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1. "I've always chosen incredibly different roles and things that are quite offbeat. That way you're not limited."
Author: Anna Friel
2. "I think trying to be offbeat is the most boring thing possible."
Author: Beck
3. "Any good broadcast, not just an Olympic broadcast, should have texture to it. It should have information, should have some history, should have something that's offbeat, quirky, humorous, and where called for it, should have journalism, and judiciously it should also have commentary. That's my ideal."
Author: Bob Costas
4. "Stroller was eccentric, no doubt, but I'm one of those people for whom eccentric were made. I'm an appreciator of the offbeat"
Author: Dominique Browning
5. "I love movies like '500 Days of Summer' and 'Juno.' Something offbeat without the glamour and the makeup and the clothing."
Author: Lucy Hale
6. "I create offbeat advice; I don't follow it. I rarely take third-party advice on my investments."
Author: Mark Cuban
7. "I like playing dark, offbeat, quirky characters."
Author: Mischa Barton

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Quotes About Offbeat
Quotes About Offbeat
Quotes About Offbeat

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