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1. "When I was 6 years old, I was in a rock band that was horrible called 'Dead End.' The name kind of described us. People liked us; we would go and perform at coffee houses and stuff."
Author: Aaron Carter
2. "Since 9/11, the U.S. government has sent over $23 billion to states and cities in the name of homeland security. Almost none of that money has gone toward intelli­gently enrolling regular people like you and me in the cause. Why don't we tell people what to do when the nation is on Orange Alert against a terrorist attack—in­stead of just telling them to be afraid?"
Author: Amanda Ripley
3. "I can't really even name a person I like in hip-hop music."
Author: Angel Haze
4. "But the last one: the baby who trails her scent like a flag of surrender through your life when there will be no more coming after - oh, that's love by a different name. She is the babe you hold in your arms for an hour after she's gone to sleep. If you put her down in the crib, she might wake up changed and fly away. So instead you rock my the window, drinking the light from her skin, breathing her exhaled dreams. Your heart bays to the double crescent moons of closed lashes on her cheeks. She's the one you can't put down."
Author: Barbara Kingsolver
5. "All names will soon be restored to their proper owners."
Author: C.S. Lewis
6. "TEAI like pouring your tea, liftingthe heavy pot, and tipping it up,so the fragrant liquid streams in your china cup.Or when you're away, or at work,I like to think of your cupped hands as you sip,as you sip, of the faint half-smile of your lips.I like the questions – sugar? – milk? –and the answers I don't know by heart, yet,for I see your soul in your eyes, and I forget.Jasmine, Gunpowder, Assam, Earl Grey, Ceylon,I love tea's names. Which tea would you like? I saybut it's any tea for you, please, any time of day,as the women harvest the slopesfor the sweetest leaves, on Mount Wu-Yi,and I am your lover, smitten, straining your tea."
Author: Carol Ann Duffy
7. "Valentine!""You mean father. I despise this modern habit of calling one's parents by their names.""What I want to call you is a hell of a lot more unprintable than your name."- Clary Fray and Valentine Morgenstern (City of Ashes)"
Author: Cassandra Clare
8. "Hey, manager... Some kid must have left his glove here... It has his name on it... See? Right here... Willie Mays... He wrote his name on his glove, see? Poor kid... He's probably been looking all over for it... We should have a lost and found. I don't know any kid around here named Willie Mays, do you? How are we gonna get it back to him? He was pretty smart putting his name on his glove this way, though... It's funny, I just don't remember any kid by that name...""Look at your own glove.""What?""Look at your own glove... There's a name on it...""Babe Ruth... Well, I'll be! How in the world do you suppose I got her glove?!"
Author: Charles M. Schulz
9. "My love has placed her little hand With noble faith in mine, And vowed that wedlock's sacred band Our nature shall entwine.My love has sworn, with sealing kiss, With me to live -- to die;I have at last my nameless bliss: As I love -- loved am I!"
Author: Charlotte Brontë
10. "Perfect! Now we're being chased by hoards of monkeys! Perhaps you would care to name their species as we're attacked, just so I can appreciate the special traits of said monkey as it kills me!""At least when the monkeys are harassing you, you dont have any time to harass me!"
Author: Colleen Houck
11. "That was really cool. I got to kiss a little boy. I was 7 and he was 10, and his name is Thomas Curtis. He was the first boy I've ever kissed in my entire life and he was three years older than me."
Author: Dakota Fanning
12. "I hadn't gone to Andover, or Horace Mann or Eton. My high school had been the average kind, and I'd been the best student there. Such was not the case at Eli. Here, I was surrounded by geniuses. I'd figured out early in my college career that there were people like Jenny and Brandon and Lydia and Josh—truly brilliant, truly luminous, whose names would appear in history books that my children and grandchildren would read, and there were people like George and Odile—who through beauty and charm and personality would make the cult of celebrity their own. And then there were people like me. People who, through the arbitrary wisdom of the admissions office, might share space with the big shots for four years, might be their friends, their confidantes, their associates, their lovers—but would live a life well below the global radar. I knew it, and over the years, I'd come to accept it.And I understood that it didn't make them any better than me."
Author: Diana Peterfreund
13. "It was many and many a year ago,In a kingdom by the sea,That a maiden there lived whom you may knowBy the name of ANNABEL LEE;And this maiden she lived with no other thoughtThan to love and be loved by me"
Author: Edgar Allan Poe
14. "She gave thanks for the grace that pours down when you least expect it-and wasn't that just another name for love?"
