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1. "I must bear it well as I may. As my sainted mother used to say, we never come to the kingdom of Heaven but by troubles."
Author: Alison Weir
2. "When you're the Woman Upstairs, nobody thinks of you first. Nobody calls you before anyone else, or sends you the first postcard. Once your mother dies, nobody loves you best of all. It's a small thing, you might think; and maybe it depends upon your temperament; maybe for some people it's a small thing. But for me, in that cul-de-sac outside Aunt Baby's, with my father and aunt done dissecting death and shuffling off to bed behind the crimson farmhouse door, preparing for morning mass as blameless as lambs and as lifeless as the slaughtered—I felt forsaken by hope. I felt I'd been seen, and seen clearly, and discarded, dropped back into the undiscriminated pile like a shell upon the shore."
Author: Claire Messud
3. "Well, young man," the judge began, what it biols down to this if the court so desires and if you belive that your home setting is undesirable... you may return and desire with your mother at your home residents"
Author: Dave Pelzer
4. "The mother tongue of politicians is that of ancient Babylon: a language designed to severely limit discourse within a tower of praise to elitism, a language carried on breath's reeking of the fecal matter from their paymasters"
Author: Dean Cavanagh
5. "Nelly's father was rich. Her mother was fabulous. She was reckless."
Author: Dora Okeyo
6. "They knew so well how it felt, that they kept one bed in the boys' room, and any man who came at dusk got his supper, to sleep there, and his breakfast, and there never was anything to pay. The girls always scolded dreadfully about the extra washing, but mother said she slept on sheets when she came out, and some one washed them."
Author: Gene Stratton Porter
7. "She thought of something her mother had told her when she'd finally broken up with one of her most dysfunctional boyfriends. When a man tells you he's going to hurt you, believe it. They always warn you and they're always right."
Author: Holly Black
8. "My mother can't have been magic, or she wouldn't have died", said Riddle"
Author: J.K. Rowling
9. "It wasn't like that, darlin'." [Darcy] said quickly. "I swear on my mother's soul it wasn't!"Bronte bit her lip, trying not to smile. "Your mother is still living, is she not?"Darcy grinned sheepishly. "Yes, but…just the same."
Author: Jaide Fox
10. "Dad, you played rounders with me, even though you hated it and wished I'd take up cricket. You learned how to keep a stamp collecion because I wanted to know. For hours you sat in hospitals and never, not once, complained. You brushed my hair like a mother should. You gave up work for me, friends for me, four years of your life for me. You never moaned. Hardly ever. You let me have Adam. You let me have my list. I was outrageous. Wanting, wanting so much. And you never said, 'That's enough. Stop now."
Author: Jenny Downham
11. "My mother didn't believe in germs but I did. Germs are something they made up to distract people from what they should really be worried about, she said. Germs are natural. It's the things people do you have to worry about."
Author: Joyce Maynard
12. "My mother says we're supposed to make mistakes. That's the way we learn." Rocky Ryan in Bully At Ambush Corner."
Author: Karen Mueller Coombs
13. "People over the age of thirty were born before the digital revolution really started. We've learned to use digital technology—laptops, cameras, personal digital assistants, the Internet—as adults, and it has been something like learning a foreign language. Most of us are okay, and some are even expert. We do e-mails and PowerPoint, surf the Internet, and feel we're at the cutting edge. But compared to most people under thirty and certainly under twenty, we are fumbling amateurs. People of that age were born after the digital revolution began. They learned to speak digital as a mother tongue."
Author: Ken Robinson
14. "That was a weird thought. My straight-up mother being bothered by faeries? Delia was even weirder. I could picture the scene. Faerie: Come away, human. Delia: Why? Faerie: Untold delights and youth forever. Delia: I'm holding out for a better offer. Ta."
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
15. "???? ??????? ????, ???? ???? ?????? ????? ???? ????, ????? ???? ????????Victory to you, O Mahakali! - To you Victory,The primordial source of all beings - Victory!The formidable-looking goddess - To you Victory,Renowned as the mother of the world - Victory!"
Author: Munindra Misra
16. "When they got to Food 4 Less, Richie waited in the truck while everybody else went in. As soon as they were inside, Eleanor put the wadded-up fifty in her mother's hand. Her mother didn't thank her."
Author: Rainbow Rowell
17. "My dear dead mother wanted me to go into an honorable trade, like grave robbing. Would I listen? No. Be an assassin, like your uncle Gustav, she said. Would I pay heed? No. Apprentice to the Necromancer?"
Author: Raymond E. Feist
18. "Coonskin caps and silly putty were just not going to cut it anymore. The good mother got her kids toys that were educational, that advanced gross and fine motor skills, that gave them the spatial sensibilities and design aptitude of Frank Lloyd Wright, and that taught Johnny how to read James Joyce at age three. God forbid that one second should pass where your child was idle and that you were not doing everything you could to promote his or her emotional, cognitive, imaginative, quantitative, or muscular development."
Author: Susan Douglas
19. "Your mother was the love of my life. Not everyone gets to have that. I did. Yes, I miss her, but I'm happier being alone and missing her than pretending not to miss her while being with someone else. Does that ridiculous statement make sense?" "Yes.""Good."
Author: Tracy Guzeman
20. "I value mothers and motherhood enormously. For every inattentive or abusive mother in my fiction I think you'll find a dozen or so who are neither."
Author: William Trevor

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