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1. "Hall & Oates is one of the few musical groups as satisfying now as it was back then. There's something incredibly musically satisfying about their songs. Nothing has diminished my love for them."
Author: Ben Gibbard
2. "The songwriting of Hall & Oates is deceptively complex. There are a number of key changes that pass you by as you're listening to the song because they're so seamless and clever."
Author: Ben Gibbard
3. "I am just going outside and may be some time." Reportedly the last words of Lawrence Oates according to Captain Robert Falcon Scott, who commanded the ill-fated expedition to the South Pole 1911/12."
Author: Captain Lawrence Edward Grace Oates
4. "The students' announcements were lengthy – the longer roll call was, the shorter first period would be – and filled with double entendres: Boys' soccer is practicing on Coates Field today, which, if you don't know where it is, is behind the headmaster's house, and if you still don't know where it is, ask Fred. Where are you, Fred? You wanna raise your hand, man? There's Fred, everyone see Fred? Okay, so Coates Field. And remember – bring your balls."
Author: Curtis Sittenfeld
5. "My father, Bobby Oates*, said that love at first sight should send you running, if you know what's good for you. It's your dark pieces having instant recognition with their dark pieces, he says. You're an idiot if you think it means you've met your soul mate. So I was an idiot. He looked so nice. He was so nice."
Author: Deb Caletti
6. "They're pretty good actually, Hall & Oates. I gotta give them credit. They got a lot of toe-tappers."
Author: Frank Black
7. "I listen to Neil Young and jazz and classical stations and, if my girlfriend's driving, it tends to be Hall & Oates."
Author: Frank Black
8. "If you want to please me very much, you will fall down when I shoot you," -OatesThe White Darkness"
Author: Geraldine McCaughrean
9. "Obviously Hall & Oates wasn't overlooked by the masses in terms of the record sales."
Author: Inara George
10. "I can't get enough of this guy called Baths. He's a total L.A. dude and really young as well. It's super-electronic, but with almost Hall & Oates-style songwriting. Without the context of the production, it could be super-cheesy, but it has amazing harmonies."
Author: Jamie Cullum
11. "I'm a big Hall and Oates fan."
Author: Nate Parker
12. "A pierde tot ce se poate pierde"Barbatul este un animal indirect,Gingas sufletul luide neînteles este.Umbra unei frunze o tine în brate,frunza nu, frunza nu.Fuga unui iepure o tine pe câmp,iepurele nu, iepurele nuFoame îi e de ce n-au mâncat altii, -frig îi etot timpul de alte steleAnimal indirect, lumina pentru orbi, -gingasului se vadeste,prin baltoaca de sângeNu naste ci viseaza, ­-nu doarme ci tine în mâna arma!Neputând sa piarda nimicel pierde totul!moare numai omorând.Inventeaza puterea din absenta.Lumina în sine însusi.Ochi scobiti cu degetul si scursi obraji,ud al luminii, ­-neputând sa tii un copil în pântectaierea gâtului în chip de sabieo tii îngropata în pamântul de razboi al nimanuiaCe poti sa pierzi tu, -nascut pentru pierdere totul îti este destinat pierderiiAnimal indirectsufletul tau gingas nimanuiade trebuinta esteBaga mâna în pamânt si scoatesabia iar nu samânta!în singuratatea lui Anu-l îndrazni pe 1Animal indirectlasa-te sus."
Author: Nichita Stănescu
13. "The worm hissed. "You said it couldn't see!" shouted Oates, forgetting Umber's instruction to be silent. He shook a fist. "We all heard it, Umber! You specifically said, it couldn't see!""I know-isn't it wonderful to learn something new?" Umber laughed."
Author: P.W. Catanese
14. "They didn't come to crush the city. They came to crush the hubris of its king.""That must have hurt," Oates said. Umber pinched the bridge of his nose."Hubris means arrogance, you great buffoon."
Author: P.W. Catanese
15. "I don't ask writers about their work habits. I really don't care. Joyce Carol Oates says somewhere that when writers ask each other what time they start working and when they finish and how much time they take for lunch, they're actually trying to find out, "Is he as crazy as I am?" I don't need that question answered."
Author: Philip Roth
16. "I had four blak arrows under my belt,Four for the greefs that I have felt,Four for the number of ill menneThat have oppressid me now and then.One is gone; one is wele sped;Old Apulyaird is dead.One is for Maister Bennet Hatch,That burned Grimstone, walls and thatch.One for Sir Oliver Oates,That cut Sir Harry Shelton's throat.Sir Daniel, ye shull have the fourt;We shall think it fair sport.Ye shull each have your own part,A blak arrow in each blak heart.Get ye to your knees for to pray;Ye are ded theeves, by yea and nay!JON AMEND-ALLOf the Green Wood,And his jolly fellaweship"
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

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