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1. "Because Great Britain has self-confidence, it doesn't need a monumental Olympics."
Author: Ai Weiwei
2. "Beijing's Olympics were very grand - they were trying to throw a party for the world, but the hosts didn't enjoy it. The government didn't care about people's feelings because it was trying to create an image."
Author: Ai Weiwei
3. "The world awaits Beijing's hosting of the 2008 Olympics, an occasion which will bring into the global spotlight the dramatic advances China is making in enhancing the quality of life for its people."
Author: Alexander Haig
4. "The Olympics shows the community what gymnastics is all about."
Author: Bela Karolyi
5. "Anabolic steroids were not banned until after the 72 Olympics."
Author: Bill Toomey
6. "Russell joined the team in December, 1956, following the Olympics."
Author: Bob Cousy
7. "After the '96 Olympics, we all started believing that this is bigger than we thought, and we were willing to do the work. We knew that it was up to us, the players, to make soccer successful."
Author: Brandi Chastain
8. "As Israel prepares to enter, my position is well known. It is one that I have taken at previous Olympics. It is wrong that the IOC refuses to have a minute's silence for Israeli athletes that were slaughtered in Munich."
Author: Brian Williams
9. "I tried to make the Olympics team in 1956."
Author: Bruce Dern
10. "She said I did good and I think she was happy with what I did. She just wants me to get my higher Start Value vault, which I'll be competing at Trials and, hopefully, the Olympics."
Author: Carly Patterson
11. "He had since forever been working on a book called Uncanny Blossom. When Leon had told him, Billy had said, "I had no idea you were entering the Shit Title Olympics." "If you didn't swim in your sump of ignorance you'd know that title's designed to fuck with the French. Neither word's translatable into their ridiculous language."
Author: China Miéville
12. "Looking after a very sick child was the Olympics of parenting."
Author: Chris Cleave
13. "It's my dream, my goal to be good at Olympics, anywhere they are in the world."
Author: Dana Hussein
14. "Once I trained for the Olympics but panic is not a sport"
Author: Daniel Bailey
15. "I missed the final of the World Championships in 2009, but I told the coach I would break the world record in 2010. Which I did. Then in 2011 I won the World Championships and now in 2012 it is the Olympics. That is how I have been working."
Author: David Rudisha
16. "It's something special to break the world record at the Olympics."
Author: David Rudisha
17. "The Olympics remain the most compelling search for excellence that exists in sport, and maybe in life itself."
Author: Dawn Fraser
18. "You want to do Olympics just like you do a pro football game or a basketball game? Be my guest. Watch it all fade away."
Author: Dick Ebersol
19. "There were no competitions on television. The first skating competition I ever remember seeing on television was the 1968 Olympics when Peggy Fleming won."
Author: Dorothy Hamill
20. "They want the Olympics. We ought to make sure they don't get the Olympics."
Author: George Nethercutt
21. "No one pretends anymore that the Olympics are just about sports. It's routine to talk about what effect holding the Games in this or that capital will have on the host country's international reputation, how a nation's prestige can be raised by its medal count."
Author: George Packer
22. "And currently, there are four to five new works in the pipeline for upcoming celebrations such as the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Australian Federation, my 50th Birthday, and Sydney Dance Company's 25th Anniversary."
Author: Graeme Murphy
23. "I planned to stop in 2002 after the Salt Lake City Olympics. I felt able to remain competitive another four years, and I wanted to stop while I'm still at the top."
Author: Hermann Maier
24. "Squash has the credentials to become an olympic event and our goal is to see the sport in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. We are working towards this and will keep trying even if our bid is not successful."
Author: Jahangir Khan
25. "As a kid, you dream of winning the Stanley Cup. As you get older, you understand the importance of winning the Olympics."
Author: Joe Sakic
26. "Obviously there are not too many people who get a chance to play in the Olympics in their hometown. That would be something special, but going into the summer you have to be realistic with yourself, and health-wise and motivation-wise you have to be willing to do what it takes."
Author: Joe Sakic
27. "To play in the Olympics, to play for your country, there's nothing like it. You love doing it and I'm looking forward to it again. We're all looking forward to trying to win another gold."
