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1. "Loki," I said."Hey, Princess." He smiled dazedly as he looked up at me. "What's wrong?""Nothing." I smiled and shook my head. "Not anymore.""What's this?" He took my hair and held it out so i could see. A curl near the front had gone completely silver. "I take a nap, and you go gray?""You didn't take a nap." I laughed. "Don't you remember what happened?"He furrowed his brow, trying to remember, and understanding flashed in his eyes. "I remember..." Loki touched my face. "I remember that I love you." I bent down, kissing him full on the mouth, and he held me to him."
Author: Amanda Hocking
2. "A criminal sketch of Christon a diner napkin-'Poet Prophets"
Author: Amber Koneval
3. "A gondolat, hogy nem kell feltétlenül kövérnek lennünk – hogy változtathatunk rajta –, a legtávolibb és legidegenebb kilátás. Kövérek vagyunk, és mindig is azok leszünk, és soha, de soha nem beszélhetünk róla, punktum. Mint Harry Potter Teszlek Süvegje. Mi a „kövéret" húztuk a kalapból, és azok is maradunk halálunk napjáig. A kövérek közé tartozunk. Ez a mi fajtánk. A mi üzemmódunk."
Author: Caitlin Moran
4. "But behind each player sttod a line of ghosts unable to win. Eve. Ashputtel. Marilyn Monroe. rapunzel slashing wildly at her hair. Bessie Smith unloved and down and out. Bluebeard's wives, Henry VIII's, Snow White cursing the day she left the seven dwarves, Diana, Princess of Wales. The Sheepish Beast came in with a tray of schnapps at the end of the game and we stood for the toast -"fay wray"- then tossed our fiery drinks to the back of our crimson throats. Bad girls. Serious ladies. Mourning our dead."
Author: Carol Ann Duffy
5. "I was dozing on the sand, drowsy from the heat of the fire, when Naji shook me awake hours later. I rolled over and looked at him. "You're alive," he said. "Course I'm alive," I snapped. "You're the one who keeps passing out."
Author: Cassandra Rose Clarke
6. "Can you believe the man rhymed 'Rumplestiltskin' with 'crumpled napkins'?"
Author: Christopher Healy
7. "I think that my interpretation of Italian was a lot more southern than what my husband cooks. You know, I grew up in Queens and in Brooklyn, and we - really, it's more southern. It's Naples and Sicily. It's heavier. It's over-spiced. And like most Americans, I thought spaghetti and meatballs was genius."
Author: Debi Mazar
8. "Fine!' she snapped, the desperation to have him growing exponentially now. 'I missed you. Only you. No man could ever make me feel like you do. I'm ruined for all others. I renamed all my vibrators after you and none of them get me off like you can. Happy now?'His eyes glazed for a second. '*All* your vibrators?'-Convicted"
Author: Dee Tenorio
9. "- Wydaje mi sie, ciociu, ze oni chcieliby widziec ten szpital innym, niz naprawde jest. Jakby czlowiek przychodzil do szpitala tylko po to, zeby wyzdrowiec. A przeciez przychodzi sie tutaj takze po to, zeby umrzec.- Masz racje, Oskarze. Mysle zreszta, ze popelnia sie ten sam blad w stosunku do zycia w ogóle. Zapominamy, ze zycie jest kruche, delikatne, ze nie trwa wiecznie. Zachowujemy sie wszyscy, jakbysmy byli niesmiertelni."
Author: Éric Emmanuel Schmitt
10. "Különben ne kicsinyeld le azt az érzést, hogy szeretsz valakit. Kevés emberrel esett meg az a szerencse, hogy megszeretett valakit. Te eddig nem ismerted a szerelmet, most meg az öledbe hullt. Mindegy, hogy holnapig vagy holnaputánig, vagy életed végéig tart ez az érzés Maríával, mindenképp a legnagyobb dolog, ami az emberrel történhetik. Mindig lesznek emberek, akik azt hiszik, hogy nincs szerelem, mert ok nem ismerték meg."
