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1. "I saw a limit to what I was giving as kind of a scam I was running on the KGB, by giving them people that I knew were their double agents fed to us."
Author: Aldrich Ames
2. "Unjust! - unjust!' said my reason, forced by the agonising stimulus into precocious though transitory power; and Resolve, equally wrought up, instigated some strange expedient to achieve escape from insupportable oppression - as running away, or, if that could not be effected, never eating or drinking more, and letting myself die."
Author: Charlotte Brontë
3. "Blake waited for her to look at him with a smile, but her shoes were still too captivating. He held a hand up to stop Cole from beginning the ceremony. He knelt on one knee, close to the hem of her dress, and looked up at her. She watched him as he kissed her hand."Beautiful, enchanting Livia, will you marry me today?"Livia's disobedient tears emerged, gravity bathing his smiling face with their small, splashy wishes. She took her hand from his and covered her mouth. She nodded over and over as she cried.Blake stood and gathered her. Livia dissolved into him, leaving the guests alternately tearing up or looking in other directions.Blake tried to stroke her hair through the veil, but he was afraid he would pull it out. "Shhh. It's okay. I'm not that terrible, am I?"Livia shook her head."I'm making you my wife right now, even if you cry through the whole damn thing." Blake switched to wiping her tears."
Author: Debra Anastasia
4. "If I can't see the bottom, I don't know how much is left. Why does my love have to be so thick? I suppose because it keeps the engine of your heart running smooth."
Author: Jarod Kintz
5. "Everyone runs away from something, but who are you running to? Who are you running with? Why are you running for? Why run at all?"
Author: Jennifer Megan Varnadore
6. "Islam and Christianity promise eternal paradise to the faithful. And that is a powerful opiate, certainly, the hope of a better life to come. But there's a Sufi story that challenges the notion that people believe only because they need an opiate. Rabe'a al-Adiwiyah, a great woman saint of Sufism, was seem running through the streets of her hometown, Basra, carrying a torch in one hand and a bucket of water in the other. When someone asked her what she was doing, she answered, 'I am going to take this bucket of water and pour it on the flames of hell, and then I am going to use this torch to burn down the gates of paradise so that people will not love God for want of heaven of fear of hell, but because He is God."
Author: John Green
7. "I have a dog of Blenheim birth,With fine long ears and full of mirth;And sometimes, running o'er the plain,He tumbles on his nose:But quickly jumping up again,Like lightning on he goes!"
Author: John Ruskin
8. "The fucking world is running out of gas."
Author: John Updike
9. "Consider the Jewish joke, with the old lady running distractedly along the seashore: Help! My son the doctor is drowning. Amusing, I suppose. Her pride, I suppose, is amusing: it is greater than her love."
Author: Martin Amis
10. "My God, I think about way back in the day when we were running around in Mary Janes and Doc Martens, that whole 90210-inspired look. I'm glad that's long gone."
Author: Meghan Markle
11. "You may like walking barefoot, but keep your shoes with you; you may need it when the ground changes!"
Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
12. "He watched as I slipped one of the shoes on. "You have a guardian angel.""I don't believe in angels," I told him. "I believe in what I can do for myself."Well then, you have an amazing body." I glanced up at him with a questioning look. "For healing, I mean. I heard about the accident..."
Author: Richelle Mead
13. "She said people found running to something easier than running from something."
Author: Sarah Mlynowski
14. "I'm really happy you're taking it so well-I am- but James, this really isn't something to be excited about. We're running for our lives.""But we're doing it together," he says for the fifth time, a huge grin overcrowding his face. He took a liking to Kenji almost too quickly, and now the pair of them are conspiring to turn out predicament into some kind of elaborate mission."
Author: Tahereh Mafi

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