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1. "Oklahoma's always been good to me."
Author: Alan Jackson
2. "I find myself hoping I can get on a TV show, and then people from Oklahoma will come to my restaurant. Then I'll be able to make enough money to open my own place."
Author: Alexandra Guarnaschelli
3. "I am practical by nature, and I'd heard that being a writer or an artist is a good way to starve! So I was an economics major at Oklahoma State, and then received an M.S. from Cornell in Agricultural Resource and Managerial Economics. I knew if I wanted to write I would do it on my own, but I knew I wouldn't make myself study economics on my own."
Author: Ally Carter
4. "Teenage girls read in packs. It's true today, and it was true when I was a teen growing up in a small town in northeast Oklahoma."
Author: Ally Carter
5. "For my undergraduate work, I went to Oklahoma State University and graduated from there in 1977."
Author: Anita Hill
6. "'Saving Grace,' even though fictionally it was set in Oklahoma, we shot it right outside of L.A."
Author: Bailey Chase
7. "How the now-ubiquitous humble shopping cart was invented and adopted eighty years ago. Sylvan Goldman, a grocery store owner from Oklahoma, noticed that when his customers' baskets became too heavy or too full, people stopped shopping. Clearly their problem was his problem, too. He began to think of ways to improve the experience for his customers. In 1936 he came up with the idea of a basket carrier on wheels."
Author: Bernadette Jiwa
8. "Where I live in Oklahoma, it's all ranchers. My friends are all cowboys and pretty rough guys. If I had a hot tub back there, I may as well have Richard Simmons come over and live with me."
Author: Blake Shelton
9. "I like California but I'm dyed-in-the-wool Oklahoma. I see a deer in L.A., and everybody's standing around it taking pictures. Back home, that's the enemy!"
Author: Blake Shelton
10. "Are there any swamps in Oklahoma? Yes, there is. It's called Tulsa."
Author: Bobby Heenan
11. "Something called 'the Oklahoma Standard' became known throughout the world. It means resilience in the face of adversity. It means a strength and compassion that will not be defeated."
Author: Brad Henry
12. "Resilience is woven deeply into the fabric of Oklahoma. Throw us an obstacle, and we grow stronger."
Author: Brad Henry
13. "What unites Oklahomans today is what has always united us: Our unshakable faith. Our love of family and compassion for others. The unlimited promise of a hopeful future."
Author: Brad Henry
14. "Oklahomans value our children and our seniors. Oklahomans value traditions of faith. Oklahomans value our heroes, our veterans. Oklahomans value innovation and the creative arts."
Author: Brad Henry
15. "We must give Oklahoma families the opportunity to thrive and prosper. We must give all Oklahomans the tools necessary to pursue the American dream. And then, we must get out of the way."
Author: Brad Henry
16. "This is not the time for partisan bickering. This is not the time for politics as usual. Some of us are Democrats. Some of us are Republicans. Some of us are Independents. Above all, we must be Oklahomans first."
Author: Brad Henry
17. "I grew up a wrestler; for a long time in Oklahoma I was a wrestler."
Author: Christian Kane
18. "I wrote 'Happy Man' with a couple of boys of mine. I have been writing in Nashville for a long time. Of course I was writing songs back in Oklahoma when I was a kid."
Author: Christian Kane
19. "It's true that my mom loved it when I played Joanie Cunningham in the musical 'Happy Days,' but I think she finally realized I am never going to do 'Oklahoma!'"
Author: Christine Lakin
20. "Where were they from originally? The Seabolts?" "I don't know, Idaho, Oklahoma, Iowa. One of those red-neck states with vowels on both ends." "You mean like Alaska?"
Author: Dana Stabenow
21. "Are you the owner of this car?" A cop has something you don't have, something you gave him earlier."No, I'm just delivering it to Oklahoma City for a lady. ""Do you have plates for this car?" A cop needn't be vicious, but he can be so, safely."Just those stickers.""Do you have the registration?" Presidents and premiers can annihilate millions, but only a cop can explain away your solitary murder."
Author: Douglas Woolf
22. "I think it's awful that the state of Oklahoma a couple of years ago passed this law to give the same tuition to illegals as they do to people who are residents of Oklahoma. I think it's wrong."
Author: Ernest Istook
23. "His training had a fatal flaw: he cared. He asked me what I wanted to eat for dinner. He knew I liked green, and if he had a choice between a blue sweater and a green one, he'd buy the green one for me even if it cost more. I like swimming, and when we traveled, he made it a point to lay our route so it would go past a lake or a river. He let me speak my mind. My opinion mattered. I was a person to him and I was important. I saw him treat others as if they were important. For all of his supposed indifference, there is a town in Oklahoma that worships him and a little village in Guatemala that put a wooden statue of him at the gates to protect them from evil spirits. He helped people, when he thought it was right."
Author: Ilona Andrews
24. "Disasters like Oklahoma City and 9/11 were time-limited. The children who were affected psychologically could go to a place of normalcy."
Author: Irwin Redlener
25. "Governor is not the position to have in Oklahoma. It is the head coach of Oklahoma or Oklahoma State or Tulsa."
Author: J. C. Watts
26. "I like to call the ethos I grew up with 'Oklahoma values.' But you'd be just as accurate if you said 'American values.' Except for our lack of a seacoast, Oklahoma has a little bit of just about everything that's American."
Author: J. C. Watts
27. "Overall, I think any opportunity to expose people to art on a mass level - to have some kid in Oklahoma say to his mother, 'I want to be an artist' - is a good thing."