Author: Ernest Hemingway
11. "Is that what death would feel like? The nicest, warmest, heaviest never-ending nap? If that's what it's like, I wouldn't mind."
Author: Gayle Forman
12. "The stranger did not go to church, and indeed made no difference between Sunday and the irreligious days, even in costume. He worked, as Mrs. Hall thought, very fitfully. Some days he would come down early and be continuously busy. On others he would rise late, pace his room, fretting audibly for hours together, smoke, sleep in the armchair by the fire. Communication with the world beyond the village he had none. His temper continued very uncertain; for the most part his manner was that of a man suffering under almost unendurable provocation, and once or twice things were snapped, torn, crushed, or broken in spasmodic gusts of violence. He seemed under a chronic irritation of the greatest intensity. His habit of talking to himself in a low voice grew steadily upon him, but though Mrs. Hall listened conscientiously she could make neither head nor tail of what she heard."
Author: H.G. Wells
13. "We still have your watch.You can have it back tonight.All you need to do is sneak up after dinner, set the tower, and flee the country. Agreed?Azalea burned with embarrassment as Bramble folded the napkin around the pencil and passed it to Lord Bradford with the rolls. Lord Bradford took it and unfolded it in his lap.His dark eyebrows rose a fraction of an inch. Then he folded the napkin and placed it under his plate. Bramble's yellow-green eyes narrowed."
Author: Heather Dixon
14. "Bramble had taken another pencil from Delphinium, and Azalea's napkin, and wrote something new.You're afraid of the King. Admit it.Azalea grimaced at her untouched food, burning in humiliation as Lord Bradford took the napkin and read it. This time, he looked to be discreetly writing something back beneath the table.Fairweller blinked at the King for a moment, in which Lord Bradford handed Bramble her napkin. She opened it and turned a rosy pink.My lady, it read,who isn't?Bramble pursed her lips and kicked Lord Bradford beneath the table-hard. His face twitched befre regaining its solemn expression.Azalea buried her face in her hands."All we ask is for you to consider it. That is all," said Fairweller."Oh." Lord Bradford's voice was slightly strangled. "Yes. Thank you."Bramble threw the pencil-smudged napkin onto her plate. "I'm done," she said. "May we go to our room now?"
Author: Heather Dixon
15. "Shut up," I snapped. "This is not the time. What part of this situation seems like a joke to you?"Lohka pulled up his knees, giving a feeble, half-manic little laugh. "Oh, maybe just the idea that some soul-devouring being of chaos could be waiting anywhere to finish destroying my life," he said. "That's kind of hilarious, you know. Have you ever had a soul-devouring being of chaos hunting you down so it could finish eating you?""No," I said. "I'm sorry, Lohka.""That's nice," he muttered."What about the part where this soul-devouring being of chaos seems to have a taste for me at the moment?" Zhabyr asked. "Can we worry about that, now? Because I kind of already am."
Author: J. Leigh Bralick
16. "He can run faster than Severus Snape confronted with shampoo."
Author: J.K. Rowling
17. "If I could look like anyone, it would be Jamie Redknapp - even up close, he's amazing."
Author: Jack Whitehall
18. "I left my phone number on a napkin, along with trace amounts of spaghetti sauce and garlic bread grease, hoping she'd call me. And when she didn't, I panicked and filed a missing person's report with the police."
Author: Jarod Kintz
19. "Soha nem érezzük úgy, hogy itt a megfelelo pillanat; mindig úgy gondoljuk, hogy ami az ínyünkre van vagy felvidít, amitol megkönnyebbülünk, vagy ami segít rajtunk és elorevisz a mindennapokban, egy kicsit tovább is tarthatott volna: még egy évig, még néhány hónapig, még néhány hétig vagy még néhány óráig; mindig túl korainak érezzük, ha valakinek vagy valaminek vége, sosem tartjuk megfelelonek a pillanatot […]"
Author: Javier Marías
20. "Charlie whistled "Amazing Grace" as he drove. It was all I could do not to whip my head around and snap, Are you kidding me? Couldn't he pick something more appropriate, like "Shout at the Devil" or "Don't fear the Reaper"? Some people had no sense of the proper music for a kidnapping."
