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1. "What you see with your eyes when you're making music is going to have a profound effect on what you hear."
Author: Andrew Bird
2. "Why is it that so many people start to value money so much that they trade in most of the hours and years of their life in order to get it?"
Author: Andy Couturier
3. "I remember a moment when the Prince went back to his old school, Grammar School in Melbourne, and slightly to his horror his old music teacher produced a cello."
Author: Anthony Holden
4. "Umut gerçegin reddedilisidir , kosmaya devam etmesi için atin burnunun ucunda sallandirdiklari havuçtan ibarettir."
Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
5. "I think in the bullpen you can tell during your warmups, if you have a good feel for it. But anything can happen once you get into a game. Sometimes you just wind up throwing it better than ever before one day without knowing why."
Author: Barry Zito
6. "Learn your instrument. Be honest. Don't do anything phony. There is so much crap floating around. There is plenty of room for a bit of honest writing."
Author: Christine McVie
7. "Many believe that they must discover their purpose for living, that life is about purpose. But, in truth, life is purpose. Meaning is found in the fact of life itself. So many people try to find fulfillment in what they do, instead of who they are and who I am."
Author: Dale Fife
8. "Death seems to provide the minds of the Anglo-Saxon race with a greater fund of amusement than any other single subject."
Author: Dorothy L. Sayers
9. "I'm an example of someone who never made it to university. I did have this dream to be a musician. I felt that this dream had an expiration date."
Author: Eddie Vedder
10. "We improve ourselves by victory over our self. There must be contests, and you must win."
Author: Edward Gibbon
11. "I have reached far beyond my competence and have probably secured for good a reputation for flamboyant gestures. But the times still crowd me and give me no rest, and I see no way to avoid ambitious synthetic attempts; either we get some kind of grip on the accumulation of thought or we continue to wallow helplessly, to starve amidst plenty. So I gamble with science and write."
Author: Ernest Becker
12. "I thought I was so much smarter than everybody. And I'm not."
Author: Ethan Hawke
13. "El azar ordena al mundo más a fondo de lo que suponemos."
Author: Francesc Miralles
14. "Like other spiritual fruit, joy must be cultivated."
Author: George Foster
15. "That which concerns everyone must also be discussed and approved by everyone."
Author: Guy Verhofstadt
16. "Think about the photo before and after, never during. The secret is to take your time. You mustn't go too fast. The subject must forget about you. Then, however, you must be very quick."
Author: Henri Cartier Bresson
17. "The unawakened mind tends to make war against the way things are. To follow a path with heart, we must understand the whole process of making war within ourselves and without, how it begins and how it ends. War's roots are in ignorance. Without understanding we can easily become frightened by life's fleeting changes, the inevitable losses, disappointments, the insecurity of our aging and death. Misunderstanding leads us to fight against life, running from pain or grasping at security and pleasures that by their nature can never be satisfying."
Author: Jack Kornfield
18. "My mum is a school teacher and my dad is an electrician."
Author: Jai Courtney
19. "He could not blame the Army, Angelo could blame the Army; Angelo hated the Army. But he didnt hate the Army, not even now. He remembered what Maureen had told him once that it was the system that was at fault. But he could not even blame the system, because the system was not anything, it was only a kind of accumulation of everybody, and you could not blame everybody, not unless you wanted the blame to become diluted into a meaningless term, a just nothing. Besides, this system here in this country was the best system the world had ever produced, wasnt it? This system was by far and above the best system anywhere else in the world today. He felt if he did not find somebody to blame pretty soon he would hate everybody."
Author: James Jones
20. "Who am I? I am who I say I am and tomorrow someone else entirely. You are too nostalgic, you want memory to secure you, console you. The past is a bore. What matters is only oneself and what one creates from what one has learned. Imagination uses what it needs and discards the rest— where you want to erect a museum. Don't hoard the past, Astrid. Don't cherish anything. Burn it. The artist is the phoenix who burns to emerge."
Author: Janet Fitch
21. "The work my mum does, a lot of it is re-housing homeless people, that's a real job. I play make-believe and dressing up for a living!"
Author: Jeremy Irvine
22. "Ruger was over six feet tall, roped with muscle and annoyingly handsome in an I'm-probably-a-murderer-but-I've-got-dimples-and-a-tight-ass-so-you'll-still-lust-after-me kind of way."
Author: Joanna Wylde
23. " now you know my eyes are green - because of my shirt? You never looked into my soul to know how much in me is green..."
Author: John Geddes
24. "Well, one of the best things is workin' with Muddy."
Author: Johnny Winter
25. "Some of the music I listen to is pop. I sing it in the shower - and then for public consumption."
Author: Kathleen Battle
26. "He must have seen her shock, because he said, "You can't defeat the power of the book. But you can make it work for you."
Author: Kristine Grayson
27. "Everyone's hip to the fact that we all do things to accentuate our looks - and it's much more accepted."
Author: Kyan Douglas
28. "As technology breaks down the physical barriers of college campuses, the extraordinary intellectual capital of the educator community is becoming available to anyone committed to learning - regardless of age, income or location."
