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101. "Je sais bien qu'on ne peut se passer de dominer ou d'être servi. Chaque homme a besoin d'esclaves comme d'air pur. Commander, c'est respirer, vous êtes bien de cet avis ? Et même les plus déshérités ar-rivent à respirer. Le dernier, dans l'échelle sociale a encore son conjoint, ou son enfant. S'il est célibataire, un chien. L'essentiel, en somme, est de pouvoir se fâcher sans que l'autre ait le droit de répon-dre. « On ne répond pas à son père », vous connaissez la formule ? Dans un sens, elle est singulière. A qui répondrait-on en ce monde sinon à ce qu'on aime ? Dans un autre sens, elle est convaincante. Il faut bien que quelqu'un ait le dernier mot. Sinon, à toute raison peut s'opposer une autre : on n'en finirait plus. La puissance, au contraire, tranche tout."
Author: Albert Camus
102. "Books and loud noises, flowers and electric shocks — already in the infant mind these couples were compromisingly linked; and after two hundred repetitions of the same or a similar lesson would be wedded indissolubly. What man has joined, nature is powerless to put asunder."
Author: Aldous Huxley
103. "I'm convinced that the infantry is the group in the army which gives more and gets less than anybody else."
Author: Bill Mauldin
104. "Prejudice comes from insecurity and its spiritually infantile need of belonging."
Author: Bryant McGill
105. "What was an infant's view of air travel? You go to a special place, walk into a large room with seats in it, and sit down. The room rumbles and shakes for four hours. Then you get up and walk off. Magically, you're somewhere else. The means of transportation seems obscure to you, but the basic idea is easy to grasp, and precocious mastery of the Navier-Stokes equations is not required."
Author: Carl Sagan
106. "The way to begin healing the wounds of the world is to treasure the Infant Christ in us; to be not the castle but the cradle of Christ; and, in rocking that cradle to the rhythm of love, to swing the whole world back into the beat of the Music of Eternal Life."
Author: Caryll Houselander
107. "My father's family name being Pirrip, and my Christian name Philip, my infant tongue could make of both names nothing longer or more explicit than Pip. So, I called myself Pip, and came to be called Pip."
Author: Charles Dickens
108. "Male rats don't experience the hormonal changes that trigger maternal behavior in female rats. They never normally participate in infant care. Yet put a baby rat in a cage with a male adult and after a few days he will be caring for the baby almost as if he were its mother. He'll pick it up, nestle it close to him as a nursing female would, keep the baby rat clean and comforted, and even build a comfy nest for it.29 The parenting circuits are there in the male brain, even in a species in which paternal care doesn't normally exist.30 If a male rat, without even the aid of a William Sears baby-care manual, can be inspired to parent then I would suggest that the prospects for human fathers are pretty good."
Author: Cordelia Fine
109. "One of the most important things to remember about infant care is: don't change diapers in midstream."
Author: Don Marquis
110. "Mother of the bride had been determined that her daughter would have a church wedding, and women who successfully name their infant daughters Tiffany do tend to get their own way, so an evening wedding it was."
Author: Donald E. Westlake
111. "I tattered their wings and tore off their legs, joint by joint, watched them crawl in circles, like little lost infants, untill they decide to die."
Author: Ellen Hopkins
112. "Others work among the spirits that have just arrived in the world of spirits. Again others raise the children who have died in infancy. Swedenborg ensures the parents of these infants that 'All children whether born within or outside of the church, are adopted by the Lord and become Angels'."
Author: Emanuel Swedenborg
113. "La politisation des masses n'est pas la mobilisation trois ou quatre fois l'an de dizaines ou de centaines de milliers d'hommes et de femmes. Ces meetings, ces rassemblements spectaculaires s'apparentent à la vieille tactique d'avant l'indépendance où l'on exhibait ses force pour se prouver à soi-même et aux autres qu'on avait le peuple avec soi. La politisation des masses se propose non d'infantiliser les masses mais de les rendre adultes."
Author: Frantz Fanon
114. "Of course, I also attribute some of my hearing loss to being in the infantry in World War II. It's probably a combination of heredity and noise exposure."
Author: George Kennedy
115. "Monogamy, in brief, kills passion -- and passion is the most dangerous of all the surviving enemies to what we call civilization, which is based upon order, decorum, restraint, formality, industry, regimentation. The civilized man -- the ideal civilized man -- is simply one who never sacrifices the common security to his private passions. He reaches perfection when he even ceases to love passionately -- when he reduces the most profound of all his instinctive experiences from the level of an ecstasy to the level of a mere device for replenishing the armies and workshops of the world, keeping clothes in repair, reducing the infant death-rate, providing enough tenants for every landlord, and making it possible for the Polizei to know where every citizen is at any hour of the day or night. Monogamy accomplishes this, not by producing satiety, but by destroying appetite. It makes passion formal and uninspiring, and so gradually kills it."
Author: H.L. Mencken
116. "I have an immense appetite for solitude, like an infant for sleep, and if I don't get enough for this year, I shall cry all the next."
