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1. "Wikipedia was a big help for science, especially science communication, and it shows no sign of diminishing in importance."
Author: Aubrey De Grey
2. "There's people making babies to my music. That's nice."
Author: Barry White
3. "What does seem to me poisonous, what breeds a type of patriotism that is pernicious if it lasts but not likely to last long in an educated adult, is the perfectly serious indoctrination of the young in knowably false or biased history - the heroic legend drably disguised as text-book fact. With this creeps in the tacit assumption that other nations have not equally their heroes; perhaps even the belief - surely it is very bad biology - that we can literally 'inherit' tradition."
Author: C.S. Lewis
4. "Sei que não sou o único que não se importa nem um pouco se ilusões religiosas forem ridicularizadas, mas se fosse o único, ainda assim não daria a mínima."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
5. "You should be nicer to him,' a schoolmate had once said to me of some awfully ill-favored boy. 'He has no friends.' This, I realized with a pang of pity that I can still remember, was only true as long as everybody agreed to it."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
6. "Denn das Einzige, was ich an der Hoffnung nicht leiden kann, das Einzige, was ich daran rundwegs ablehne, auch wenn es niemand zugeben will, ist der Umstand, dass plötzlich aufkeimende Hoffnung der direkte Weg zu abrupter Hoffnungslosigkeit ist."
Author: Danny Wallace
7. "Unbalanced and low levels of hormones have been associated with numerous chronic problems and age-related conditions. Along with many other actions, hormones are chemical messengers; they signal the cells to become younger or older, to slow or increase multiplication, to be immunologically responsive or lazy."
Author: David Wolfe
8. "Electronic devices dislike me. There is never a day when something isn't ailing."
Author: Dick Cavett
9. "A lifetime can be spent in a Magellanic voyage around the trunk of a single tree."
Author: E.O. Wilson
10. "Ah, the ancient language of sarcasm. How it suits you.""Why thank you, petal. It is one of my many talents, and I happen to be fluent in the language." I dazzled him with my smile."You need to give me a manly nickname.""You haven't given me any reason to give you one yet.""That's harsh."
Author: Elizabeth Morgan
11. "If you are chronically down, it is a lifelong fight to keep from sinking"
Author: Elizabeth Wurtzel
12. "It is wonderful to see how happy all my friends in the LA Philharmonic are in their new home."
Author: Emanuel Ax
13. "„Viata intensa" secatuieste deopotriva trupul si spiritul. Maestri în arta de a gîndi împotriva lor însisi, Nietzsche, Baudelaire si Dostoievski ne-au învatat sapunem pret pe risc, sa nascocim noi suferinte, sa dobîndim existenta prin ruperea de propria fiinta. Iar ceea ce în ochii marelui chinez era simbol al decaderii,exercitiu al imperfectiunii, constituie pentru noi unica modalitate de a ne apartine, de a ne regasi pe noi însine."
Author: Emil Cioran
14. "Da waren vier junge muskulöse Männer in kurzen T-Shirts und hautengen Jeans und ich raubte ihnen gerade ihr letztes bisschen Verstand. Einem Teil in mir gefiel, wie die vier Typen mich so anstarrten. Und es war vielleicht auch nicht der beste Teil meiner selbst, dem dies gefiel."
Author: Emilia Polo
15. "Very harmful effects can follow accepting the philosophy which denies personal guilt or sin and thereby makes everyone nice. By denying sin, the nice people make a cure impossible. Sin is most serious, and the tragedy is deepened by the denial that we are sinners…The really unforgiveable sin is the denial of sin, because, by its nature, there is now nothing to be forgiven. By refusing to admit to personal guilt, the nice people are made into scandalmongers, gossips, talebearers, and supercritics, for they must project their real if unrecognized guilt to others. This, again, gives them a new illusion of goodness: the increase of faultfinding is in direct ratio and proportion to the denial of sin."
Author: Fulton J. Sheen
16. "Among the delights of Summer were picnics to the woods."
Author: Georg Brandes
17. "It is so much nicer to ask, when someone speaks of Barbados, Banska Bystrica or Fiji:‘Oh those little islands.... Are they British?'(They usually are.)"
Author: George Mikes
18. "It doesn't matter, because I have found my match. It's Nick, laid-back and calm, smart and fun and uncomplicated. Untortured, happy. Nice. Big penis."
