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1. "For every individual is a uniquemanifestation of the Whole, as every branch is a particular outreachingof the tree. To manifest individuality, every branch must have asensitive connection with the tree, just as our independently moving anddifferentiated fingers must have a sensitive connection with the wholebody. The point, which can hardly be repeated too often, is thatdifferentiation is not separation."
Author: Alan Wilson Watts
2. "As daughter of our ruler I grew up in the crossfire of an ongoing war... All I'd ever wanted to be was a great warrior and ultimately lead my people into victorious battles. -Halíka Dacomé"
Author: Alexandra May
3. "I do not claim to have attained optimum emotional well-being. Actually, I think that may be a lifetime goal. For me it's an ongoing process that requires awareness, knowledge, and practice. I do know what good emotional health feels like, and that motivates me to keep at the practice."
Author: Andrew Weil
4. "The proper, wise balancingof one's whole life may depend upon thefeasibility of a cup of tea at an unusual hour."
Author: Arnold Bennett
5. "After forty years of selling wholesale industrial deodorizing supplies, one establishment is forced to open its doors to the public.In the lingo of the trade, a salesman explains why their large institution buyers have gone elsewhere.Who wants to stand downwind of the League o' Nations every time some freshman with a bladder infection pulls a Nebuchadnezzar?"
Author: Ben Katchor
6. "The business of courtship is like a tango: absurd and pure embellishment."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
7. "So what was that all about?""I think," Jace said, "that she asked if she could touch my mango.""She said that?"Jace shrugged. "Yeah, then she gave me her number."
Author: Cassandra Clare
8. "Jango danced; and the tune that he danced to was Death."
Author: Cedric Nye
9. "Camerlengo öfkeli bir sesle yeniden konusmaya baslamisti. "Komutan, kayip kardinaller konusunda hiçbir sey yapmamaya vicdanimiz elvermez!" Olivetti, Camerlengo'nun gözlerinin tam içine bakti."St. Francis duasi signore. Hatirliyor musunuz?" Genç rahip acili bir sesle misrayi okudu. "Tanrim, degistiremediklerimi kabul etmek için bana güç ver." Olivetti, "Bana güvenin," dedi. "Bu o durumlardan biri."
Author: Dan Brown
10. "Why do any of us do what we don't want to do?" I don't respond, unsure what answer he's looking for.He smiles, but it's sad. "Because we're afraid of what will happen if we don't."I always considered fear to be a motivator or a reason not to do something, but I never considered it a reason to continue an ongoing behavior. This opens a vault full or questions about my own life. I've always assumed I'm afraid to engage in activities because I'm afraid of what might happen. But maybe I'm looking at it all wrong. Maybe I should be asking myself if I'm really afraid of leaving what makes me comfortable."
Author: Denise Grover Swank
11. "...eating is the purest mode of consumption. Our purchases are statements about our social class, our friends, and our beliefs. Buying something as continually necessary as food is an ongoing act of self-definition."
Author: Evan D.G. Fraser
12. "Úrsula se perguntava se não era preferível se deitar logo de uma vez na sepultura e lhe jogarem a terra por cima, e perguntava a Deus, sem medo, se realmente acreditava que as pessoas eram feitas de ferro para suportar tantas penas e mortificações. E perguntando e perguntando ia atiçando sua própria perturbação e sentia desejos irreprimíveis de se soltar e não ter papas na língua como um forasteiro e de se permitir afinal um instante de rebeldia, o instante tantas vezes desejado e tantas vezes adiado, para cortar a resignação pela raiz e cagar de uma vez para tudo e tirar do coração os infinitos montes de palavrões que tivera que engolir durante um século inteiro de conformismo.– Porra! – gritou.Amaranta, que começava a colocar a roupa no baú, pensou que ela tinha sido picada por um escorpião.– Onde está? – perguntou alarmada.– O quê?– O animal! – esclareceu Amaranta.Úrsula pôs o dedo no coração.– Aqui – disse"
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
13. "Human life, distinct from juridical existence, existing as it does on aglobe isolated in celestial space, from night to day and from one countryto another—human life cannot in any way be limited to the closedsystems assigned to it by reasonable conceptions. The immense travailof recklessness, discharge, and upheaval that constitutes life could beexpressed by stating that life starts with the deficit of these systems;at least what it allows in the way of order and reserve has meaningonly from the moment when the ordered and reserved forces liberateand lose themselves for ends that cannot be subordinated to any thingone can account for. It is only by such insubordination—even if it isimpoverished—that the human race ceases to be isolated in the unconditionalsplendor of material things."