Author: Jeaniene Frost
21. "I smoked my first pipe with Seth. I knew the stuff was bad, but I was so tired of being the cop, begging and ragging at him, throwing Pampers in his face when he walked in the door. I wanted to be on the same side again. So I smoked with Seth one afternoon when the girls were napping, and oh my God, I can only think about this for a minute or every part of me will turn into a mouth wanting more: the sexiness of it, fucking Seth like wild for the first time in months, going on even when the girls started to whimper and bang on the door. Then looking out the window and seeing the world shake itself to life: the heavy trees, the sky. And I was back on top. We were going to make it, Seth and I. The voice in my head was back again, telling me stories, too many to write down or even tell one from another."
Author: Jennifer Egan
22. "I want to be softened, not stiff. Pliable, not rigid. I don't want anyone to look at my life and think it is perfect or, worse, that I want them to think it is perfect. Instead, I want anything that is unapproachable or harsh in me to be scrubbed away by the salt and the sand, revealing the imperfections, the brokenness, the cracks. Not because I am proud of those parts, but because I know it is real. Like the Skin Horse or the Velveteen Rabbit, I am shabby because I live life, because I am loved, and because it is all work - living and loving and being loved, being transformed, being worn and faded"
Author: Jerusalem Jackson Greer
23. ". . . another year has passed, or so they say, but calenders lie. They're a kind of cosmic business machine like their cousin clocks but break down at inappropriate times."
Author: Jim Harrison
24. "The truth is very few of us are related to Napoleon or Cleopatra. Although, those are bad examples as I am actually descended from both of them."
Author: Jim Piddock
25. "And perhaps in this is the whole difference; perhaps all the wisdom, and all truth, and all sincerity, are just compressed into that inappreciable moment of time in which we step over the threshold of the invisible."
Author: Joseph Conrad
26. "I did what I thought was best.'"And so you kidnapped me,' she said bitterly.'If you recall I offered you the option of residing with my relatives. You refused.''I want to be independent.''One doesn't have to be alone to be independent.'Victoria couldn't think of a suitable rebuttal to that statement, so she remained silent. 'When I marry you,' Robert said softly, 'I want it to be a partnership in every sense of the word. I want to consult you on matters of land management and tenant care. I want us to decide together how to raise our children. I don't know why you are so certain that loving me means losing yourself."
Author: Julia Quinn
27. "You're in a rather odd mood today."I'm soaking wet, Eloise."No need to snap at me about it, I didn't force you to walk across town in the rain."It wasn't raining when I left,". There was something about a sibling that brought out the eight-year-old in a body.I'm sure the sky was gray," Clearly, she had a bit of the eight-year-old in her as well."
Author: Julia Quinn
28. "But you know what else never happened to me?""Tell me," he ordered, still...freaking...grinning."Seeing him just a day later in a clinch with a brunette.""You knew me, you'd know she didn't have staying power and you'd know you do.""And how's that?" I snapped."She's dark, you're red. I'll fuck dark, I'll fuck sun but only red has staying power. Considered sun once. Lost her. Now it's you."
Author: Kristen Ashley
29. "Then, still smiling, he kissed me. When he lifted his head he didn't go far so I heard it when he whispered, "My reward." My eyes narrowed and I snapped, "You're not allowed to do that shit." His head jerked slightly and he asked, "Say again?" "Be sweet and make me all melty and want to jump you when I'm celebrating my heretofore unknown badassness with a bunch of bikers and their bitches. Not to mention, I'm hungry." Tack grinned as his arm snaked around me and he yanked me close. "You wanna jump me?" he asked."
