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1. "Not doing anything is doing something and choosing to look away is a passive but no less mortal sin."
Author: Bill Maher
2. "From now on, I'm not doing anything I don't want to do! The world owes me happiness, fulfillment and success.... I'm just here to cash in."
Author: Bill Watterson
3. "Making mistakes is a lot better than not doing anything."
Author: Billie Joe Armstrong
4. "Even if you're not doing anything wrong, you are being watched and recorded."
Author: Edward Snowden
5. "You're not bothering me. I'm not doing anything." Well, I was breathing, and my heart was beating. But the rest of me wasn't busy."
Author: Emma Bull
6. "Even if we're not doing anything wrong, there are certain things we want to do that we don't think can withstand the scrutinizing eye of other people. And those are often the most important things that we do. The things we do when other people are watching are things that are conformist, obedient, normal, and unnotable."
Author: Glenn Greenwald
7. "50 bucks sounds fair to me. Especially since I'm not doing anything to earn it."
Author: Jarod Kintz
8. "Ayla, what am I doing wrong?" he asked, standing in front of her, dripping. "It's not you. I'm the one who's doingit wrong." "You're not doing anything wrong." "Yes I am. I've been trying all day to encourage you, but you don't understand Clan gestures."
Author: Jean M. Auel
9. "If you're not making mistakes, then you're not doing anything. I'm positive that a doer makes mistakes."
Author: John Wooden
10. "Go lie down" I told them. You're both exhausted, and we're not doing anything else tonight. Get some rest.Puck snorted "My, aren't we bossy today," he said though it lack his over energy. "Give a girl an army and it goes straight to her head." (Meghan & Puck)"
Author: Julie Kagawa
11. "When I'm engaged in a story my health is not a big deal, but when I'm not doing anything, if you sit me down, I can get tied up in my own medical dramas. So I much prefer to work."
Author: Katherine Boo
12. "Every other day I read a book. It takes me two days to finish a book. I like reading because if I'm not doing anything, then I read. If my mom tells me to go take out the trash, I'll go take out the trash, and come back and start reading again."
Author: Khleo
13. "I always get scared of traffic cops when I'm driving, like I freak out even when I'm not doing anything wrong. I still think they're going to pull me over and arrest me."
Author: Leelee Sobieski
14. "Making an effort can be equated to not doing anything at all. You don't make an effort to walk, you just walk. It's the same with winning. You don't make an effort to win, you just do it."
Author: Lionel Suggs
15. "It's how they've stayed popular for so long. By not doing anything that will make them look like fools. They never leave home without their safety nets and I think, good for them, but the thing with safety nets is this. I got tangled in them so many times and the Stella girls always seemed to leave me dangling, upside down, to the point where I almost couldn't breathe anymore."
Author: Melina Marchetta
16. "If I'm not doing anything, I get really antsy and bored."
Author: Nat Wolff
17. "THE DAY THE SAUCERS CAME"That day, the saucer day the zombie dayThe Ragnarok and fairies day, the day the great winds cameAnd snows, and the cities turned to crystal, the dayAll plants died, plastics dissolved, the day theComputers turned, the screens telling us we would obey, the dayAngels, drunk and muddled, stumbled from the bars,And all the bells of London were sounded, the dayAnimals spoke to us in Assyrian, the Yeti day,The fluttering capes and arrival of the Time Machine day,You didn't notice any of this becauseyou were sitting in your room, not doing anythingnot even reading, not really, justlooking at your telephone,wondering if I was going to call."
Author: Neil Gaiman
18. "Do you think, Sam, that even if it were only my own heart at risk, I could pour it into your hands again?""Then just take mine. I'm not doing anything else with it."
Author: Nora Roberts
19. "It's unacceptable to just sit on the couch and say I'm not doing anything. You've got to get out and do everything you can."
Author: Owen Hart
20. "I would tell you that you looked really hot today when I saw you naked, but that probably wouldn't be appropriate, being as we're in bed together but not doing anything." Stark - Hunted"
Author: P.C. Cast
21. "Jeeves.""Sir?""Are you busy just now?""No, sir.""I mean, not doing anything in particular?""No, sir. It is my practice at this hour to read some improving book; but, if you desire my services, this can easily be postponed, or, indeed, abandoned altogether."
Author: P.G. Wodehouse
22. "He's not doing anything he shouldn't be doing, right?" "Like what?""Like hitting on you.""Ew. No, of course not. He doesn't see me that way." Michael shook his head and went back to his coffee."What? You think he does?""Sometimes he looks at you a little... oddly, that's all. Maybe you're right. Maybe he just wants you for your blood.""Again, Ew! What's with you this morning?""Not enough coffee."
Author: Rachel Caine
23. "You're killing me here, Sage!""I'm not doing anything.""Exactly my point."
Author: Richelle Mead
24. "I'm not doing anything, baby. I love you. I'm being faithful to you." He held up his ring, his thumb stroking the metal. "I promised... I promise"
Author: S. C. Stephens
25. "I love being domestic: making coffee, just putting on a record, and just sitting, not doing anything. It's so great."
Author: Sharon Van Etten
26. "I feel a bit apprehensive as I see that he's looking directly at me. But I'm not doing anything wrong, am I? I mean, it's not like stalking is against the law.Oh. Well, OK, maybe stalking is against the law. But I've only been doing it for five minutes. Surely that doesn't count. And anyway, how does he know I'm stalking anyone? I might just be sitting here for my pleasure."
Author: Sophie Kinsella
27. "Fashion is fun, ridiculously fun. But it's base and it's wrong. You're not doing anything good for the world. You're just saying, 'Buy it, buy it, buy it.'"
Author: Waris Dirie
28. "If you're not failing every now and again, it's a sign you're not doing anything very innovative."
Author: Woody Allen

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