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1. "Tonight we send a message to our party that here in Illinois, there will be a new generation of Republican leaders and we will fight to provide a better tomorrow for future generations. We've made clear the status quo is no longer acceptable."
Author: Adam Kinzinger
2. "And always, everywhere, there would be the yelling or quietly authoritative hypnotists; and in the train of the ruling suggestion givers, always everywhere, the tribes of buffoons and hucksters, the professional liars, the purveyors of entertaining irrelevances. Conditioned from the cradle, unceasingly distracted, mesmerized systematically, their uniformed victims would go on obediently marching and countermarching, go on, always and everywhere, killing and dying with the perfect docility of trained poodles. And yet in spite of the entirely justified refusal to take yes for an answer, the fact remained and would remain always, remain everywhere — the fact that there was this capacity even in a paranoiac for intelligence, even in a devil worshipper for love; the fact that the ground of all being could be totally manifest in a flowering shrub, a human face; the fact that there was a light and that this light was also compassion"
Author: Aldous Huxley
3. "In horror movies today it's lots of fast cut shot and lots of loud noises on the soundtrack. I tried to do the opposite. Playing with silence for instance."
Author: Alejandro Amenabar
4. "Minne, pâle comme une nuit de lune, se réchauffe, un peu blessée, à ce feu de couleurs, et parfois, toute nue au soleil, un miroir à la main, cherche en vain, à travers son corps mince, l'ombre plus noire de son squelette élégant."
Author: Colette
5. "Lumea nu are nici un nume. Numele de cerros, sierras si deserturi exista numai pe harti. Le punem nume ca sa nu ne ratacim. Dar am inventat aceste nume tocmai pentru ca am ratacit deja drumul. Lumea nu se poate pierde. Noi ne pierdem. Si tocmai pentru ca noi am pus numele acestea si am numit aceste coordonate, numele lor nu ne poate salva. Nu pot regasi drumul in locul nostru."
Author: Cormac McCarthy
6. "The locust has no kingJust noise and hard languageThey talk me over"
Author: David Eugene Edwards
7. "I love lion but he seems to be noisy. Silence is better than roar! so I choose LION FISH. He has no value of roar but has a damage reflection upon tackled."
Author: Deh Gel
8. "Look beyond that light,' says my father. 'Look hard and you'll see people filing into the theater. You'll see ushers run up and down the aisles; people talk, programs rustle-you'll hear a murmur. When the lights start to dim, the murmur rises, and then, just a moment before the curtain goes up, the noise stops-everyone in the house holds their breath, everyone knows what is going to happen. This is the moment I've always loved most:the anticipation of magic, the expectation of illusion."
Author: Elena Gorokhova
9. "Mon efficacité dans le combat concret et le corps à corps brutal apparaît ridicule en comparaison de celle d'Edo. Certes. Mais moi, je sais creuser des gouffres de peines chez l'être le plus insensible. Je parviens à faire naître le désir cruel, l'envie aliénante, la frustration implacable. J'obsède, j'énerve, je tends et j'agace. Je fascine, j'excite, je détruis et rends dément. Je suis le roi de l'artifice. Je fais exploser dans le ciel de ma victime des comètes hallucinatoires, des soleils délirants et des éclairs de folie avant de laisser tomber sur ses jours une nuit noire épaisse et dense, qui ne précède aucune aurore prometteuse. Et si je suis vraiment d'humeur fouillis-souillonne comme maintenant, je peux en tirer un plaisir indécent quasi onaniste. Que l'on se rassure : je ne vais pas casser le jouet de mes petits camarades. Juste m'amuser un peu avec..."
Author: Eli Esseriam
10. "Quanto alla felicità, la maggioranza di noi riesce a resisterle; I'infelicità è ben altrimenti insidiosa. L'avete assaporata? Non ne sarete mai sazi; la cercherete con avidità e, preferibilmente, là dove non si trova; e allora là la proietterete, visto che senza infelicità tutto vi sembrerebbe inutile e opaco. Ovunque essa si trovi, scaccia il mistero o lo rende luminoso. L'infelicità che è sapore e chiave delle cose, accidente e ossessione, capriccio e necessità, vi farà amare I'apparenza in ciò che questa ha di più potente, di più durevole e di più vero, e lì vi terrà per sempre avvinti perché, « intensa » per natura, è, come ogni « intensità », servitù, assoggettamento."
Author: Emil Cioran
11. "Is there no peace for the naked?" Sister Mattie wore a bed cap of sensible white lace."I think you mean peace for the wicked," corrected Lady Linette..."Why would that apply?" asked Sister Mattie, before closing her door on both the problem and the noise."
Author: Gail Carriger
12. "A classic is a work which persists as a background noise even when a present that is totally incompatible with it holds sway."
Author: Italo Calvino
13. "I am a kind of paranoid in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make me happy."
Author: J. D. Salinger
14. "I've never stunned anyone except in our D.A. lessons," said Luna, sounding mildly interested. "That was noisier than I thought it would be."
