah & indah namun hanyalah fatamorgana."
Author: Faiz Triumph
3. "Once she exclaimed, "But I always thought that sorceresses were evil!""What do you mean 'evil'?"Lynet has never considered the question. "You know," she said, after a moment, "unfriendly to people.""People!" repeated Morgana derisively. "As if humans were all that mattered. Just once I'd like to see people judged by how friendly they are to sorceresses."
Author: Gerald Morris
4. "[Morgana to Janie]Now get out of my way, or finish life as a pile of cinders."
Author: L.J. Smith
5. "But we did it," said Alys. "We found Morgana and we helped her. How can you worry about detentions when life as we know it has just been saved?"
Author: L.J. Smith
6. "Perché? si chiese Morgana. Forse perché il mondo era quale lo credevano gli uomini? Nelle ultime generazioni gli uomini avevano imparato a credere che esistessero un solo Dio, un solo mondo, un solo modo di descrivere la realtà, e che quanto era estraneo a quel mondo appartenesse ai diavoli, e che il suono delle campane tenesse lontano il male...E più era numerosa la gente che lo credeva, più Avalon diventava un sogno alla deriva in un altro mondo quasi inaccessibile."
Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
7. "…Even the idea of a city never entered his mind. It was as if he had walked under the millimeter of haze just above the inked fibers of a map, that pure zone between land and chart, between distances and legends, between nature and storyteller. The place they had chosen to come to, to be their best selves, to be unconscious of ancestry. Here, apart from the sun compass and the odometer mileage, and the book, he was alone, his own invention. He knew during these times how the mirage worked, the fata morgana, for he was within it."
Author: Michael Ondaatje
8. "Don't pursue happiness!Life is as short as a sigh.The dust of people that were once famousturn with the reddish clay on the wheel you arelooking at. The universe is a fata morgana;life is a dream."
Author: Omar Khayyam
9. "Taking Morgana with it, the lightning arced back through the clouds; leaving behind nothing but the last echoing remains of her scream."
Author: Sam Whitehouse

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