Author: Elaine Hussey
15. "I'd spent my life searching for something I couldn't name.And as I drowned in the torrential flow of conflicting desires, caught in the relentless roar of water, earth, blood, and war, I reached out - wildly, desperately - and found it with him."
Author: Emma Raveling
16. "Jedne je veceri došla kasnije nego obicno. Bio sam legao. Brzo sam navukao prve gace koje su mi se našle pod rukom. Ispostavilo se da su me baš te gace, od svih koje sam imao, najviše izdavale. Lastiša oko butina skoro i nije bilo – prakticno sam bio u suknji. Sve vreme sam morao dobro da pazim da sedim u odredenom položaju i da ne ustajem naglo. Ipak mi se cinilo da bi još nesrecnije rešenje bilo obuci pantalone. Ona bi to naime protumacila kao signal da može da ostane, da uopšte nemam nameru da spavam i da je i moja noc bez kraja i konca.Shvatio sam koliko je ta odluka bila ispravna, i u istom trenutku uvideo da je razlika izmedu coveka u gacama i coveka u pantalonama ogromna, skoro nepojmljiva.U pantalonama si spreman za sve. Nijedan poduhvat nije nezamisliv. U gacama si pak slobodan. Coveka u gacama je, na primer, teško usred noci pozvati u šetnju, što me od nje inace uopšte ne bi iznenadilo."
Author: Erlend Loe
17. "That's my Middle West-not the wheat or the prairies or the lost Swede towns, but the thrilling returning trains of my youth, and the street lamps and sleigh bells in the frosty dark and the shadows of holly wreaths thrown by lighted windows on the snow. I am part of that, a little solemn with the feel of those long winters, a little complacent from growing up in the Carraway house in a city where dwellings are still called through decades by a family's name."
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
18. "True prayer is only another name for the love of God. Its excellence does not consist in the multitude of our words; for our Father knoweth what things we have need of before we ask Him. The true prayer is that of the heart, and the heart prays only for what it desires. To pray, then is to desire -- but to desire what God would have us desire. He who asks what he does not from the bottom of his heart desire, is mistaken in thinking that he prays."
Author: François Fénelon
19. "First, there is the bare beauty of the logs themselves with their long lines and firm curves. Then there is the open charm felt of the structural features which are not hidden under plaster and ornament, but are clearly revealed, a charm felt in Japanese architecture."
Author: Gustav Stickley
20. "It's never an insult to be called what somebody thinks is a bad name. It just shows you how poor that person is, it doesn't hurt you."
Author: Harper Lee
21. "You're looking for players whose name on the front of the sweater is more important than the one on the back. I look for these players to play hard, to play smart and to represent their country."
Author: Herb Brooks
22. "My name is Davis Davis. And don't call me Mr. Davis! How would you like it if I called you Mr. Archibald, or whatever your first name is?"
Author: Jarod Kintz
23. "What was it Harry used to say? Intuition is only the sum of many small but specific things the brain hasn't managed to put a name to yet."
Author: Jo Nesbø
24. "And though I remember her name I cannot recall her face. All things pass."
Author: John Christopher
25. "Path is only a name for a place where you find yourself. Where you're going on it is only a story. Where you've been on it is only another. Some of the stories are pleasant ones; some are not. That's dark and light."
Author: John Crowley
26. "He's always had a nameless, unanchored longing; and when, at critical points in his life, a period of intense longing coincided with the appearance of a suitable object, he fell for it head over heels, and believed he had discovered a great passion. Poetry, friendship, work, women - each at one time he'd held to be the center of his life. But since the origin of his passion was internal, the chosen objects couldn't hold him long; and he had to feed his yearning with yet more loss. The deepening spiral could not end well for him..."
Author: Josephine Humphreys
27. "My name is Skippito Friskito. (clap-clap)I fear not a single bandito. (clap-clap)My manners are mellow,I'm sweet like the Jell-o,I get the job done, yes indeed-o. (clap-clap)"
Author: Judy Schachner
28. "My older brother, Lucas, is twenty and away at college.""Those are pretty normal names.""Normal?""No Chets or Wellingtons or anything."He raises one eyebrow. "Do you know any Wellingtons?""Of course not, but you probably do.""No, actually I don't."
Author: Kasie West
29. "Derek? Derek!""Chloe! What are you doing out here? I said we will check it out later. Key word WE""Oh, yeah I decided to come out on my own. Thats why i was calling your name repeatively"
Author: Kelley Armstrong
30. "That Damon Matthews," Linda spat. "You know, take one letter out of his name and it spells ‘ damn' as in ‘damn, that kid's a worthless sonovabitch'."
