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1. "Olursa iyi olur ama ne Nefertiti,ne de Isenheim Mihrabi istedigim yok benim.Tuttugunu koparan erkeklerden bahsetmedim,çünkü nefret ederim öylelerinden,onlardan daha can sikici kimse yoktur benim için;çokluk les gibi hüner marifet kokar onlar.Ama neyi ciddiye aldigini bir bilsem senin!Baska erkeklerin önem verdigi hiçbir seye aldirmiyorum;bir iki sey de var ki,öbür erkeklerin verdigi degerden daha degerli senin için.Bir is sahibi olamadin..."
Author: Heinrich Böll
2. "Jonas Wergeland's first stroke of genius, albeit unbeknownst to himself, was to choose a girl as his best friend. It was Nefertiti who taught him that women are, first and foremost, teachers then mistresses - and above all that when you come right down to it, the female is a very different and, more o the point, a much more fascinating creature than the male."
Author: Jan Kjærstad
3. "I held Nefertiti's body closer to mine, trying to press her spirit into me, to bring it back. But the reign of Nefertiti was finished. She was gone from Egypt."
Author: Michelle Moran
4. "I let myself be led out, but at the doors of the Great Hall, I turned. "I will never forgive this," I swore, and Nefertiti knew it was meant for her. "I will never forgive this so long as the sun sets on Amarna!" I screamed."
Author: Michelle Moran
5. "Nefertiti!" I shouted. "Meritaten!" How could they both be gone? Where could they be? I rounded the corner to the window of Appearences, then opened the door.The blood had already spread across the tiles. "Nefertiti!" I screamed, and my voice echoed through the palace."
Author: Michelle Moran
6. "Nefertiti, the most beautiful calico in the world, chose me as her own six short years ago."
Author: P.C. Cast
7. "My mother will emerge with a towel on her head, Nefertiti fashion, and a good terry-cloth robe, and make herself a tall gin-and-tonic and look like a movie star for an hour. Being around her is like being on safari; there is an elusive something we are after, in difficult conditions, and we will look good in the getting there."
Author: Padgett Powell

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Quotes About Nefertiti
Quotes About Nefertiti

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