Author: Henry David Thoreau
117. "Many a trace, and many a germ of this infantile disease, to which without a doubt, I also am a victim, has been chased away by your brochure, or will yet be eradicated by it."
Author: Herman Gorter
118. "Les enfants sont par définition des apprentis, et apprendre est l'activité humaine qui nécessite le moins de manipulation par autrui. La majeure partie de l'apprentissage n'est pas le resultat de l'instruction. Elle serait plutôt le résultat d'une participation dans un environnement chargé de sens."
Author: Ivan Illich
119. "I began my career with infantile dreams of becoming a composer."
Author: Ivor Novello
120. "Wash your dirty dishes like you are washing the infant Jesus."
Author: Jack Kerouac
121. "A full grown horse or dog is beyond comparison a more rational, as well as a more conversible animal, than an infant of a day, a week, or even [a] month old. But suppose the case were otherwise, what would it avail? The question is not Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?"
Author: Jeremy Bentham
122. "I can't help but think that if she was going to kill herself, she might as well have done it earlier. Perhaps when I was a toddler. Or better yet, an infant. It certainly would have made my life easier. I asked my uncle Hugh (who is not really my uncle, but he is married to the stepsister of my current mother's brother's wife and he lives quite closeand he's a vicar) if I would be going to hell for such a thought. He said no, that frankly, it made a lot of sense to him. I do think I prefer his parish to my own."
Author: Julia Quinn
123. "I recovered my infant Judaism, but in a reformist version."
Author: Lionel Blue
124. "Rest," Logan said. "Both of you." His caressing gaze moved over his wife and infant daughter."I'll watch over you.""Love me?" Madeline asked with a faint smile, and yawned again."It used to be love." He brushed his lips over her closed eyelids. "Now there's no word for it.""You once told me that you thought love was a weakness.""I was wrong," he whispered, kissing the corners of her mouth. "I've discovered it's my onlystrength."Madeline fell asleep with a smile still on her lips, her hand curled around his."
Author: Lisa Kleypas
125. "A l'adolescence, on rêve du jour où l'on quittera ses parents, un autre jour ce sont vos parents qui vous quittent. Alors, on ne rêve plus qu'à pouvoir redevenir, ne serait-ce qu'un instant, l'enfant qui vivait sous leur toit, les prendre dans vos bras, leur dire sans pudeur qu'on les aime, se serrer contre eux pour qu'ils vous rassurent encore une fois."
Author: Marc Levy
126. "« Toute communauté, qu'elle soit familiale ou autre, nous est haissable, dégradante. Nous sommes ensemble dans une honte de principe d'avoir à vivre la vie. C'est là que nous sommes au plus profond de notre histoire commune, celle d'être tous les trois des enfants de cette personne de bonne foi, notre mère, que la société a assassinée. Nous sommes du côté de cette société qui a réduit ma mère au désespoir. À cause de ce qu'on a fait à notre mère si aimable, si confiante, nous haïssons la vie, nous nous haïssons."
Author: Marguerite Duras
127. "Morala constituie pentru arta o primejdie pe care multi o subestimeaza, arta se apropie mai mult de natura, prin cruzimea ei infantila, decat morala, care e creatia spiritului uman matur, impins de nevoia de a pune ordine in viata afectiva si de a tine in frau instinctele. Uneori, ea devine necrutatoare,tinzand la suprimarea totala a instinctelor, ca si cand fara ele fiinta umana ar putea supravietui."
Author: Marin Preda
128. "But they (the infantry) had no use for boys of twelve and thirteen, and before I had a chance in another war, the desire to kill people to whom I had not been introduced had passed away."
Author: Mark Twain
129. "We cannot withdraw love without damaging ourselves. I have been badly hurt again but I see this morning that it does not really matter because I perceive the truth. Rage is the deprived infant in me but there is also a compassionate mother in me and she will come back with her healing powers in time."
Author: May Sarton
130. "The great scene of grief, in which the wild infant bore a part, had developed all her sympathies; and as her tears fell upon her father's cheek, they were the pledge that she would grow up amid human joy and sorrow, nor for ever do battle with the world, but be a woman in it. Towards her mother, too, Pearl's errand as a messenger of anguish was all fulfilled."
Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
131. "Pearl kissed his lips. A spell was broken. The great scene of grief, in which the wild infant bore a part, had developed all her sympathies; and as her tears fell upon her father's cheek, they were the pledge that she would grow up amid human joy and sorrow, nor forever do battle with the world, but be a woman in it."
Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
132. "Tudo em volta induz à loucura, ao infantilismo, à exasperação imaginativa. Contra isso o estudo não basta. Tomem consciência da infecção moral e lutem, lutem, lutem pelo seu equilíbrio, pela sua maturidade, pela sua lucidez. Tenham a normalidade, a sanidade, a centralidade da psique como um ideal. Prometam a vocês mesmos ser personalidades fortes, bem estruturadas, serenas no meio da tempestade, prontas a vencer todos os obstáculos com a ajuda de Deus e de mais ninguém. Prometam SER e não apenas pedir, obter, sentir, desfrutar."