Author: Kristen Ashley
31. "Do you know, Mrs. Allan, I'm thankful for friendship. It beautifies life so much." "True friendship is a very helpful thing indeed," said Mrs. Allan, "and we should have a very high ideal of it , and never sully it by any failure in truth and sincerity. I fear the name of friendship is often degraded to a kind of intimacy that had nothing of real friendship in it."
Author: L.M. Montgomery
32. "Existence is beyond the power of wordsTo define:Terms may be usedBut are none of them absolute.In the beginning of heaven and earth there were no words,Words came out of the womb of matter;And whether a man dispassionatelySees to the core of lifeOr passionatelySees the surface,The core and the surfaceAre essentially the same,Words making them seem differentOnly to express appearance.If name be needed, wonder names them both:From wonder into wonderExistence opens."
Author: Lao Tzu
33. "You named your son's pet after a rabid monster dog?" "No," Thanatos growled. "Wraith did. Bastard taught the pup to respond to Cujo, and we couldn't get him to respond to anything else after that."
Author: Larissa Ione
34. "The hallway was lined with numbered doors, odd numbers on one side and even numbers on the other, and large ornamental vases, too large to hold flowers and too small to hold spies."
Author: Lemony Snicket
35. "We ain't anything more than a name and some likes and some distastes, and a story we tell about ourselves.' And what others say about us."
Author: M.T. Anderson
36. "This was a conversation I had with a so-called-fellow-trekkie the other day:''So Picard or Kirk?'' I asked.''What?''''Star Trek...''''Oh, Kirk.''''Why?''''I like the name better.''I could have slammed his head against the table."
Author: Melanie Kay Taylor
37. "That's Pete Seeger,' Joy said, indicating the snake with a nod. 'Baker beaned 'im, Dad stuffed 'im, and I named 'im."
Author: Mohja Kahf
38. "Fear not, brothers and sisters, God, who is full of grace and abounding in steadfast love, meets us in our sin and transforms us for God's glory and the healing of God's world. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, your sins are forgiven, be now at peace."
Author: Nadia Bolz Weber
39. "Always know what they want to hear - not just what everyone knew they wanted to hear but what they didn't even dare name to themselves. Show them the pattern. Give them permission to do what they wanted all along."
Author: Nicola Griffith
40. "I do not think you can name many great inventions that have been made by married men."
Author: Nikola Tesla
41. "Experience is merely the name men gave to their mistakes."
Author: Oscar Wilde
42. "Amal: It isn't sad. When they shut me in here first I felt the day was so long. Since the King's Post Office I like it more and more being indoors, and as I think I shall get a letter one day, I feel quite happy and then I don't mind being quiet and alone. I wonder if I shall make out what'll be in the King's letter?Gaffer: Even if you didn't wouldn't it be enough if it just bore your name?"
Author: Rabindranath Tagore
43. "So that was creepy as all get-out."I shivered. "No lie. Captain Mood Swing totally gives demons a bad name, which is quite an accomplishment."But Jenna shook her head. "It wasn't him. Well,I mean, it was him, but not just him. It was the Council members. Did you see how weird they were with Nick and Daisy? Nick looked like he was seconds from blowing us all away, and no one said anything. And that stuff about changing his room?""Makes sense that they're scared of him," I said. "I'm a demon and I'm scared of him."
Author: Rachel Hawkins
44. "And if we don't have a test, what we may end up doing is going back to what this country has done before. We could use social class and we still do, but in the 50s, it was, do you have the right last name and are your parents in privileged positions?"
Author: Robert Sternberg
45. "All names disappear. Children should be taught that in elementary school. But we're afraid to teach them."
Author: Roberto Bolaño
46. "My feet ain't got nothing to do with my nickname, but when folks get it in their heads that a feller's got big feet, soon the feet start looking big."
Author: Satchel Paige
47. "A name isn't important. It doesn't make you, you make it."
Author: Sean DeLauder
48. "You definitely have the voice for phone sex, but I've got to go. I have a date with my vibrator.""Oh, Eva." Cross spoke my name in a decadent purr. "You're determined to drive me to my knees, aren't you? What will it take to talk you into a threesome with B.O.B."
Author: Sylvia Day
49. "I speculate over some of the Anglo nomenclature of birds: Wilson's snipe, Forster's tern . . . : What natural images do these names conjure up in our minds? What integrity do we give back to the birds with our labels."
Author: Terry Tempest Williams
50. "The head of a ship however has not always an immediate relation to her name, at least in the British navy."
Author: William Falconer

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