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1. "I have two or three shows that I follow, and even those are few and far, when I can see them on Netflix. I don't really watch anything on TV. It's not really a priority for me."
Author: Alan Ritchson
2. "I am a Netflix/DVR junkie. I don't like to watch TV without a plan."
Author: Aubrey Plaza
3. "Netflix, I love you."
Author: Beau Mirchoff
4. "If I need romance, that's what Netflix is for."
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
5. "Netflix, Amazon, iTunes - whatever platforms emerge - we are looking at as having the same potential that home video had for the movie business. Which means there are entirely new opportunities to monetize our capital investment in content and do so in ways that work for distributors, for consumers and for creators."
Author: Bob Iger
6. "How would Elvira run the state of California? Well, there isn't much I could do that is worse than what Arnold Schwarzenegger has done. Running it into the damn ground. If I was running the whole nation? I would have free Netflix movies for everyone."
Author: Cassandra Peterson
7. "Other signs of the apocalypse proliferate. After a pop-up ad appears on her screen, Vivian announces that she plans to sign up for Netflix. She buys a digital camera on Amazon with one click. She asks Molly if she's ever seen the sneezing baby panda video on YouTube. She even joins Facebook."
Author: Christina Baker Kline
8. "I have more faith in doing something creative for a cable station or something like Yahoo or Google or Amazon. What Netflix did with 'House of Cards' and David Fincher was brilliant. That is inspiring to me. I think there is more chance for creativity in animation, it just hasn't happened there yet."
Author: Henry Selick
9. "Luc moved to the center of the floor. "I don't have all day, guys. I have things to do. A nap I want to take this afternoon. There's a new movie out on Netflix I want to watch, and a goddamn coupon for a free Whopper Jr. that's calling my name."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
10. "Imagine never leaving North Idaho again. He's got his coffee and he's got his ritual, his work around the cabin, and with the new satellite dish Lydia buys him for his birthday, he's got nine hundred channels and he's got Netflix,"
Author: Jess Walter
11. "Clearly the success of the Netflix model, releasing the entire season of 'House of Cards' at once, proved one thing: The audience wants the control. They want the freedom. If they want to binge as they've been doing on 'House of Cards' and lots of other shows, we should let them binge."
Author: Kevin Spacey
12. "Not on Netflix! Oh no!"
Author: Kye Alfred Hillig
13. "I just got an iPhone, which is cool, but I don't download movies, I don't watch Hulu, I don't have Netflix. I don't do any of that. But I do geek out to music."
Author: Miles Teller
14. "The idea of a streaming service, like Netflix for music, I'm not totally against it. It's just we won't put all of our music on it until there are enough subscribers for it to make sense."
Author: Patrick Carney
15. "At Netflix, we think you have to build a sense of responsibility where people care about the enterprise. Hard work, like long hours at the office, doesn't matter as much to us. We care about great work."
Author: Reed Hastings
16. "It turns out that all Netflix streaming peak on Saturday night can fit inside a single fiber optic, which is the size of one human hair."
Author: Reed Hastings
17. "Our brand at Netflix is really focused on movies and TV shows."
Author: Reed Hastings
18. "I guess I can't live without Netflix because I would have nothing to do. All I do is sit home and watch movies."
Author: Sara Paxton
19. "Comedy is really best when watched with other people, and I don't really understand people who sit at home watching comedy movies on Netflix."
Author: Scott Aukerman
20. "I was the Chair of the WIFF Foundation, which is the philanthropic arm of Women In Film. The foundation runs the several programs including one that provide our film finishing fund. So we help women complete their films with a grant from Netflix. It's great to be associated with award winning films like 'Freeheld' and 'Circumstance'."
Author: Sharon Lawrence
21. "I'm breathing out of my mouth and thinking things I have only seen on Netflix in the foreign-movie section."
Author: Tara Brown
22. "My life had devolved into a fluorescent haze of desktop Outlook/Internet Explorer/Excel screens by day followed by laptop Chrome/Facebook/Netflix nights."
Author: Wayne Gladstone

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