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1. "Noelle"
Author: Debbie Macomber
2. "Las dos veces anteriores, sólo su sabor había causado que los instintos de Noelle se propulsaran sobre una cornisa que no podía ver hasta ser muy tarde. Él era una droga para ella, capaz de destruir cualquier barrera, rápidamente adictivo, calentándola inexorablemente, haciéndola girar más y más hasta el fondo de lo que podría llegar a ser una profunda y oscura caverna de soledad, o un brillante y devorante lecho de pasión."
Author: Gena Showalter
3. "Leanne, would you kindly remove your nose from my ass? It's starting to chafe." - Noelle"
Author: Kate Brian
4. "Well, possibly," I said, feeling my lips twitch again. "But maybe first you would tell us why you chose to manifest yourself in the form of Shirley Temple as last seen on the 'Good Ship Lollipop'?"The demon twirled around, its big pink sash fluttering as it smoothed down its dress and frilly little petticoat. "My grotesque form isn't making you sick with fright?"We both shook our heads, Noelle with a hand over her mouth to keep from laughing out loud. "Shirley Temple at her pinnacle was frightening," I finally told it, "but not in the sense I think you mean."
Author: Katie MacAlister
5. "An hour and seven minutes after walking up. I stood with Noelle outside the Trust's house and prepared to raise my first -- and hopefully only -- demon.Three minutes after that I looked at my demon and burst into laughter. "What?" the demon asked, turning its head 360 degrees to examine itself "What's so Funny?""Why is the Summoner laughing and crying at the same time? I don't see what's so funny. I'm a demon; where's my respect? Where's the fear and cowering before me?"
Author: Katie MacAlister
6. "Noelle slid up Rachel's body and turned her face with a gentle hand on her cheek. "Ace has to make his choice," she murmured, stroking Rachel's lips. "He doesn't get to lock you away from pleasure because he's all tangle up. You're made for joy."
Author: Kit Rocha
7. "It wasn't enough, just knowing that Noelle was alive and on her way back to us. So I sat there wondering if Noelle had screamed when she was taken. And if she had, why hadn't anyone heard?"
Author: Kristina McBride
8. "Noelle: But I look like a freak now.Craig: I told you, Noelle, everybody has problems. Some people just hide their crap better than others. But people aren't going to look at you and run away. They're going to look at you and think that they can talk to you, and that you'll understand, and that you're brave, and that you're strong. And you are. You're brave and strong. p.366-367"
Author: Ned Vizzini
9. "Up next is Noelle.'Hey, girl!''Don't you dare start calling me that. This is very nice of you to do."
Author: Ned Vizzini

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