Author: Kristen Ashley
30. "You aren't gonna lose me," he promised."You can't promise that," I snapped."Yeah, I fuckin' can," he shot back."
Author: Kristen Ashley
31. "Nector [speaking to Bernadette] could have told her, having drunk down the words of Nanapush, that comfort is not security and money in the hand disappears. He could have told her that only the land matters and never to let go of the papers, the titles, the tracks of the words, all those things that his ancestors never understood how the vital relationship to the dirt and grass under their feet."
Author: Louise Erdrich
32. "Ljudima ne mogu udahnuti svoju ljubav, i oni ne mogu da mi je vrate. Gledaju me hladno, sumnjicavo odmjeravaju opasnost koja im od mene prijeti i, zatvoreni svakako, zatvaraju se još više, na prvu neocekivanu rijec, na prvi nenaviknut pokret, ili odmah napadaju, braneci se, jer više vole da ubiju nego da strahuju."
Author: Meša Selimović
33. "Sa jednom kartom mogu da se vozim ukrug, ali nikad necu moci da izadem napolje. Svejedno je, grad je isti i dole i gore."
Author: Milan Oklopdžić
34. "In a manner familiar to anyone who had ever packed a car for a family trip, genial confusion gave way to impatience, then furious ultimatums, then ill-advised snap decisions."
Author: Neal Stephenson
35. "Why do they not teach you that time is a finger snap and an eye blink, and that you should not allow a moment to pass you by without taking joyous, ecstatic note of it, not wasting a single moment of its swift, breakneck circuit?"
Author: Pat Conroy
36. "As geographers, Sosius, crowd into the edges of their maps parts of the world which they do not know about, adding notes in the margin to the effect, that beyond this lies nothing but sandy deserts full of wild beasts, unapproachable bogs, Scythian ice, or a frozen sea, so, in this work of mine, in which I have compared the lives of the greatest men with one another, after passing through those periods which probable reasoning can reach to and real history find a footing in, I might very well say of those that are farther off, beyond this there is nothing but prodigies and fictions, the only inhabitants are the poets and inventors of fables; there is no credit, or certainty any farther."
Author: Plutarch
37. "Jason talking about Michael - "Don't do me any favors, Glass Ass," Jason snapped."
Author: Rachel Caine
38. "Honor from death," I snap, "is a myth. Invented by the war torn to make sense of the horrific. If we die, it will be so that others may live. Truly honorable death, the only honorable death, is one that enables life."
Author: Rae Carson
39. "The diseased, anyway, are more interesting than the healthy. The words of the diseased, even those who can manage only a murmur, carry more weight than those of the healthy. Then, too, all healthy people will in the future know disease. That sense of time, ah, the diseased man's sense of time, what treasure hidden in a desert cave. Then, too the diseased truly bite, whereas the healthy pretend to bite but really only snap at the air. Then, too, then, too, then, too."
Author: Roberto Bolaño
40. "He promised all those things men promise when they are far away and can feel the phone lines stretching too tight, the wires and cables rapidly unraveling from their braids, snapping, recoiling, collapsing the poles along the way."
Author: Salvador Plascencia
41. "Filozófusok és pszichológusok tanakodhatnak, hogy mi az, ami létezhet, és mi az, ami nem, de mi, a hétköznapokban élo kisemberek kiigazodunk a világban, és el is fogadhatjuk olyannak, amilyen. Ami velem most történik, az valós és létezo."
Author: Stephen King
42. "Don't be offended, but you seem to be one of those people who just attract accidents like a magnet. So . . . try not to fall into the ocean or get run over or anything, all right?" He smiled crookedly.The helplessness had faded as he spoke. I glared at him."I'll see what I can do," I snapped as I jumped out into the rain. I slammed the door behind me with excessive force.He was still smiling as he drove away."
