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1. "Our nannas are losers."
Author: Barbara Park
2. "Nobody writes down stories." [Ananna]"They do when they're trapped at sea and bored senseless." [Naji]"
Author: Cassandra Rose Clarke
3. "You!" I shouted. "What's wrong with you?"He blinked at me."I thought you got turned into a fern.""Oh. Oh, Ananna, I'm sorry I didn't think-"
Author: Cassandra Rose Clarke
4. "What stopped you? Why didn't you help her?" [Naji] "Cause you're my friend," I said. [Ananna]All the hardness in his features melted away. "Oh."
Author: Cassandra Rose Clarke
5. "You independent women these days don't need to play by the old rules anymore. Embrace it. Chase your man. But be sensible.' (Daisy's Nanna, 'Friendship on Fire', p. 400)"
Author: Danielle Weiler
6. "They say the people most affected by the credit crunch are pensioners - well, let go of the handbag then, Nanna."
Author: Jimmy Carr
7. "PR guys get paid to make people believe that a pile of shit is an investment in soil fertility. Professional liars.""Ah!" Manannan's expression lit with comprehension. "They are politicians?"
Author: Kevin Hearne
8. "I Keep a Wholesome Table." Manannan Mac Lir"
Author: Kevin Hearne
9. "Why do you want to do this?" he asked curiously. "Why is this woman so important to you?"Saint-Germain blinked in surprise. "Have you ever loved anyone?" he asked."Yes," Tamnuz said cautiously, "I had a consort once, Inanna...""But did you love her? Truly love her?"The Green Man remained silent."Did she mean more to you than life itself?" Saint-Germain persisted."They do not love that do not show their love," Shakespeare murmured very softly.The French immortal stepped closer to the Elder. "I love my Jeanne," he said simply. "I must go to her.""Even though it will cost you everything?" Tamnuz persisted, as if the idea was incomprehensible."Yes. Without Joan, everything I have is worthless.""Even your immortality?""Especially my immortality." Gone were the banter and the jokes. This was a Saint-Germain whom neither Shakespeare nor Palamedes had ever seen before. "I love her," he said,"
Author: Michael Scott
10. "Introduction to bits. Things are going up on the curb, every few months. Maybe. Bottle of the inside of the lines of the landing, not as we can set of brightness. But the houses get repayed, man. Anywhere. There's nowhere else to be late at a number of me? But it's visible from the house. It's early evening, but it crackles and perhaps they own. It means that perhaps the result of bubbly waiting for a few moments. I have to flinch at the forthcoming disaster strikes. Nathan: He travels. While most of the hoarded seconds of the moon given flesh. Inanna is that they own. That which does the theme afterwards. They become bitter. Not a level on a few moments I see. Thank you. Yeah. Arty stuff."
Author: Neil Gaiman
11. "Vi er alt krek som lever langs breddene, langs elvestrendene. Vi fyller nettene. Vi er alle svarte små skjolddyr lenger inne på land – vi som har små hol å krype inn i når steinane over oss blir vende rundt. Vi er alle som borar i slammet når straumen botnfell. Vi borar i sakene og lever uendeleg. Vi er der nede og der inne som lyset ikkje når, vi har vårt eige lys, vi kravlar forbi einannan med lysa våre, og kravlar vidare einsame i stort mørker."
Author: Tarjei Vesaas

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