Author: Georges Bataille
14. "Yo pongo estrellas entre tu piel y la mía y te recorro entero, sendero tras sendero, descalzando mi amor, desnudando mi miedo."
Author: Gioconda Belli
15. "...N?m ch?t ?ng nghe trong tay, tôi ng?ng lên và nhìn quanh xem có nh?ng gì bên ngoài tr?m di?n tho?i. Tôi dang ? dâu? Tôi không bi?t. Không bi?t m?t tí gì h?t. Ðây là noi nào? T?t c? nh?ng gì dang lu?t nhanh qua m?t tôi ch? là vô s? nh?ng hình nhân dang bu?c di v? noi vô d?nh nào ch?ng bi?t. Tôi g?i Midori, g?i mãi, t? gi?a ? lòng l?ng ng?t c?a ch?n vô d?nh ?y..."
Author: Haruki Murakami
16. "Tiesa, kaip tu ir sakei, dažniausiai lydi stiprus skausmas. O beveik niekas netrokšta skausmingos tiesos. Žmonems reikia gražios ir jaukios pasakos, kuri leistu jiems bent truputi giliau pajusti savo gyvenimo prasme. Butent todel atsiranda religijos."
Author: Haruki Murakami
17. "Actually last night my married lover appeared wearing suspenders and a darling little angora crop top told me he was gay a sex addict a narcotic addict a commitment phobic and beat me up with a dildo."
Author: Helen Fielding
18. "But he, Siddhartha, was not a source of joy for himself, he found no delight in himself. Walking the rosy paths of the fig tree garden, sitting in the bluish shade of the grove of contemplation, washing his limbs daily in the bath of repentance, sacrificing in the dim shade of the mango forest, his gestures of perfect decency, everyone's love and joy, he still lacked all joy in his heart. Dreams and restless thoughts came into his mind, flowing from the water of the river, sparkling from the stars of the night, melting from the beams of the sun, dreams came to him and a restlessness of the soul, fuming from the sacrifices, breathing forth from the verses of the Rig-Veda, being infused into him, drop by drop, from the teachings of the old Brahmans."
Author: Hermann Hesse
19. "The world is a busy place filled with many busy businesses, both the Godly and the ungodly. It means before you go on to accept any activity or event that comes into the world, you must weigh its Values, examine the Virtues, listen to Views and then you give your Verdict. Satan is not wise; he is just crafty!"
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
20. "Arrivando a ogni nuova città il viaggiatore ritrova un suo passato che non sapeva più d'avere: l'estraneità di ciò che non sei più o non possiedi più t'aspetta al varco nei luoghi estranei e non posseduti.Marco entra in una città; vede qualcuno in una piazza vivere una vita o un istante che potevano essere suoi; al posto di quell'uomo ora avrebbe potuto esserci lui se si fosse fermato nel tempo tanto tempo prima, oppure se tanto tempo prima a un crocevia invece di prendere una strada avesse preso quella opposta e dopo un lungo giro fosse venuto a trovarsi al posto di quell'uomo in quella piazza. Ormai, da quel suo passato vero o ipotetico, lui è escluso; non può fermarsi; deve proseguire fino a un'altra città dove lo aspetta un altro suo passato, o qualcosa che forse era stato un suo possibile futuro e ora è il presente di qualcun altro. I futuri non realizzati sono solo rami del passato: rami secchi."
