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1. "There was no such thing as luck. Luck was a word idiots used to explain the consequences of their own rashness, and selfishness, and stupidity. More often than not bad luck meant bad plans."
Author: Joe Abercrombie
2. "My first struggle thought me that there is no such thing as luck, but the second made me believe you certainly need it sometimes."
Author: M.F. Moonzajer
3. "There were no such things as absolutes, not in life or in people. it was day by day, if not moment by moment. all you could do was take on as much weight as you can bear.and if you're lucky, there's someone close enough by to shoulder the rest."
Author: Sarah Dessen
4. "Luck is a favorable thing out of an uncertainty. No such thing as luck when everything's certain."
Author: Toba Beta

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Quotes About No Such Thing As Luck
Quotes About No Such Thing As Luck
Quotes About No Such Thing As Luck

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