Author: Joe Sakic
28. "I frowned at the list. "So… I'll go back and tell the Traynors that I'm going to get their suicidal quadriplegic son drunk, spend their money on strippers and lap dancers, and then trundle him off to the Disability Olympics—"
Author: Jojo Moyes
29. "My wife and I came to Canada for the 1994 Commonwealth Games and we really liked the B.C. lifestyle and environment. The following year we applied to become permanent residents. We moved here in 1996 after the Atlanta Olympics."
Author: Jonathan Brown
30. "I grew up an athlete. Track and field and dance. In track, I actually went to the Junior Olympics. I've always been very athletic."
Author: Kimberly Elise
31. "I've realized the extraordinary power of sports to heal, unite and inspire. I believe the Olympics will serve as the ultimate platform to provide positive changes and I hope to inspire all of Japan through my strong showing there."
Author: Kohei Uchimura
32. "In terms of my career, having the gold definitely changed my life. The Olympics are different, you know? They're every four years and it's such a small group."
Author: Kristi Yamaguchi
33. "I met Jesse Owens once. He was a remarkable individual, and I have tremendous respect for what he did in the Olympics under the circumstances."
Author: Lee Trevino
34. "But you know we couldn't compare what we do with what the British athletes did at the Olympics. We are very proud to be British and if we have done our bit to promote Britain in a historic year for the country that's brilliant."
Author: Louis Tomlinson
35. "One of my goals is to play the Olympics in 2016. If you're able to represent your country in the Olympics everyone will understand you as a player and not many people do get to go to the Olympics."
Author: Lydia Ko
36. "The Beijing Olympics represent China's grand entrance onto the world stage and confirmation of its new superpower status."
Author: Ma Jian
37. "My biggest loss was the Olympics. I just can't forget losing. I never will."
Author: Mark Spitz
38. "Playing college soccer was going to be the top of my athletic feats. I wasn't going to the Olympics. I was a decent player, but it's because of hard work, not because I was Freddy Adu. I wouldn't have a medal from the Olympics if I wasn't in a chair. I wouldn't have gone to the Olympics and experienced the whole atmosphere."
Author: Mark Zupan
39. "I didn't think I'd be going for another Olympics."
Author: Misty May Treanor
40. "I am very optimistic, and I wish that God almighty grants me success to get a qualifying time. Only then can I go to the Olympics. If this happens I will be the first Palestinian athlete to gain a qualifying time. This will be a big achievement."
Author: Nader Al Masri
41. "I hope I can compete in one or two Olympics in my career. Of course I would like to win a medal, but just being there would be awesome."
Author: Patrick Chan
42. "As a co-chair of the State's 2010 Olympics Task Force, I am working to make sure our border crossings are ready to handle the risks and benefits the Games will bring."
Author: Rick Larsen
43. "I think after the 2008 Olympics I wasn't really satisfied with the outcome, so I knew I had to change some things."
Author: Ryan Lochte
44. "I will try to win the Olympics gold in London."
Author: Ryoko Tani
45. "At the Olympics, you there to do a job. I feel you should take it seriously. You should be respectful. You are putting on the red-white-and-blue and going out there to perform for your country."
Author: Shannon Miller
46. "At an Olympics Game, you want to enjoy it, especially if you know it's going to be your last one."
Author: Shannon Miller
47. "I raced locally for a year, went to Europe the year after and went to the Olympics the year after that."
Author: Taylor Phinney
48. "I always try to see the good in everything, and that gives me strength. Even when I lost in the London Olympics quarterfinals, I said to myself, 'Don't lose heart, God has his own plans.' Actually, life just goes on; you have to accept whatever challenge you face and become stronger."
Author: Vijender Singh
49. "I have learned from the first Olympics, of course. When I went to my first Olympic Games, I experienced all of the pressure and was able to win the gold medal. I try not to feel the pressure, and I try not to be nervous when I am on the ice and when I compete."
Author: Yuna Kim
50. "After I won the Olympics, like any gold medalist, I did feel some emptiness in my heart. I did think about coming back to the ice for a long time. What motivated me is skating is something I am best at and I love the most. So I want to give it one more try."
Author: Yuna Kim

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