Author: Italo Calvino
21. "But perhaps age has taught me that the earth is still new, molten at the core and still forming, that black leaves in the winter forest will crawl with life in the spring, that our story is ongoing and it is indeed a crime to allow the heart's energies to dissipate with the fading of light on the horizon."
Author: James Lee Burke
22. "Sé que estamos jodidos, ¿De acuerdo? Soy impulsivo y tengo mal genio, y te metiste bajo mi piel como nadie más. Actúas como si me odiaras un minuto, y luego como si me necesitaras al siguiente. Nunca acierto en nada, y no te merezco... pero estoy malditamente enamorado de ti, Abby. Te amo más de lo que he querido a nadie ni nada, nunca. Cuando estás cerca, no necesito alcohol, ni dinero, ni lucha, o algo de una sola noche... todo lo que necesito es a ti. Tú eres en todo lo que pienso. Eres todo lo que soñé. Eres todo lo que quiero." - Travis"
Author: Jamie McGuire
23. "I was a fool. I should have grabbed him when I could have had him all to myself, snatched him up like a ripe mango at the market. But how was I to know that this was what love felt like?"
Author: Jean Kwok
24. "NGOs have a significant role to play, alongside governments, in improving the status of women."
Author: Jenny Shipley
25. "Parenting isn't a noun but a verb--an ongoing process instead of an accomplishment. And that no matter how many years you put into the job, the learning curve is, well, fairly flat."
Author: Jodi Picoult
26. "Please. Like a little hangover's going to get in the way of a man in love.""Aw. That's very romantic," Rylann said."Plus, I haven't gotten laid in two months, and the reunion sex is awesome.""And there's the Shane we know and love."
Author: Julie James
27. "One of my recurring D-list moments is when people stop me in the airport and tell me they loved me on SNL. I never know if they think I'm Molly Shannon, Cheri Oteri, or Chris Kattan. I just say "Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed me as Mango."
Author: Kathy Griffin
28. "I was in no mood to argue. I was in the mood to go to sleep for fifty years, wake up and old maid and live out my life in a nursing home with my only excitement being Friday Night Bingo."
Author: Kristen Ashley
29. "Suami dan istri tak harus serta merta sahabat. Cinta adalah cinta, bukan pengorbanan. Perasaan adalah untuk ditolak atau dibunuh, tidak untuk dilekaskan, apalagi untuk dibiarkan mengalir. Lagipula, begitu Ibu mengikatkan diri pada Bapak, ia menunggu kapan seseorang tak hanya menggunakan perasaan, tapi juga otaknya. Ia tak pernah sekalipun, dalam proses ini, kehilangan kesabarannya. Lalu ia memilih."
Author: Laksmi Pamuntjak
30. "—Yo solo quería tener a alguien que me quisiera en verdad. Como lo que tienes con Robert.—Yo no tengo nada con él—me defendí de inmediato.—Lo quieres—suspiró—Y él te quiere a ti, se nota. Él es el único hombre que sé que te quiere a pesar de cómo eres."
Author: Lolo Mayaya
31. "In queste occasioni leggo velocemente, con voracità, saltando qualche parola e cercando di riempirmi la testa il più possibile prima di un nuovo, lungo periodo di astinenza. Se fossero un genere commestibile queste letture smorzerebbero l'ingordigia dell'affamato, se fossero sesso equivarrebbero a un veloce amplesso furtivo, in qualche vicolo."
Author: Margaret Atwood
32. "A sorsa egyszeru és világos. Tudom, hogy sose fogja elnémítani azokat a leírhatatlan hangokat. Hallott embereket ölni és meghalni. A hangok megfertozték, megmérgezték ot, átokként átjárják a testét. Nem képes kizárni a fejébol a zajt, és velünk ellentétben nem tudta kilökni magából és a világra zúdítani a gyulöletét. Helyette önmagára zúdította."
