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1. "E foarte frig acum si mi-au intepenit mainile. De parca n-ar fi mainile mele. Si creierul la fel, parca n-ar fi al meu. A inceput sa si ninga. Imi pare ca ninge cu fragmente mici din creierul altcuiva. O ninsoare care se depune ca materia unui creier strain. - Sobolanul"
Author: Haruki Murakami
2. "Vîrsta ne schimba atît de mult, uneori uiti ca ai fost copil, ai impresia ca te-ai nascut asa, batrîn, si totusi sînt unele fleacuri care-ti ramîn adînc înradacinate. Clisee unde adultul da mîna cu pustiul care tragea la fit si tocea peste vara la teorema lui Pitagora. De cînd ma stiu, prima ninsoare m-a scos din minti... Îmi venea sa urlu de bucurie... Ca si mirosul ala special din martie. Un miros de verde, de pamînt..."
Author: Rodica Ojog Braşoveanu

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Quotes About Ninsoare

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She left her water pot because she had now found a well of 'living water.' She had come to the well for literal water and that was what her mind was set on. But now that she had obtained salvation, she did not think any more about her water pot. It is always this way. Once our souls truly perceive Christ, once we know Him and receive Him as our personal Savior, we turn away from what we used to think about. Her mind was now fixed on Christ, and she had no thought of well, water, or water pot." Granted, even after we come to Christ and learn to drink of His living water, there can be a time when we must learn how to leave the other "water behind" and it is certainly not always an instantaneous exchange of water, like the woman at the well did. We are not saying that it always has to happen in this manner, but what we are saying is that as we drink of Christ's living water we are able to leave behind the sinful water."
Author: Arthur W. Pink

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