Author: J.K. Rowling
15. "As you go down the water,' he said, ‘you will find that the trees will fail, and you will come to a barren country. There the River flows in stony vales amid high moors, until at last after many leagues it comes to the tall island of the Tindrock, that we call Tol Brandir. There it casts its arms about the steep shores of the isle, and falls then with a great noise and smoke over the cataracts of Rauros down into the Nindalf, the Wetwang as it is called in your tongue. That is a wide region of sluggish fen where the stream becomes tortuous and much divided. There the Entwash flows in by many mouths from the Forest of Fangorn in the west. About that stream, on this side of the Great River, lies Rohan. On the further side are the bleak hills of the Emyn Muil. The wind blows from the East there, for they look out over the Dead Marshes and the Noman-lands to Cirith Gorgor and the black gates of Mordor."
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
16. "Arcadia," Lon's voice said from my phone. "Who is this?" I teased. "You can't take my son on a date." "I didn't ask him. He asked me." "He stole my cell and called without permission." "Sounds like a personal problem to me." A low growling noise came out of the phone."
Author: Jenn Bennett
17. "Paranoia is a survival trait when you run in my circles. It gives you something to do in your spare time, coming up with solutions to ridiculous problems that aren't ever going to happen. Except when one of them does, at which point you feel way too vindicated.- Harry Dresden, Changes, Jim Butcher"
Author: Jim Butcher
18. "Nothing more then nothing can be said.We make our lives by what we love.Being American, having been trained to be sentimental, I fought for noises … when the war came along, I decided to use only quiet sounds. There seemed to me to be no truth, no good, in anything big.Somebody asked Debussy how he wrote music. He said: "I take all the tones there are, leave out he one's I don't want, and use all the others". Satie said: "When I was young, people told me; you'll see when you're fifty years old. Now I'm fifty. I've seen nothing".Slowly as the talk goes on, we are getting nowhere – and that is a pleasure.It is not irritating to be where one is, it is only irritating to think one would like to be somewhere else.If anybody is sleepy, let him go to sleep.All I know about method is that when I'm not working I sometimes think I know something, but when I'm working, it is quit clear I know nothing."
Author: John Cage
19. "They that govern the most make the least noise."
Author: John Selden
20. "I'm shy, paranoid, whatever word you want to use. I hate fame. I've done everything I can to avoid it."
Author: Johnny Depp
21. "Every step of the road was just as she'd dreamt it all the time she'd been away. Every step took her further away from the smoke and the noise and the loneliness and fear of the city she'd left behind. Every step drew her deeper into the hollows of the landscape, the green hills and shining rivers and mist-tangled treetops."
Author: Jon McGregor
22. "The first condition for making music is not to make a noise."
Author: Jose Bergamin
23. "La storia degli uomini è la storia dei loro fraintendimenti con dio, né lui capisce noi, né noi capiamo lui."
Author: José Saramago
24. "I looked up from the street and again at the wretched captives. I vowed not to let the noises of the city drown out their voices or rob me of my past. It was less painful to forget, but I would look and I would remember."
Author: Lawrence Hill
25. "In Harlem the government pushes heroin to keep the blacks down and doctors by the thousands give barbiturates and tranquilizers to all the housewives: keep the natives quiet. when the drugs don't work anymore, they put the blacks in jail and us in here. Don't make noise. I read a poem once, it had a line, something like 'You keep stiller when every time you move something jangles'."
Author: Marilyn French
26. "Noise proves nothing. Often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she has laid an asteroid."
Author: Mark Twain
27. "Self-assertion may deceive the ignorant for a time; but when the noise dies away, we cut open the drum, and find it was emptiness that made the music."
Author: Mary Elizabeth Braddon
28. "I wiped my face with my napkin. "What made you want to become an actor?"I was sure he was going to tell me something pompous like he was born to play the role. Or that he wanted to get all the woman. So I waited."Me." He bit his lip, but his eyes didn't meet mine. "I got sick of failing and being told I would never amount to shit back home my entire life."I rubbed the back of my neck. This wasn't what I expected to hear. "I've fucked up royally and I have been fucked royally." There was a tightness in his eyes, the emotion crawled up his entire body. "And no I don't want your pity."I fidgeted in my chair. I didn't know what to say. "I understand."Our eyes met, and for a split second Carter looked as if he was considering believing me. He blew out a noisy breath of air. "The fuck you do."
Author: Maven West
29. "A thief never makes a noise by accident."
Author: Megan Whalen Turner
30. "The noise of the trees, the breaking of moon into silver fish bouncing off the leaves of asters outside."
Author: Michael Ondaatje
31. "O mesmo cineasta do subconsciente que de dia lhe enviava pedaços da paisagem natal como imagens de felicidade, organizava-lhe de noite, regressos aterradores ao seu país. O dia era iluminado pela beleza do país abandonado, a noite pelo terror de lá voltar. O fia mostrava-lhe o paraíso que perdera, a noite o inferno de onde fugira."