Author: Jeffrey Deitch
28. "But I was always a bit of a gypsy, anyway. I spent five years at Oklahoma State, five years at Miami and moved on after winning the national championship, and five years with the Cowboys. So, I was ready to move on. We won back-to-back Super Bowls, and I felt that I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish."
Author: Jimmy Johnson
29. "Since 2006, we have surpassed Alaska, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and California in oil production to become the second largest oil-producing state in the nation, trailing only Texas. In 2012, North Dakota produced more than 245 million barrels of oil and provided nearly 11 percent of all U.S. output."
Author: John Hoeven
30. "University of Oklahoma Press, 1979) and The Power of Clan: The Influence of Human Relationships on Heart Disease (New Brunswick, N.J.: Transaction Publishers, 1993)."
Author: Malcolm Gladwell
31. "I've been a Lakers fan since growing up in Oklahoma. My hometown's finally got the Thunder, which is really exciting, but I've still got to stick with the Lakers."
Author: Matt Kemp
32. "I get bored real easy. I'm so used to L.A. and the pace that when I go home now I start thinking, 'Something's not right, something's not feelin' right.' I just gotta do what I gotta do in Oklahoma and get back to the fast-paced city."
Author: Matt Kemp
33. "I've never seen a tornado and I've lived in Oklahoma City basically my whole life. It's not like we're infested with them on a continual basis. But you learn to live with the warnings. And you learn what to do if one is coming your way. And then you cross your fingers and make the best judgments you can."
Author: Mick Cornett
34. "The spoiled superstar brat wouldn't get far in Oklahoma City. We're very value-conscious. Our city was settled in a land run. Those 10,000 people were desperate for a better life."
Author: Mick Cornett
35. "We did such a great job of creating the interstate highway system in Oklahoma City that we don't have traffic congestion. You can actually get a speeding ticket during rush hour in the city. That's how great our traffic flows."
Author: Mick Cornett
36. "We had a branding problem. We have allowed ourselves to be branded by our tragedies. If you said 'Oklahoma City,' chances are the next word out of your mouth was 'bombing.'"
Author: Mick Cornett
37. "I have deep roots in this Oklahoma soil. It makes me proud."
Author: N. Scott Momaday
38. "No sabía qué pensar de aquel hombre caballo con quien debía permanecer casada durante un año. Era obvio que me interesaba. Después de todo, no había conocido nunca a nadie como él. Admitamos que no hay muchos centauros corriendo por Oklahoma, al menos por Tulsa. Una no podía saber lo que pasaba en el interior del Estado.P.C. Cast, En el lugar de la diosa"
Author: P.C. Cast
39. "Everything I've done in my career is a result of growing up in rural Oklahoma, because if I hadn't had the training from Mama and Daddy to work hard, to do what I'm told, to take directions, to mind and to do a good job at anything I set out to do, then I wouldn't be where I am today."
Author: Reba McEntire
40. "I don't believe I ever saw an Oklahoman who wouldn't fight at the drop of a hat -- and frequently drop the hat himself."
Author: Robert E. Howard
41. "I grew up in trailer houses in New Mexico, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma."
Author: Ronnie Dunn
42. "I'm from Oklahoma. I mean, you can't have good hair in Oklahoma. That's why everyone wears hats. The wind just messes it up."
Author: Ronnie Dunn
43. "I get around OK with a toolbox. As a kid, I picked up skills following my dad through the oil fields of Oklahoma and West Texas. My wife Janine is hard to impress, but she does think it's cool when I fix things around the house."
Author: Ronnie Dunn
44. "Apparently textbooks were an endangered species here in Bixby, Oklahoma."
Author: Scott Westerfeld
45. "When cyclones tear up Oklahoma and hurricanes swamp Alabama and wildfires scorch Texas, you come to us, the rest of the country, for billions of dollars to recover. And the damage that your polluters and deniers are doing doesn't just hit Oklahoma and Alabama and Texas. It hits Rhode Island with floods and storms."
Author: Sheldon Whitehouse
46. "I remember the early 1980s, when I first got one of these fabulous film critic jobs. The downside was sitting through 'Splatteria III: The Dismembering of the Clampett Clan' or 'The Oklahoma Meatgrinder Massacre' or some such. The headaches unleashed by watching attractive kids die week after week after week cannot be imagined."
Author: Stephen Hunter
47. "I frankly encountered more anti-Semitism in the northeast than I did in Oklahoma, but not much either place. Anti-Semitism is not part of my life."
Author: Tim Blake Nelson
48. "Within a couple of weeks of starting the Ph.D. program, though, she discovered that she'd booked passage on a sinking ship. There aren't any jobs, the other students informed her; the profession's glutted with tenured old men who won't step aside for the next generation. While the university's busy exploiting you for cheap labor, you somehow have to produce a boring thesis that no one will read, and find someone willing to publish it as a book. And then, if you're unsually talented and extraordinarily lucky, you just might be able to secure a one-year, nonrenewable appointment teaching remedial composition to football players in Oklahoma. Meanwhile, the Internet's booming, and the kids we gave C pluses to are waltzing out of college and getting rich on stock options while we bust our asses for a pathetic stipend that doesn't even cover the rent."
Author: Tom Perrotta
49. "Having grown up in Oklahoma when it was one of the last states which prohibited liquor, I grew up with War On Drugs, where every teenager knew who the bootleggers were."
Author: Tony Hillerman
50. "I got started in Oklahoma. That's where I was born. Population down there is one-third Indians, one-third Negroes and one-third white people."
Author: Woody Guthrie

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