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1. "Transition and change - guaranteed to cause anxiety. That anxiety shows itself in physical and behavioral ways, but also with thoughts (sometimes really crazy ones). This is the (primitive/automatic) brain's way of keeping us safe from the danger of change. We end up getting so involved with the feeling and thoughts of anxiety, we get distracted from the "danger". If we trust the anxiety then our primitive brain has succeeded in "protecting" us from the danger. I suggest not believing, trusting, or taking direction from the anxiety and continue your pursuits forward. Then, you will be amazed at your ability to attract and reveal your true capabilities, your light, your magic."
Author: Charles F. Glassman

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Quotes About Not Believing In Magic

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Io posso continuare a vivere questa mia vita... perché ho una dote che nessuno ha... così in me esasperata, così in me eccellente. Questa dote è la mia grande falsità."
Author: Carmelo Bene

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