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1. "Yo creo que ser de clase media en un país con más de 50 millones de pobres es ser privilegiado. Y los privilegiados tienen la obligación de regresar algo al país que les ha permitido obtener esa posición. Porque, ¿para qué sirve la experiencia, el conocimiento, el talento, si no se usa para hacer de México un lugar más justo? ¿Para qué sirve el ascenso social si hay que pararse sobre las espaldas de otros para conseguirlo? ¿Para qué sirve la educación si no se ayuda a los demás a obtenerla? ¿Para qué sirve la riqueza si hay que erigir cercas electrificadas acada vez más altas para defenderla? ¿Para qué sirve ser habitante de un país si no se asume la responsabilidad compartida de asegurar vidas dignas allí?"
Author: Denise Dresser
2. "No party in the US can hope to rule without the support of Jewish money and Jewish power in the media and academia."
Author: Israel Shamir
3. "Bajé al salón y Randolph me llevó al despacho privado donde me esperaba el príncipe, el mismo salón a media luz y con la chimenea encendida, sólo que a diferencia de la última vez, ahora se escuchaba suavemente una dulce melodía; el adagio del "Concierto de Aranjuez" envolvía el despacho lo que me sorprendió y no sabía que pensar."
Author: Itxa Bustillo
4. "Me tomó alrededor de una hora y media escabullirme para alejar a Daemon de mi mama.Tal vez no debería preocuparme sobre ella y Will. A lo mejor necesitaba preocuparme sobre ella y Daemon.Una puma."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
5. "Maybe it is the media that has us divided."
Author: Laura Bush
6. "I kept on trying to use so many media and ideas in my work because our horizon is so vast and Indian culture is so rich that I think what we are today, culturally, we have a unique position and I don't think one lifetime is enough to encompass it."
Author: M. F. Husain
7. "The media simply does not understand Econ 101."
Author: Mark Skousen
8. "Chapter 4,‘Organised abuse and the pleasures of disbelief', uses Zizek's (1991) insights into cite political role of enjoyment to analyse the hyperbole and scorn that has characterised the sceptical account of organised and ritualistic abuse. The central argument of this chapter is that organised abuse has come to public attention primarily as a subject of ridicule within the highly partisan writings of journalists, academics and activists aligned with advocacy groups for people accused of sexual abuse. Whilst highlighting the pervasive misrepresentations that characterise these accounts, the chapter also implicates media consumers in the production of ignorance and disdain in relation to organised abuse and women's and children's accounts of sexual abuse more generally."
Author: Michael Salter
9. "The racial problems that consumed Guitar were the most boring of all. He wondered what they would do if they didn't have black and white problems to talk about. Who would they be if they couldn't describe the insults, the violence, and oppression that their lives (and the television news) were made up of? If they didn't have Kennedy or Elijah to quarrel about? They excused themselves for everything. Every job of work undone, every bill unpaid, every illness, every death was The Man's fault. And Guitar was becoming just like them—except he made no excuse for himself—just agreed, it seemed to Milkman, with every grievance he heard."
Author: Toni Morrison
10. "But, we didn't have all the media that we do today."
Author: Wanda Jackson

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Quotes About Oppression In The Media
Quotes About Oppression In The Media
Quotes About Oppression In The Media

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