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1. "If any man at this day sincerely believes that a proper division of local from federal authority, or any part of the Constitution, forbids the Federal Government to control as to slavery in the federal territories, he is right to say so, and to enforce his position by all truthful evidence and fair argument which he can. But he has no right to mislead others, who have less access to history, and less leisure to study it, into the false belief that "our fathers who framed the Government under which we live" were of the same opinion - thus substituting falsehood and deception for truthful evidence and fair argument."
Author: Abraham Lincoln
2. "Each day has a color, a smell."
Author: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
3. "Remember how many times I did my hair the day I married Kyle? I think that shirt is my hair for you today."Blake sighed. "What? Could you not launch riddles at me? I can't think straight."
Author: Debra Anastasia
4. "Charity knew she had to begin looking for a job soon. Definitely tomorrow, or the next day. Or perhaps the day after that. Charity didn't believe in procrastination. She just needed to plan her strategy. She was sound asleep on the sofa when Lady Margaret got back from London."
Author: Elizabeth Jane Howard
5. "Men forget where the way leads and what they meet with every day seems strange to them.We should not act and speak like men asleep."
Author: Heraclitus
6. "Training Day was such a Hollywood movie; I didn't like it."
Author: Jason Patric
7. "How many times would he disappoint you in a day if you were married to him, Ursula wondered?"
Author: Kate Atkinson
8. "They wanted so desperately to love each other more, to remove their clothes and submit their naked bodies to each other, but it was almost as if they were cursed since the first day that they met, and it was pure torture knowing that they could only get so close, but was unable to go the height that the both of them wanted so intimately to climb."
Author: Keira D. Skye
9. "Foreknowledge is a burden, a weight I can hardly bear. Maybe that's why God keeps the future hidden from us. If I knew I would have a terrible accident, would I live my life trying to avoid it? Would I lock myself inside a room being safe? Or would I go outside and live day to day"
Author: Lurlene McDaniel
10. "Closed inside my compartment as if in a cubicle of some Egyptian tomb, I worked late into the night between New York and Chicago; then all the next day, in the restaurant of a Chicago station where I awaited a train blocked by storms and snow; then again until dawn, alone in the observation car of a Santa Fe limited, surrounded by black spurs of the Colorado mountains, and by the eternal pattern of the stars. Thus were written at a single impulsion the passages on food, love, sleep, and the knowledge of men. I can hardly recall a day spent with more ardor, or more lucid nights."
Author: Marguerite Yourcenar
11. "April 1. This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four."
Author: Mark Twain
12. "Cam knows this is not going to be a good day the moment he sees the chain saw."
Author: Neal Shusterman
13. "Michael: 'Hey, remember when I almost didn't let you into the house that first day you came?'Claire: 'Yep'Michael: 'Well, I was dead wrong. Maybe I never said that out loud before, but I mean it, Claire. All that's happened since... we wouldn't have made it. Not me, not Shane, not Eve. Not without you.'Claire: 'It's not me. It's not! It's us, that's all. We're just better together. We... take care of each other.'Shane: 'Stop vamping up my girl, man. She needs coffee.'Michael: 'Don't we all. Vamping up your girl? Dude. That's low.'Shane: 'Digging for China. Come on."
Author: Rachel Caine
14. "Diatonic, he heard the word in his head. Chromatic, pentatonic, hexatonic, heptatonic, octatonic, each iteration of the scale opening innumerable possibilities for harmony. He thought about the Pythagorean major third, the Didymus comma, the way the intervals sound out of tune rather than as though they were different notes. This, he thought, was where his brilliance at mathematics bled into his love of music; music was the realm in which his mathematical brain danced."
Author: Ru Freeman
15. "The 6th of August in the morning we saw an opening in the land and we ran into it, and anchored in 7 and a half fathom water, 2 miles from the shore, clean sand."
Author: William Dampier

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Quotes About Opening Day In Cincinnati
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