Author: Olavo De Carvalho
133. "Human are product of their nutrition. If infants are supplied with good nutrition in mother's womb along with nutritive food in young age ,they will have superb body strength with well developed brain. So if you are strength less physically or mentally you may have probably faced unhealthy and inadequate diet inside mother womb or at your childhood period."
Author: Rajendra Ojha
134. "Believe nothing a man tells you and everything he shows you"....(Taken from a farewell video from a dying father to his infant daughter on dating)"
Author: Randy Pausch
135. "The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully."
Author: Richard Dawkins
136. "Mais c'est renfantillage - this is childishness!' we heard de Grandin pant as we closed in and sought a chance to seize his skeleton-like antagonist. 'He who fights an imp of Satan as if he were human is a fool!'("The Man In Crescent Terrace")"
Author: Seabury Quinn
137. "The army consists of the first infantry division and eight million replacements."
Author: Sebastian Junger
138. "As an infant, my oldest brother was taken from my parents and they weren't allowed to raise him. For centuries, my father thought him dead while my mother … well, both of them really, were imprisoned by different gods. When they were finally reunited, long after my oldest brother was grown, they had my brother Ari right away."
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
139. "Enforced maternity brings into the world wretched infants, whom their parents will be unable to support and who will become the victims of public care or ‘child martyrs'. It must be pointed out that our society, so concerned to defend the rights of the embryo, shows no interest in the children once they are born; it prosecutes the abortionists instead of undertaking to reform that scandalous institution known as ‘public assistance'; those responsible for entrusting the children to their torturers are allowed to go free; society closes its eyes to the frightful tyranny of brutes in children's asylums and private foster homes."
Author: Simone De Beauvoir
140. "Un enfant, c'est un insurgé."
Author: Simone De Beauvoir
141. "Un éclat de rire grossier, un haussement d'épaules, accompagné de quelque maxime triviale sur la folie des femmes, avaient constamment accueilli les confidences de ce genre de chagrins, que le besoin d'épanchement l'avait portée à faire, à son mari, dans les premières années de leur mariage. Ces sortes de plaisanteries, quand surtout elles portaient sur les maladies de ses enfants, retournait le poignard dans le coeur de Madame de Rénal. Voilà ce qu'elle trouva au lieu des flatteries empressées et mielleuses du couvent jésuitique où elle avait passé sa jeunesse(partie I, ch. VII)"
Author: Stendhal
142. "When you've seen a nude infant doing a backward somersault you know why clothing exists."
Author: Stephen Fry
143. "Alors que la lumière s'épuise de faire des trous dans les nuages, je me couche sur la plage, devant un feu de bois, les chiens contre le flanc, la kayak remonté de moitié sur la rive et, écoutant la musique de la houle, je regarde griller mes poissons embrochés sur des pics de bois vert en pensant que la vie ne devrait être que cela: l'hommage rendu par l'adulte à ses rêves d'enfant."
Author: Sylvain Tesson
144. "Suicide is a fundamental human right. This does not mean that it is desirable. It only means that society does not have the moral right to interfere, by force, with a persons decision to commit this act. The result is a far-reaching infantilization and dehumanization of the suicidal person."
Author: Thomas Stephen Szasz
145. "War as a moral metaphor is limited, limiting, and dangerous. By reducing the choices of action to "a war against" whatever-it-is, you divide the world into Me or Us (good) and Them or It (bad) and reduce the ethical complexity and moral richness of our life to Yes/No, On/Off. This is puerile, misleading, and degrading. In stories, it evades any solution but violence and offers the reader mere infantile reassurance. All too often the heroes of such fantasies behave exactly as the villains do, acting with mindless violence, but the hero is on the "right" side and therefore will win. Right makes might."
Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
146. "We all know Christmas is about the Infant Child, what he brings to our lives, what he offers to our hearts. We know this, but we live as if he hadn't been born in that manger so long ago. We live as if the Christ child hadn't exchanged heaven for a manger - for you and for me."
Author: Vannetta Chapman
147. "Les enfants sont des créatures extraordinaires, quand ils ne sont pas simplement chiants."
Author: Vernor Vinge
148. "To hold her, to keep her -- just as she was -- with her cruelty, with her vulgarity, with her blinding blue eyes, with her miserable poetry, with her fat feet, with her impure, dry, sordid, infantile soul. All of a sudden he thought: If people are reunited in Heaven (I don't believe it, but suppose), then how shall I stop it from creeping upon me, that shriveled, helpless, lame thing, her soul? But this is the earth, and I am, curiously enough, alive, and there is something in me and in life ---"
Author: Vladimir Nabokov
149. "Infant JoyI have no nameI am but two days old.-What shall I call thee?I happy amJoy is my name,-Sweet joy befell thee!Pretty joy!Sweet joy but two days old.Sweet joy I call thee:Thou dost smile.I sing the whileSweet joy befell thee."
Author: William Blake
150. "It's similar to the way you feel cuddling an infant or a kitten, when you want to squeeze it so hard you'd kill it..."
Author: Zoë Heller

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