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1. "Gardens come and go, but I find myself getting attached to certain perennials. My tulips are bridesmaids, with fat faces and good posture. Hollyhocks are long necked sisters. Daffodils are young girls running out of a white church, sun shining on their heads. Peonies are pink-haired ladies, so full and stooped you have to tie them up with string. And roses are nothing but (I hate to say it) bitches--pretty show-offs who'll draw blood if you don't handle them just right. -Vangie Galliard Nepper, From her "Garden Diary," March 1952"
Author: Michael Lee West
2. "HIDEOUS! Sorry, Mom, but vomit green is NOT my colour. And that dress is impossible to walk in! It's so tight around my legs that it looks like a giant fish tail. While the other bridesmaids walked gracefully to the "Wedding March" song, I flopped my way down the aisle like a human-sized catfish or something! Those rug burns were pure agony! It was getting late and I was running out of time! The last thing I wanted to do was to traumatise Brandon by showing up at the dance looking like a MUTANT FISH GIRL or something. Right now I'm SO frustrated that I'm seriously considering just NOT going to the dance. Why is my life so hopelessly CRUDDY?!"
Author: Rachel Renée Russell

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«Non cattiva» replicò Fermín. «Idiota. È ben diverso. La malvagità presuppone un certo spessore morale, forza di volontà e intelligenza. L'idiota invece non si sofferma a ragionare, obbedisce all'istinto, come un animale nella stalla, convinto di agire in nome del bene e di avere sempre ragione. Si sente orgoglioso in quanto può rompere le palle, con licenza parlando, a tutti coloro che considera diversi, per il colore della pelle, perché hanno altre opinioni, perché parlano un'altra lingua, perché non sono nati nel suo paese o, come nel caso di don Federico, perché non approva il loro modo di divertirsi. Nel mondo c'è bisogno di più gente cattiva e di meno rimbambiti.»"
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