Author: Laura Arrillaga Andreessen
29. "When the examination was over, the doctor looked at his watch, and then Praskovya Fyodorovna informed Ivan Ilyich that it must of course be as he liked, but she had sent today for a celebrated doctor, and that he would examine him, and have a consultation with Mihail Danilovich (that was the name of his regular doctor). 'Don't oppose it now, please. This I'm doing entirely for my own sake,' she said ironically, meaning it to be understood that she was doing it all for his sake, and was only saying this to give him no right to refuse her request. He lay silent, knitting his brows. He felt that he was hemmed in by such a tangle of falsity that it was hard to disentangle anything from it. Everything she did for him was entirely for her own sake, and she told him she was doing for her own sake what she actually was doing for her own sake as something so incredible that he would take it as meaning the opposite."
Author: Leo Tolstoy
30. "I am only a dead Sciomancer, but I must warn you of fire and kisses."
Author: Lita Burke
31. "Everything in Formula 1 has been sterilised now, the whole thing is controlled too much."
Author: Nigel Mansell
32. "Bu adam,' diye düsündüm, 'okula gitmedigi için beyni bozulmamis. Çok seyler yapip çok seyler görmüs ve çekmis; açilmis, kalbi ilkel cesaretini kaybetmeden genislemis. Bizim için dalli budakli ve çözülmez olan bütün sorunlari o, hemsehrisi Büyük Iskender gibi bir kiliç vurusuyla çözüveriyor. Onun açik vermesi zordur. Çünkü tabanlarindan basina kadar, bütünüyle topraga dayaniyor. Afrika vahsileri yilana tapar, çünkü bütün vücutlari topraga deger ve böylece topragin bütün sirlarini bilirler. Bu sirlara karni, kuyrugu, edep yeri ve basiyla varmistir o. Biz okumuslar, havadaki sersem kuslar gibiyiz."
Author: Nikos Kazantzakis
33. "I He did not wear his scarlet coat, For blood and wine are red, And blood and wine were on his hands When they found him with the dead, The poor dead woman whom he loved, And murdered in her bed. He walked amongst the Trial"
Author: Oscar Wilde
34. "If you aren't living on the edge you're taking up too much room. Anon."
Author: Pamela Eglinski
35. "I love Philip Glass' work, not only as a film composer but also as a musician. The film score work that he does always amazes and shocks me."
Author: Park Chan Wook
36. "...They are merely scars, not mortal wounds and you must use them to propel you forward."
Author: Peter David
37. "Genocide, after all, is an exercise in community building."
Author: Philip Gourevitch
38. "Akulah Hanumanmusuhku yang abadiadalah diriku."
Author: Rahimidin Zahari
39. "But in order to really see it, the truth, I have to admit how much I'm hated. And who wants to think they're worthy of that much anger? To be despised so much... to have someone wish you never existed. ~ Emma"
Author: Rebecca Donovan
40. "Richard Wagner, a musician who wrote music which is better than it sounds."
Author: Richard Wagner
41. "¿Menores?¿Menores? Seguro.Menores y a la vez mayores.Apenas si han visto nada de la vida y ya han visto demasiado.Una está ungida por la vida y la otra está ungida por la muerte...pero es por ellas por quien te preocupas?Preocúpate por ti, dhampir.Preocúpate por ti y preocúpate por mi nosotros somos los menores"
Author: Richelle Mead
42. "If all music did was bring the past alive, that would be fine. You can hide away in music and let it recapture memories of things that used to be. But music is greedy and it wants more of your heart than that. It demands the future, your future. Music wants the rest of your life. So you can't rest easy. At any moment, a song can come out of nowhere to shake you up, jump-start your emotions, ruin your life."
Author: Rob Sheffield
43. "Where there is not community, trust, respect, ethical behavior are difficult for the young to learn and for the old to maintain."
Author: Robert K. Greenleaf
44. "The Headlights lit the path we were traveling down, but only so far. After that, the world was dark and empty, full of possibility and uncertainty...much like the paths of our own lives."
Author: S.C. Stephens
45. "I am in a business that's built on record sales and reputation and how your single is doing and where your song is on iTunes. But the kind of music that I do comes from my beliefs."
Author: Steven Curtis Chapman
46. "Hocking was slender in the way that writers and musicians are sometimes slender: not out of any desire or design but rather because his days were spent being consumed rather than consuming."
Author: Tom Bissell
47. "The food pyramid is very complicated. It doesn't give you as much info in a quick glance as the plate does."
Author: Tom Vilsack
48. "Children don't run around outside as much as they did. They sit in front of computer games."
Author: Toyo Ito
49. "Pride is a human nature and it's good for people to be proud of themselves, achievements, etc. but too much of anything is not healthy. Humble is pride exhibited through humility, so be humble and prideful about being humble."
Author: Uzoma Nnadi
50. "I will not choose what many men desire,Because I will not jump with common spiritsAnd rank me with the barbarous multitudes"
Author: William Shakespeare

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