Author: Stephenie Meyer
43. "Her arms crept around his neck and she sunk her hand into the wavy hair at his nape. He was stealing her senses. She needed to stop this…in just a minute. He was such a good kisser, just the right amount of pressure and passion. She sighed again and moved her hands to his shoulders pushing back."
Author: Tamara Hoffa
44. "I have like 20 snap-up shirts in my closet, and I never, never would have thought before FNL would I have had that."
Author: Taylor Kitsch
45. "Važno je sacuvati ono dobro u sebi i imati poverenja u sebe. Samo tako covek može gledati napred, biti zdrav, koristiti Bogu, sebi i drugima."
Author: Thaddeus Of Vitovnica
46. "There are plastic bags with zippers on them. I've seen them in commercials," Dragos said to her. He snapped his fingers, trying to remember the name. "You put food in them.""Ziploc bags?" she asked in a cautious voice.He pointed at her. "Yes. I want one."
Author: Thea Harrison
47. "One day—when the emperor had come to call on his uncle the cardinal—our worthy priest happened to be waiting as his Majesty went by. Noticing that the old man looked at him with a certain curiosity, Napoleon turned around and said brusquely, ‘Who is this good man looking at me?'‘Sire,' replied M. Myriel, "you are looking at a good man, and I at a great one. May we both be the better for it."That evening the emperor asked the cardinal the priest's name, Still later, M. Myriel was totally surprised to learn he had been appointed Bishop of Digne."
Author: Victor Hugo
48. "M. Mabeuf's political opinion was a passionate fondness for plants, and a still greater one for books. He had, like everybody else, his termination in ist, without which nobody could have lived in those times, but he was neither a royalist, nor a Bonapartist, nor a chartist, nor an Orleanist, nor an anarchist; he was an old-bookist."
Author: Victor Hugo
49. "...a hullámok monoton bukdosása a parton, mely többnyire ütemesen s megnyugtatóan kísérte gondolatait, ahogy ott ült gyermekei körében, már-már vigasztaló ritmust verve, s akár ha a természet hajtogatná egy régi-régi bölcsodal szavaival: "Nem hagylak el - megvédelek...", máskor viszont hirtelen, váratlanul, s foleg ha figyelme elterelodött épp a pillanatnyi teendorol, mintha egyáltalán nem sugallt volna ily vigaszos jelentést, nem, de mint kísérteties dobok pergése, szólt az élet mértékeirol, hogy aki hallja, a pusztulásra gondoljon, itt e szigetére, a tenger ölén, s ot magát arra figyelmezteti, hogy napjai hiába telnek hol ezzel, hol azzal a valóságos kis teendovel, anyagtalanok csak, mint a szivárvány - ez a monotonság, mely tompán rejlezett eleddig más hangok mögé, most egyszerre ott dübörgött, mint hatalmas üregben, a fülében, s o maga óhatatlan borzadállyal kapta fel nyomban a fejét."
Author: Virginia Woolf
50. "Thy husband is thy lord, thy life, thy keeper,Thy head, thy sovereign, one that cares for thee,And for thy maintenance; commits his bodyTo painful labor, both by sea and land;To watch the night in storms, the day in cold,Whilst thou li'st warm at home, secure and safe;And craves no other tribute at thy handsBut love, fair looks, and true obedience-Too little payment for so great a debt.Such duty as the subject owes the prince,Even such a woman oweth to her husband;And when she is froward, peevish, sullen, sour,And no obedient to his honest will,What is she but a foul contending rebel,And graceless traitor to her loving lord?I asham'd that women are so simple‘To offer war where they should kneel for peace,Or seek for rule, supremacy, and sway,When they are bound to serve, love, and obey.Why are our bodies soft, and weak, and smooth,Unapt to toil and trouble in the world,But that our soft conditions, and our hearts,Should well agree with our external parts?"
Author: William Shakespeare

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