Author: Gillian Flynn
19. "Ferbus assumed a hyperventilating position, his hands on his knees. 'Oh no,' Skyla said, concern splashing across her face. 'Is he anemic? Clinically asthmatic?''No,' Uncle Mort said, thwacking Ferbus on the head as he started climbing the stairs. 'Just lazy.''Clinically lazy!' Ferbus wheezed."
Author: Gina Damico
20. "Wer vermag fröhlicher zu sein als ein Kranker? nichts zwingt ihn, sich dem Lebenskampf zu stellen, es steht ihm sogar frei zu sterben. Er ist nicht gezwungen, aus den Ereignissen, die der Tag ihm zuträgt, induktive Schlüsse zu ziehen, um danach sein Verhalten einzurichten, er darf in sein eigenes Denken eingesponnen bleiben, - eingesponnen in die Autonomie seines Wissens, darf er deduktiv, darf er theologisch denken. Wer vermag fröhlicher zu sein als der, der seinen Glauben denken darf!"
Author: Hermann Broch
21. "It's nice to be recognized, but it's not great to have it too conspicuously recognized, if you see what I mean. Gold records on the wall, or titles after your name, it's just not something... I don't feel that great about it."
Author: Ian Anderson
22. "The clash between Popper and Kuhn is not about a mere technical point in epistemology."
Author: Imre Lakatos
23. "You never knew if he was nodding a lot because he was thinking and all, or just because he was a nice old guy that didn't know his ass from his elbow."
Author: J.D. Salinger
24. "I played in Kent's triumphant Second XI Trophy final team last season, ironically against Hampshire 2nds at the Rose Bowl last September, finishing with 2-17 off six overs."
Author: James Hibberd
25. "Along 4 Mile Run, there was a nice woods down in front of the house. I used to run around there."
Author: Jim Fowler
26. "The theory of evolution is totally inadequate to explain the origin and manifestation of the inorganic world."
Author: John Ambrose Fleming
27. "I think that truth is stranger than fiction, and it's nice to know the people you're making a movie about."
Author: Julian Schnabel
28. "Die Moralheuchler sind nicht darum hassenswert, weil sie anders tun, als sie bekennen, sondern weil sie anders bekennen, als sie tun. Wer die Moralheuchelei verdammt, muß peinlich darauf bedacht sein, daß man ihn nicht für einen Freund der Moral halte, die jene doch wenigstens insgeheim verraten. Nicht der Verrat an der Moral ist sträflich, sondern die Moral. Sie ist Heuchelei an und für sich. Nicht daß jene Wein trinken, sollte enthüllt werden, sondern daß sie Wasser predigen."
Author: Karl Kraus
29. "There is a technical, literary term for those who mistake the opinions and beliefs of characters in a novel for those of the author. The term is 'idiot'."
Author: Larry Niven
30. "The story line was done in a way that's organic and was doled out very slowly in little bites. We think that's authentic for this character, that her feelings are very deeply buried or she never felt them."
Author: Laura Innes
31. "Cosa mi definisce? La mia pelle? Tu sai che si può cambiare con una passata di laser. I muscoli? Si possono costruirecon l'esercizio o con la stimolazioneelettrica. Il grasso? Può scomparirecon i trattamenti criogenici. Io sperodi essere più di tutto questo. Spero diessere quello che penso,quello checredo. Quello che provo."
Author: Lissa Price
32. "Gerard Butler is like a big kid; he's so nice."
Author: Madeline Carroll
33. "You haven't met someone. Not a real, good someone anyway. Unless . . . Did you really hook upwith Kelsey in Portland?""Not your business, kid," he said. "But no.""You seem to like her a lot.""She's . . . nice." And I'm stuck with her. And he still hadn't figured out quite how to handle it. Heneeded to handle it. Fix it."Maybe you could ask her out.""You're cute."She frowned. "That's patronizing."
Author: Maisey Yates
34. "I play a nice crazy lady whose morals are right but who is really foundering."
Author: Mary Crosby
35. "Sam had a DVD in his hand. He said, "Yesterday I sent Edilio to the power plant to get two things. First, a cache of automatic weapons from the guardhouse. "Machine guns?" "Yeah. Not just for us to have, but to make sure the other side doesn't get them." "Now we have an arms race," Astrid said. Her tone seemed to irritate Sam. "You want me to leave them for Caine?" "I wasn't criticizing, just... you know. Ninth graders with machine guns; it's hard to make that a happy story." Sam relented. He even grinned. "Yeah. The phrase 'ninth graders with machine guns' isn't exactly followed by 'have a nice day'."