Author: Meg Rosoff
33. "I was living my own future and my brother's lost one as well. I represented him here just as he represented me there, in some unguessable other place. His move from life to death might resemble my stepping into the kitchen - into its soft nowhere quality and foggy hum. I breathed the dark air. If I had at that moment a sense of calm kindly death while my heart beat and my lungs expanded, he might know a similar sense of life in the middle of his ongoing death."
Author: Michael Cunningham
34. "Non si è mai posta quelle domande che torturano le coppie umane: mi ama? ha mai amato qualcuna più di me? mi ama più di quanto lo ami io? Forse tutte queste domande rivolte all'amore, che lo misurano, lo indagano, lo esaminano, lo sottopongono a interrogatorio, riescono anche a distruggerlo sul nascere. Forse non siamo capaci di amare proprio perchè desideriamo essere amati, vale a dire vogliamo qualcosa (l'amore) dall'altro invece di avvicinarci a lui senza pretese e volere solo la sua semplice presenza."
Author: Milan Kundera
35. "La admiración por el Padre, símbolo de lo cerrado y agresivo, capaz de chingar y abrir, se transparenta en una expresión que empleamos cuando queremos imponer a otro nuestra superioridad: "Yo soy tu padre" […] No es el fundador de un pueblo; no es el patriarca que ejerce la patria protestad; no es rey, juez, jefe de clan. Es el poder, aislado en su misma potencia, sin relación ni compromiso con el mundo exterior. Es la incomunicación pura, la soledad que se devora a sí misma y devora lo que toca. No pertenece a nuestro mundo; no es de nuestra ciudad; no vive en nuestro barrio. Viene de lejos, está lejos siempre. Es el extraño. Es imposible no advertir la semejanza que guarda la figura del "macho" con la del conquistador español. Ése es el modelo –más mítico que real– que rige las representaciones que el pueblo mexicano se ha hecho de los poderosos: caciques, señores feudales, hacendados, políticos, generales, capitanes de industria. Todos ellos son "machos, "chingones"."
Author: Octavio Paz
36. "No voy a dejar de hablarle sólo porque no me esté escuchando. Me gusta escucharme a mí mismo. Es uno de mis mayores placeres. A menudo mantengo largas conversaciones conmigo mismo, y soy tan inteligente que a veces no entiendo ni una palabra de lo que digo."
Author: Oscar Wilde
37. "A ripe suggestion," I said. "Where are you meeting her? At the Ritz?""Near the Ritz."He was geographically accurate. About fifty yards east of the Ritz there is one of those blighted tea-and-bun shops you see dotted about all over London and into this, if you'll believe me, young Bingo dived like a homing rabbit; and before I had time to say a word we were wedged in at a table, on the brink of a silent pool of coffee left there by an early luncher."
Author: P.G. Wodehouse
38. "I say Bertie old man I am in love at last. She is the most wonderful girl Bertie old man. This is the real thing at last Bertie. Come here at once and bring Jeeves. Oh I say you know that tobacco shop in Bond Street on the left side as you go up. Will you get me a hundred of their special cigarettes and send them to me here. I have run out. I know when you see her you will think she is the most wonderful girl. Mind you bring Jeeves. Don't forget the cigarettes. - Bingo."
Author: P.G. Wodehouse
39. "Quasi tutti pensano che le cose non siano vere finché non sono state dette, che sia la comunicazione, non il pensiero a dargli legittimità. È per questo che la gente vuole sempre che gli si dica «Ti amo, ti voglio bene». Per me è il contrario: i pensieri sono più veri quando vengono pensati, esprimerli li distorce o li diluisce, la cosa migliore è che restino nell'hangar buio della mente, nel suo clima controllato, perché l'aria e la luce possono alterarli come una pellicola esposta accidentalmente."
Author: Peter Cameron
40. "How shall I hold my soul that it may notBe touching yours? How shall I lift it thenAbove you to where other things are waiting?Ah, gladly would I lodge it, all forgot,With some lost thing the dark is isolatingOn some remote and silent spot that, whenYour depths vibrate, is not itself vibrating.You and me – all that lights upon us though,Brings us together like a fiddle bowDrawing one voice from two strings, it glides along.Across what instrument have we been spanned?And what violinist holds us in his hand?O sweetest song."
Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
41. "Which is nonsense, for whatever you live is Life. That is something to remember when you meet the old classmate who says, "Well now, on our last expedition up the Congo-" or the one who says, "Gee, I got the sweetest little wife and three of the swellest kids ever-" You must remember it when you sit in hotel lobbies or lean over bars to talk to the bartender or walk down a dark street at night, in early March, and stare into a lighted window. And remember little Susie has adenoids and the bread is probably burned, and turn up the street, for the time has come to hand me down that walking cane, for I got to catch that midnight train, for all my sin is taken away. For whatever you live is life"
Author: Robert Penn Warren
42. "I wasn't aware that 'House on Mango Street' was so influenced by Spanish until after I finished."
Author: Sandra Cisneros
43. "A diferença nos tempos de decisão pode ser interpretada como um indicador de maiores escrúpulos por parte dos ingleses. Por outro lado, tal diferença podia ter origem na simples vantagem que um ditador tem (em caso de guerra) sobre um governo democrático. Não será de todo injusto afirmar que Churchill estava consciente desta última situação. Nas memórias que escreveria mais tarde nota-se o quanto sofreu com os debates que se prolongaram ao longo de meses, acabando por demorar precisamente o tempo necessário até todo o empreendimento perder o seu sentido estratégico; tudo por causa de decisões tomadas sem convicção e novamente descartadas, do vai e vem, dos compromissos, da necessidade de argumentar justamente onde ele queria decidir e comandar."
Author: Sebastian Haffner
44. "Así que supongo que somos quienes somos por un montón de razones. Y quizá nunca conozcamos la mayoría de ellas. Pero aunque no tengamos el poder de elegir de donde venimos, todavía podemos elegir adónde vamos desde ahí. Todavía podemos hacer cosas. Y podemos intentar sentirnos bien con ellas."- Charlie."
Author: Stephen Chbosky
45. "When did my house turn into a hangout for every grossly overpaid, terminally pampered professional football player in northern Illinois?""We like it here," Jason said. "It reminds us of home.""Plus, no women around." Leandro Collins, the Bears' first-string tight end emerged from the office munching on a bag of chips. "There's times when you need a rest from the ladies."Annabelle shot out her arm and smacked him in the side of the head. "Don't forget who you're talking to."Leandro had a short fuse, and he'd been known to take out a ref here and there when he didn't like a call, but the tight end merely rubbed the side of his head and grimaced. "Just like my mama.""Mine, too," Tremaine said with happy nod.Annabelle spun on Heath. "Their mother! I'm thirty-one years old, and I remind them of their mothers.""You act like my mother," Sean pointed out, unwisely as it transpired, because he got a swat in the head next."
Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
46. "Old School has humongous laughs all the way through it."
Author: Thomas Lennon
47. "In his dream, George Stetchkin was in the dock at the Central Criminal Court, accused of the murder of nine million innocent brain cells. The usher was showing the jury the alleged murder weapon, an empty Bison Brand wodka bottle. Then the judge glared at him over the rims of his spectacles and sentenced him to the worst hangover of his life."
Author: Tom Holt
48. "Got a kick for a dogBeggin' for LoveI gotta have my sufferingSo that I can have my crossI know a cat named EasterHe says will you ever learnYou're just an empty cage girlIf you kill the birdI've been looking for a savior in these dirty streetslooking for a savior beneath these dirty sheetsI've been raising up my handsDrive another nail inGot enough guilt to startmy own religion"
Author: Tori Amos
49. "Better to know the quick pain of truth than the ongoing pain of a long-held false hope."
Author: Trudi Canavan
50. "¿De dónde vengo vestido de soledad para recorrer la tierra?¿Escondo acaso el mundo en mis sentidos?"
Author: Vicente Gerbasi

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