Author: Milan Kundera
32. "Jan had friends who like him had left their old homeland and who devoted all their time to the struggle for its lost freedom. All of them had sometimes felt that the bond tying them to their country was just an illusion and that only enduring habit kept them prepared to die for something they did not care about. They all knew that feeling and at the same time were afraid of knowing it; they turned their heads away from fear of seeing the border and stumbling (lured by vertigo as by an abyss) across it to the other side, where the language of their tortured people make a noise as trivial as the twittering of birds."
Author: Milan Kundera
33. "Asadar, cine sunt eu? Cel din testele de personalitate? Dar ele nu fac decat sa ma decupeze in diapozitive subtiri. In momente diferite, dupa ele, am personalitati diferite. Interiorul nostru nu e insa un album de fotografii. Noi nu suntem obiecte, ci procese. Eu sunt, in cele din urma, cautarea mea de sine. Exist pentru ca ma caut pe mine insumi. Nu ma caut ca sa ma gasesc: faptul ca ma caut pe mine insumi este semnul ca deja m-am gasit."
Author: Mircea Cărtărescu
34. "We are a noisy and blessed little family"
Author: Nancy E. Turner
35. "As a child, Richard had had nightmares in which he simply wasn't there, in which, no matter how much noise he made, no matter what he did, nobody ever noticed him at all."
Author: Neil Gaiman
36. "And then his noise falls completely silent-And he stops struggling-And looking right into my eyes-He dies.My Todd dies."
Author: Patrick Ness
37. "The coffee shops were doing a brisk business, and street musicians filled the air with the sounds of guitar, lyre, panpipes, and armpit noises. (Percy didn't get that last one. Maybe it was an old Roman musical tradition.)"
Author: Rick Riordan
38. "I hear the noise in his voice, and I hear a boy trying to scare the darkness away. I wish I could hear what happened next, but nothing did."
Author: Rob Sheffield
39. "We ran like young wild furies,where angels feared to tread.The woods were dark and deep.Before us demons fled.We checked Coke bottle bottomsto see how far was far.Our worlds of magic wonderwere never reached by car.We loved our dogs like brothers,our bikes like rocket ships.We were going to the stars,to Mars we'd make round trips.We swung on vines like Tarzan,and flashed Zorro's keen blade.We were James Bond in his Aston,we were Hercules unchained.We looked upon the futureand we saw a distant land,where our folks were always ageless,and time was shifting sand.We filled up life with living,with grins, scabbed knees, and noise.In glass I see an older man,but this book's for the boys."
Author: Robert R. McCammon
40. "Other memories stick, no matter how much you wish they wouldn't. They're like a song you hate but can't ever get completely out of your head, and this song becomes the background noise of your entire life, snippets of lyrics and lines of music floating up and then receding, a crazy kind of tide that never stops."
Author: Sara Zarr
41. "...é como tentar agarrar a Lua, quando penso que a vou apanhar, ela desaparece no horizonte. Fico desgostosa e tento seguir em frente, mas depois a malvada regressa na noite seguinte, dando-me de novo esperança de a conseguir agarrar."
Author: Sarah Addison Allen
42. "An empty theater is a promise unfulfilled.In a few hours, everything around him would be light and noise. Laughter and applause. Colorful people packed together in their colorful finery. Tonight, the promise would be fulfilled. And then, after the curtain came down and the gaslights were snuffed out, there would be darkness again. That was the beauty of it. That was theater."
Author: Seth Grahame Smith
43. "I felt possessive, protective, and paranoid."
Author: Shay Savage
44. "Now we are going to have a new noise, Eleanor thought, listening to the inside of her head; it is changing. The pounding had stopped, as though it had proved ineffectual, and there was now a swift movement up and down the hall, as of an animal pacing back and forth with unbelievable impatience, watching first one door and then another, alert for a movement inside, and there was again the little babbling murmur which Eleanor remembered; Am I doing it? She wondered quickly, is that me? And heard the tiny laughter beyond the door, mocking her."
Author: Shirley Jackson
45. "Os pensamentos que zoam no meu crânio são locatários de uma noite, meia dúzia de pares sem casa num ninho de amor passageiro, o fragor do guindaste da draga virá igualizar tudo, os momentos de deliciosa angústia do meu coração são roubados à sociedade de armadores que me emprega"
Author: Stig Dagerman
46. "With girls house bristles with suspicion and frigidity; how much is paranoia transference? The damnable thing is that they can sense insecurity and meaness like animals smell blood."
Author: Sylvia Plath
47. "No place of grace for those who avoid the faceNo time to rejoice for those who walk among noise and deny the voice"
Author: T.S. Eliot
48. "One of my sensory problems was hearing sensitivity, where certain loud noises, such as a school bell, hurt my ears. It sounded like a dentist drill going through my ears."
Author: Temple Grandin
49. "There was a click. There was a noise like a partridge. There was a thud.There was silence."
Author: Terry Pratchett
50. "While doing centering prayer, the practice is to let go of any thought or perception. The priority is to be as silent as possible and when that is not possible to let the noise of the thoughts be the sacred symbol for a while, without analyzing them."
Author: Thomas Keating

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