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1. "Well, I called him and I said, Mr. Wright, what can I do? Universal offered me a contract $300 a week. He says take it. You'll never get that money from me."
Author: Anthony Quinn
2. "She sort of tilted he head and looked up at me. "You? With someone from the University?""Yeah," I said. "You'd never of thought it would you? His name's Larry, and he's really clever. He's professor. History of Art. he likes Charlie Chaplin.""I bet he does! How on earth did you two meet?"I thought of what Larry said when Mrs. Cartwright asked, so I said, "Through art."
Author: J.L. Merrow
3. "Mrs. Lynde says Mrs. Wrights grandfather stole a sheep but Marilla says we mustent speak ill of the dead. Why mustent we, Anne? I want to know. It's pretty safe ain't it?"
Author: L.M. Montgomery

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Quotes About Mr Wright
Quotes About Mr Wright

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Se preguntó a sí misma si me quería, y yo, yo no podía saber nada sobre este punto. Tras otro momento de silencio murmuró que yo era extraño, que sin duda me amaba por eso mismo, pero que quizás un día le repugnaría por las mismas razones"
Author: Albert Camus

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