Author: Michael Grant
36. "Vice President Biden is the real deal. He'll give it to you straight. He communicates in a way that I think connects with people at a real level."
Author: Michael Nutter
37. "The alarming thing in China is the almost total absence of primary care. Even in cities, there are no independent doctors' offices or neighborhood clinics, so people have to go to the hospital for every health care need."
Author: Nancy Travis
38. "Design is a way of life, a point of view. It involves the whole complex of visual communications: talent, creative ability, manual skill, and technical knowledge. Aesthetics and economics, technology and psychology are intrinsically related to the process."
Author: Paul Rand
39. "Laufen? Auch kein Erfolg. Die Waldnymphen, die mich unterrichten sollten, sausten mir sofort davon. Sie meinten, ich solle mir darüber nicht den Kopf zerbrechen. Sie hätten Jahrhunderte Übung darin, vor liebeskranken Göttern wegzurennen. Aber trotzdem fand ich es ein wenig demütigend, langsamer zu sein als ein Baum."
Author: Rick Riordan
40. "This communication alone, by the comparison of the antagonisms, rivalries, movements which give birth to decisive moments, permits the evolution of the soul, whereby a man realizes himself on earth. It is impossible to be concerned with anything else in art."
Author: Robert Delaunay
41. "Dreaming was only nice while it lasted."
Author: Roddy Doyle
42. "Lalie had helped her undress, down to her sheer silk shift, and Marisa had removed even that, feeling stifled by the moist heat and the netting over her bed. She slept, but there were strange dreams hovering on the edge of her unconsciousness. She dreamed that Inez came back from the city with a stocky, red-faced man with a sheaf of papers in his hand, and that while they stood looking down at her and talking about her she tried to move and protest, but she was caught in the netting that stopped up her eyes and her mouth. The netting turned into a sea of sand under which she was buried. And somewhere above her, booted feet astride her face, she knew that Dominic stood scowling, as she remembered him last."
Author: Rosemary Rogers
43. "The drab brown front of the house made it look as if it had been built from rusty spare parts. Someone always put lace curtains in the windows of dreary houses, and Nick was unsurprised to see the curtains making their attempts in every window of this place. There was a china garden gnome on the doorstep, wearing a desperate, crazy smile."It's not so bad," Alan said."You never take me nice places anymore, baby." said Nick, and was mildly gratified by Alan's ring of laughter, like a living bell that had been caught by surprise when it was struck."
Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
44. "Oh, you know me." Jean reached behind his neck, down behind the loose leather vest he wore over his simple cotton tunic. He withdrew a pair of matching hatchets, each a foot and a half in length, with leather-wrapped handles and straight black blades that narrowed like scalpels. These were balanced with balls of blackened steel, each as wide around as a silver solon. The Wicked Sisters—Jean's weapons of choice. "I never travel alone. It's always the three of us."
Author: Scott Lynch
45. "Wenn man nachts nicht schläft, werden Träume wahr."
Author: Selim Özdogan
46. "The break down for kids is communication. Music helps bring that bond."
Author: Sheila E.
47. "The next bus pole was halfway up the block. Three black women, two white women, and a Hispanic man were standing by the post, a racial mixture so balanced it looked like a casting call for Law and Order SVU."
Author: Stephen King
48. "He puts the chain with the locket around my neck, then rests his hand over the spot where our baby would be. "You're going to make a great mother, you know," he says. He kisses me one last time and goes back to Finnick."
Author: Suzanne Collins
49. "Johanna glances over at Finnick, to be sure, then turns to me. "How'd you lose Mags?" "In the fog. Finnick had Peeta. I had Mags for a while. Then I couldn't lift her. Finnick said he couldn't take them both. She kissed him and walked right into the poison," I say. "She was Finnick's mentor, you know," Johanna says accusingly. "No, I didn't," I say. "She was half his family," she says a few moments later, but there's less venom behind it."
Author: Suzanne Collins
50. "Nick loved me enough to leave me alone. Isaac knew me better than I knew me. I said I wanted to be left alone, he knew better. I said I wanted white, he knew better. He brightened me. He enlightened me. Because Isaac was my soulmate. NotNick. Nick was just some great love. Isaac knew how to heal my soul."
Author: Tarryn Fisher

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